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2013 and earlier-Mercedes-Benz M-Class Lease Questions



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    Hey landrover1. Mercedes' program for 2WD models is different than its program for 4WD models.

    Mercedes-Benz Financial 's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 ML350 2WD with 12,000 miles per year are .00181 and 55%, respectively.

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  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Mercedes-Benz Financial just came out with much better specials in March. They lowered ML Class short term financing to 1.9% APR. MB Financial cut they lease and finance rates across all models, especially C, GLK and CLS Class.

    You can view all the special deals here: March, 2010 Mercedes-Benz Lease and Finance Specials vs. February . You can also compare the difference between March vs. February improvements.

    Anyone, who was waiting for the good deals - now is time!
  • I just got a nice deal on a 2010 ML350 I wanted to share. I received a lot of wonderful advice on this board and it helped get the deal I thought was terrific. I am in love with this car!

    650 Arctic White
    154 M-B Tex Cashmere
    P01 P01 Package: Auto-Dimming Mirrors, COMAN
    U80 : 115V AC Power Outlet
    049 : iPod/MP3 Media Interface Cable
    218 : Rearview Camera
    249 : Autodimming Mirrors
    275 : Power Dr. Seat with Memory Package
    441 : Power Steering Column
    500 : Power Folding Mirrors
    512 : COMAND System w/hard-drive Navigation
    517 : SIRIUS Satellite Radio and HD Digital Ra
    518 : iPod/MP3 Media Interface
    890 : Power Liftgate
    R39 19" 5-Spoke Alloy Wheels (255/50) H
    550 Trailer Hitch (Class II)
    731 Burl Walnut Wood Trim
    846 Brushed Aluminum Running Boards w/Rubber
    866 Rear Seat Entertainment System Pre-Wirin
    873 Heated Front Seats

    My sale price was $49,600.

    39 months/0 down just inceptions/12k miles/$639 per month plus tax

    I'm in the South Florida area.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Nice car - Arctic White with Navi...
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Mercedes-Benz extended March ML Class lease and finance specials until May 3rd. They also reduced rates for E class, GLK class, S class and R Class.

    Mercedes-Benz USA records March sales of 19,637 cars - which is an increase of 25.9% over March of last year, so I guess MBUSA want to set record sales in 2010. That's why they continue to keep low rates.

    You can see all the current April specials here: April, 2010 Mercedes-Benz Finance Specials vs. March, and also compare them to March specials - to see what changed.
  • s9r9d4s9r9d4 Posts: 10
    Anyone know what the lease payment would be for a 2010 ML350 4MATIC with.....

    P1 Package
    Appearance Package (20" wheels)
    Running Boards
    Rear Seat Climate Control

    I am looking for an approximate #.

    $0 down, 36 months, 12k miles per year.

    I appreciate it.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    Hi s9r9d4. I would be happy to use Mercedes-Benz's actual current lease program to work up a sample payment on the vehicle that you are interested in for you. Just let me know what its full MSRP and selling price are (or at least its MSRP and invoice price). You can find that info over in the New Vehicle Pricing section of

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  • dslee1dslee1 Posts: 6
    ML350 2WD 2010

    MSRP: $46,575
    Sales price: $41,975
    Money Factor: .00170
    36 Months
    10K per yr
    Local Sales Tax: 8.7%

    I calculated monthly to be ~$595 with these figures
  • s9r9d4s9r9d4 Posts: 10
    MSRP is about 57k
  • I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a new ML350 lease. The dealer has offered prepaid maintenance through Mercedes-Benz Star Service Pre-Paid Maintenance for $769. Is this a good investment? Will I save money on service over the 39 month lease with 12,000 or 15,000 a year?
  • chelentanochelentano Posts: 634
    edited April 2010
    You'd have to do two 'A' ($250 each) services and one 'B' service ($560) - Chicago dealer pricing. If you use MB dealer maintenance, this will cost you at least $1100-1200 total. So with pre-paid you save, unless you go with local independent shops which I'd recommend. With independent shop you can just do three 'A' services which cost me total $300-400 with my shop: - last time I did there A service just for $99 with coupon discount . So you need to do some research what independent shops/pricing is available in your area.

