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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • Hi
    I am in washington dc and looking to lease the new coupe E550 with P2 package, I have never leased a MB so please help me to get the best deal

    MSRP is $62,000.00 (dealer offered). For a 36 months lease with 0 down what should be a good payment. P.S car would be registered in DC and there is no tax just 10% everymonth on your monthly payment.

    Thanks to all in advance
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    Good luck to you. To lease a car, which just came to the market couple days ago is not very good idea if you wanna save money :)). I'm sure they don't have any good programs for this car yet.
    Anyway, good luck.
  • tim_vertim_ver Posts: 6
    How does my deal sound?

    They have lowered the t.o.o.p now to $3500 and the monthly payment is $590 tax included.

    This good or should I ask for more off the monthly payment or total down?

  • drdrilzdrdrilz Posts: 5
    looks like the factory to dealer incentive went up to $10k for july!
  • tim_vertim_ver Posts: 6
    That is what I heard. They still have no deals on the 2010 yet though,

    So what is everyone seeing or getting now with July incentives on the 2009 models?

  • beetle39beetle39 Posts: 4
    I closed this deal and took delivery 4-26-09 at Coggin MB in Ft Pierce, FL

    E350 with:
    289 Wood Steering wheel,
    413 Panorama sunroof,
    P02 Premium II Pkg.

    MSRP $61,045
    Selling/purchase price 46,823 (discount of $14,222)
    + Dealer Fee 599
    + Acquisition Fee 1,095
    + Prepaid maintenance 1,010 4 years
    Capitalized Cost $48517.51

    Down payment 3,960
    + taxes, tags, fees 580
    ( I elected to pay $5,000 in cash total out of pocket. However, at 1% finance rate, it might be desirable to finance more.)

    48 monthly payments of 474.27
    12,000 miles per year
    Residual 40% ($24,418)
    Money Factor .00038 equal to .91 APR

    With 23.3% discount and less than 1% cost of financing, this seemed to be a pretty good deal.
  • beetle39beetle39 Posts: 4
    Remove the prepaid maintenance which I cancelled.
  • WOW thats a awsome deal, how was you able to get 14k discount, can I please get contact info for the dealer etc, I dont mind going to florida to pickup the car
  • drdrilzdrdrilz Posts: 5
    $14,000 is the minimum discount you should be getting at your local MB dealer. With the $10k dealer incentive, that is still above invoice for a model they are just happy to be getting rid of. Dont go across country unless its for a color/option combo that is not available in your area.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Congratulations on getting your new E, ric14. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your lease with everyone. If you have the time, make sure to hop on over to the Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of to share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience with others as well.

    Enjoy your new ride :shades: !

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  • duweiduwei Posts: 5
    Just finished email talk with local dealer here in northern CA. He stated that the $10k incentive in July not applicable to lease, only to purchase. Anyone can confirm that ? thx
  • lovemblovemb Posts: 1
    Don't deal with that dealer. They're trying to rip you off. The 10K apply regardless of the transaction. There's also a special purchase financing rate of 1.9% for up to 66 months that quit a few dealers are not willing to offer, but it's out there. They'll tell you that the rate for 66 months is 2.9% without telling you that they have a 1% margin. Just picked one up at mbz long beach and the internet director is very up front with all the numbers. He does not mess around like most of the other. The lease factor is .00165 which is about 3.96%. Got mine for about $16k below msrp.
  • bettyblubettyblu Posts: 7
    Please assist. I need E550 money factor on 2009 15000miles per year 3 year lease.. and residual...MSRP $66265. purchase price approx. $48000.
    :) Thanks.
  • As just a note paying leasing bank fees over the base of $795 is just in the dealers pocket, along with Dealer fee aka: Prep or delivery fee that's just added profit. Which is not wrong as long as the dealer is upfront about it. Cheer and Good Deal.
  • The 2009 e550 has a STD. Rate of .00385 @ 36-51 months with $12000 cash back. You can get the 66 month 1.9 or 36 @ .9 Cheers and Good Deal.
  • bettyblubettyblu Posts: 7
    Thanks.........mrmbzsales for the update. Can you combine 1.9 and dealer cash on a purchase? :)
  • bettyblubettyblu Posts: 7
    Does anyone know if MB allows multiple security deposits?If many can you do and how much does each deposit bring down the rate? Is the deposit a payment amount or different amount? Sorry....lots of questions.....I am a newbie at this. Ready to lease new E350. Thanks for any information on this topic. :)
  • met4met4 Posts: 1
    Mid july deal

    msrp 57600
    CAP cost $42600
    12k 39 month
    mf .00165
    595 dealer fee;795 bank fee no cap reduction

    pmt $618 inc tx of 7%
  • frogger97frogger97 Posts: 21

    Is this 2009 or 2010?
  • frogger97frogger97 Posts: 21
    Hi there,

    This 10K incentive is it for 2009 models only or even for the 2010 models?
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