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Mercury Mountaineer Lease Questions



  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    Do you need awd? If fwd is ok then you probably find something decent at 20k. Go to overstock .com and click on autos. Put in your zip and click on bargains. Saw a base 09 crv for around 20k in my area. They give you dealers who honor the price. Kia rondo is rated well. There are 09's of your model preferences around at prices around 20k.2010 4wd escape base for 21500. 09 should be less. Kia rondo ex at 19500 nicely equipped lx base like 17k. Lots of choices -- have fun.
  • Thanks very helpful!

    So, you agree that I'm better off buying another car rather than buying the mountaineer at lease end (e.g. buying something different in order to lower overall operating costs is better deal)?
  • The lease contract says $17,300 for a buyout of the 07 Mountaineer. Will Ford Credit take less?
  • gibbytdoggibbytdog Posts: 1
    I have having a hard time finding a good comparison between the base, the luxury and premier model, as I am buying itn the next couple days. Some abses seem they have more stuff on it then a luxury? Is it just the available options?

    From what I gather the base model does not have heated seat or the running boards
    I have no idea what the premier ads that the luxury does not have.

    Looking at a 2005 Convenience V6 roof rack etc, 2006 Luxury but no 4wd option( i thought you could switch into 4wd or is that only on the explorers?) and a full loaded 2007 Premier.

    Any help or if you have a reference site with a good comparison please post!

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