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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Lease Questions



  • rbrrbr Posts: 106
    Car man --

    Sorry, I missed your mention of the 36-month MF in the note immediately above, but the 48 month MF and residuals for both would still be very helpful.

  • I've been trying to lease either a 2009 or 2010 E350. I'm being told that the 09's are pretty much gone and the 2010's are my only option. The thing is, nobody wants to give a descent deal. The 2010's are selling for less than the 2009's but the lease payments end up being more-- considerably more with a lot more down. Also, the 2010's are sooooo ugggllyyy!! And that's being kind.

    Has anybody got any experience leasing a 2010? What kind of deal can I expect?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Greetings Rich. Unfortunately, Mercedes-Benz pulled the plug on its special lease program for the 2009 E-Class when the 2010 model hit dealer lots. As a result, if you were to lease one through MB Finance right now you would have to use its standard lease program...which is terrible. It replaced its lease support on leftover E350 4Matic Sedans with $10,000 dealer cash.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • rbrrbr Posts: 106
    Car man --

    Thanks. Then a few other questions if I could:

    1. Is there any lease support on '09 E550 4matics? I know there are a few of those around, and I know there's also an aggressive employee fleet discount on that car as well that's not available on the E350 4-matics, so I might be able to combine that into something pretty good as I know there are posters on other MB boards posting discounts of up to $21K off on E550 RWDs before the fleet discount.

    2. Is there any purchase financing support on either '09 E350 or 550 4matics?

    thanks again.

  • bacolodbacolod Posts: 21
    I must agree with you. I found the 2010 design a little bit odd. I can't say ugly?! I still prefer my 07 E series design. My lease is due on November and I am still debating whether to lease the 2010. Lease prices here in So Cal are way high didn't find a decent one yet. Was thinking to extend my lease. My other option is Audi S4.
  • Any chance you can let me know who you got this car through? I just called my local dealership and they claimed "BS" to me and insisted no 2009 E class without a fleet discount has EVER been sold for under 600/month. Thanks! My E-mail is:
  • arod4arod4 Posts: 17
    mvpjeffmvp: i got my car from Coggin, MB in Ft. Pierce, Florida. (will email you the saleswoman's name and number).
    just so you know, i heard the same thing over and over...every salesperson at nearly every MB dealership in south florida told me the same thing: "IT IS BS!" "THEY ARE GOING TO DO A BAIT AND SWITCH ON YOU" sales guy even went so far as to SHOUT at me through the phone telling me i was a 'fool' to believe this. they actually did make me start having doubts..but i didnt give up...i wanted to prove them wrong.
    moral of the story? i stuck to my guns and the deal DID HAPPEN. finally got my car on saturday and LOVE IT!! especially my payments.

    I'll post deal again:
    2009 e350 sport with p1 package
    msrp $58,855
    panorama sunroof
    flint grey metallic
    $1103 total out of pocket includes 1st month payment
    36month lease/12k miles.
    $505.47 a month with tax

    by the way, there are at least 2 other edumund's posters that have posted a deal very similar to mine..
  • drdrilzdrdrilz Posts: 5
    i assume you got yours thriugh leann at benz of ft pierce (coggin). I got my e550 from them for $21k off sticker WITHOUT any fleet discount. she said "tell me what color and options and i will find it for you at 21k off". she contacted dealers that i had been trying to negotiate with directly. once i told them i was not interested in their car, they were willing to give it up to benz of ft pierce. anyone looking for a 09 should give them a call and see if they can locate a car for you.
  • The deal I got on a 2010 was as follows:

    39 Month Lease
    Lease Money Factor of 0.00270
    10K miles per year
    Residual Value of 59%
    MSRP of $54,175 / Selling Price of $51,424.84
    Total Cash out of pocket including first payment: $3,000
    Monthy Payment of $699 + Sales Tax
  • the 2010 looks like a bigger C Class...

    2009 E350 P1 & AMG Sport Pkge
    700 Out of Pocket...

    Compare that with a 2010 with $3,000 down and 700+ month...

    I think I made out alright...
  • sderosesderose Posts: 3
    Did you all get these deals on the 09's in July or August. I am being told that these numbers were possible in July but not now.
  • rbrrbr Posts: 106
    The deal on E350 RWDs was slightly better in July at 10K off, versus 8K now, but there is still 1.9% financing available. As you can read elsewhere in this string, the cars are being heavily discounted in addition to these incentives, and there are dealers still offering these deals, you just will likely have a smaller selection and may have to travel further. Also, be sure to see if you are eligible for the MB fleet employee discount, which reduces the price an additional 4K for RWD 350s.
  • marketmmarketm Posts: 8
    sunofny99. can you tell me where and when you struck your deal for the 09 e350?
  • marketmmarketm Posts: 8
    arod - can you send me the contact info on your deal? I am still looking for a 2009 e350.
  • rd24rd24 Posts: 3
    I'm new to this, and I was hoping someone could answer this question. Are there incentives towards the new models, specifically the 2010 E550 4matic? I saw 8k and 10k being referenced, but am not sure what models apply. Also, does anyone have the money factor and residual for a 2010 E550 4matic? Thanks
  • mnomno Posts: 6

    Im in the market for a 09 E350 and have gotten a quote and was wondering what type of payments im looking at.
    I want to lease for 36 month (or whatever is special deal this month) and 10k miles a year.

    2009 E350 Black/Black with P1, Panorama roof and
    AMG Sport Pkg.

    MSRP $57825
    Selling Price $41500+Fees
  • aeggroupaeggroup Posts: 131
    All those rebates are for 2009 model.
  • snewtiesnewtie Posts: 7
    I got a quote today in NJ for the following
    E350 4WD Luxury and Premium 1 Package
    $56K 55% resid, taxes and fees upfront
    .00290 money factor
    $859 a month.
  • bknycbknyc Posts: 57
    Seems very high!! I got a quote on Friday for a similar car but w/ "Sports Styling" for $767.00 including NJ sales tax of 7% and $1800 due at delivery ( 39 months/12k miles per year). Am looking for a shorter term 24- 33 months max....
    I know my quote was pretty good but I think were a month or 2 from seeing prices come down significantly after the early wave of excitement for a new model...
    Shop the quote and be very aggressive in negotiation!!!!
  • Hi-- I'm looking for any feedback on the best lease rate for the 2010 E350. 15K miles, 24-48 Months, Drive Off Premium 1 Package and AMG Wheels.
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Camarillo, CA
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