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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz M-Class Lease Questions



  • y2001y2001 Posts: 7
    Thanks Car_man, I asked the finance guy to redo the MSD, and I think they got it right at the end.
  • Has anyone heard of any marketing support or low interest rates offered by Mercedes for January on the ML350? My built-to-order ML is set to be here in late Jan and so far the rate doesn't look to be too promising and the salesperson is unsure if that will change. I am a bit nervous as I ordered the car back in early November and agreed upon a price and now it looks like that might all be thrown out the window and I might have to go find another car.
  • You're welcome, y2001. I'm glad to hear that everything worked out.

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  • Hi spikeya4. Mercedes-Benz was not offering any sort of support on the 2006 M-Class in January, but if you haven't taken delivery of your ordered truck yet you are in luck because it is providing a little lease support on it in February. I'd be happy to give you an idea of what this truck's lease program is currently like if you let me know how long you want to lease it for and how many miles per year you need to be able to drive it.

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  • Thanks Car_man,
    I wound up getting the car for the same $699 a month including NJ tax that I had originally worked with them on - the only difference was they threw in an extra $1k and I threw in $400. So the bottom line was: 06 ML350, MSRP of $54,755, 39 month lease with 12k a year, total drive off costs of $2472.50. The dealership, Benzel Busch in Englewood, NJ, was great and worked around the lack of MB support for the ML.
  • boo5boo5 Posts: 1
    Hi Car_man,

    I'm interested in any info you can provide regarding the ML350 SUV. I'm looking at 36 mos and 12K miles a year. I understand that there might be a promo for 39 mos leases as well. I'm also in NJ, if it matters.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You're welcome, Josh. Congratulations on your new truck!

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi boo5. If you were to lease a 2006 Mercedes-Benz ML350 through Mercedes-Benz Credit right now for 36 months with 12,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be .00260 and 61%, respectively. As part of Mercedes-Benz Credit's special "Value Added" program, these numbers should be good for 39 month leases as well.

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  • camicamicamicami Posts: 10
    Hi Car_man,

    Wish I found this site before I bought my ML 350, but here's my question for you or to anyone:

    I just LEASED a 2006 ML 350. I don't know if I got a good deal, so if anyone can reply, I'd appreciate it. I do love the car and it drives fine, I didn't sense the weird transmission jerk or whatever.

    The MSRP was 49,835 with premium package, sunroof, heated seats, DVD navigation, power tailgate. I got it down to 45,577, which they told me was already 1,500 below invoice price. With the fees and all, it came out to a total of 46,717. This is a 39 month lease at $628.87 a month, tax included. I kept telling them I wanted below invoice, not at invoice, or over invoice, so hopefully that's what I got.

    The initial payment with all fees, etc. and first months lease was $5,300. I thought that was a lot to get the SUV out the door and it didn't seem to reflect the discount they gave me. We started at $5,300 out the door in the beginning of the deal and at the end of the day with their discounts, it was still the same.

    please respond and tell me if this is an ok deal. I always buy my car, this is the first time that I've leased. thanks.
  • camicamicamicami Posts: 10
    I forgot to add above:
    res factor = 61%
    money rate = 0.00365
  • cglnatcglnat Posts: 6
    For an 2006 ML350 In California as of May 5th I was told they could only do
    59% for a 3yr/36. Saying the residual changed on April 30th, can anybody else validate this.

    Also I am seeing deals out of Southern california are about 1.5-2K under invoice, anybody seeing better ?
  • varunkuvarunku Posts: 13
    Can you split up the $5300 initial payment. Thanks!
  • varunkuvarunku Posts: 13
    Hi Car_man,
    I am shopping to lease a ML350 SUV, what is the current money factor and residual factor for this suv ? Is there a Acquisition Fee & Disposition Fee during lease.
    what would be the approx fee for Documentation, Registration, License, Tag, and Title Fees for this SUV.
  • camicamicamicami Posts: 10
    split the driveoff amount of $5,300? I don't know, maybe. I didn't ask. I just gave them my credit card for that amount so I can drive the car off the lot.
  • camicamicamicami Posts: 10
    Hey Varunku,
    I don't know how all these numbers add up, but to answer your q's, this is what I paid for on an ML350 lease, hopefully you can do better:
    MSRP = $49,835 (premium package with DVD navigation, etc.)
    money factor=.00365
    Residual factor=61%
    what I paid for= $45,577
    Acquisition Fee = $1,095.00
    Document fee = $45.00
    Vehicle Total = $46,717

    Monthly payment = $580.94 plus tax $47.93=
    $628.87 a month for 39 months

    If you add the following
    = driveoff lease was at $5,372.51
    Monthly of $628.87
    Capitalized cost reduction = 4042.40
    Sales tax = 333.50
    License fee = $359.00
    Documentation = none
    Registration = none
    Tires = $8.75
  • varunkuvarunku Posts: 13
    Thanks for your detailed reply. This really helps with the lease calculations !!
  • varunkuvarunku Posts: 13
    The money factor looks high, is this the same with all dealers ?
  • camicamicamicami Posts: 10
    Going in there, I knew to ask about the money factor and maybe if they can lower it, so I did, the dealer said no, point blank, something about the bank. My credit score was high 700's. That's pretty good I think. Maybe he could have done it if I insisted. I only asked once. I guess one should ask and ask again...
  • varunkuvarunku Posts: 13
    can someone share their experience of leasing ML320 using
    I received this quote, I would like to know if this is a good price.
    MSRP 48965
    Invoice 46093

    Quoted price is $46093
    money factor .00255
    Residual 67%
    Downpayment $4000 [ includes Doc fee + tax + license + registration + first month payment + cap cost reduction ]
    Aquisition fee $795

    Monthly payment $644 [ including tax ]
    27 months ; 15 k/year
  • varunkuvarunku Posts: 13
    Could you please let me know if there was a disposition fee for your lease. I was asked for $595 disposition fee at the end of lease on a ML 350. The dealer claims that this is standard charge for all customers.

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