    The A and B services r highly overpriced by dealer: in essence they are glorified oil changes.
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    If service covers brakes and rotors - you will definitely save money. If you do service independently - you have to make sure they know how to reset computer after each service and keep documentation as a proof that service has been done, at the lease termination.
  • jwilliams2jwilliams2 Posts: 854
    And also make sure your independent knows what to look for when performing the checklist per the MB maintenance schedule and can check all TSB's, etc.
  • icb2779icb2779 Posts: 25
    Before you pull the trigger - I maybe able to help you. What is the M.S.R.P., term, monthly payment, miles per year and amount due at signing you got on the ML350?
  • Hi Car_Man,

    Can you post the rates for April on the ML350 4WD?

    Thank you!!!
  • dslee1dslee1 Posts: 6
    Just got an offer for a 2010 ML350, 2WD, 39 months, 10K miles per yr, no options:

    MSRP (including Destination Charge): $45,700 + $895 = $46,595
    Negotiated Sale Price: $43,086
    Money Factor (buy-rate): .00150
    Total Drive-Off (including 1st Month): $1,283
    Monthly Payment: $625 (which includes 8.75% Sales Tax)

    There's still some room here no? Since I believe the publicized invoice for this vehicle is about $42,501?
  • Hi Car_Man,

    Can you post the rates for April on the ML350 4WD?

    Thank you!!!
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    Publicized invoice by who?
    If Mercedes-Benz ML350 MSRP is $46,595, then its invoice is $43,995. Invoice is based on MSRP and it can be calculated here: Mercedes-Benz Invoice Calculator. Just enter "0" in the Gas Guzzler Tax box, because ML Class does not have any. There you can calculate invoice of any Mercedes-Benz vehicle - by yourself.

    Also, if you click on SPECIALS on the same web site, you'll notice, that for just $20 more per month - you can get ML350 4Matic 4 wheel drive, which may be a better choice for an SUV. Because 4Matic is $2,500 more expensive vehicle, but it cost you only $20 per whole month.
  • Lease coming up end of June on my 2008 ML 550 with 41K miles. I like the car, not in love with it, but would buy it if deal makes sense. Lease buyout number is currently $35,322 at end of lease, Edmunds online appraisal shows "trade in" value of $39,960 and private party sale value of $44,000. Kind of surprised value has held up so well. The dealer finance dept. rep is telling me as we get closer MB Financial should be willing to reduce buyout number.

    Car is eqippped with MB tex, Premium 1 Pkg ( rear camera,hands free,rear audio,DVD nav, sirius, harmon kardon), AMG Sport Pkg., sunroof, running boards, Ipod kit,voice,CD changer

    Question: What's the best way to get the lowest buyout price on a lease? Do these numbers make sense? Thanks in advance for any
  • storm10storm10 Posts: 175
    You can easily negotiate buyout at the end of the lease, if your current lease is through MBF. It's almost impossible to negotiate with any other bank. Don't start negotiating until you have 30 days left - as your account moves to the Lease Termination Department, which will contact you anyway - so don't call first (don't show interest). After they call, just ask: how much are you willing to discount if I decide to keep it? They will gladly discount it, because it cost a lot of time and money for MBF to get rid of your car after your return.

    However, your car has only 9,000 miles left on warranty. If you spend all this money to finance for 5 years - you'll get at the end: 9 year old car with over 100,000 miles. I don't know if it's worth it, because you can spend a lot less money if you lease a brand new car under full warranty for another 3 years.
    You can see how much cars like yours are selling here: Certified Pre-owned Mercedes-Benz locally or nationwide., so you know the market, just wait a few seconds until it loads in real time. Of course, your car should worth a little less, because it's not certified, without extended warranty. And these prices are still negotiable, but it will give you an idea.
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