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Nissan Altima Lease Questions



  • Car man,

    Have been reading your forums on the Acura TSX & Altima for some time and I'm ready to pull the trigger. Here are the details of the deal!

    Altima 3.5L $27,300 MSRP plus mat and splash guards and $605 destination charge. Total MSRP $28,195. I'm getting it at invoive of $26,070 less $1250 rebate. Total purchase price is $24820.

    I'm putting $2500 down and paying tax and title up front.

    Lease term is 36 months and they are giving me a residual value of $16,353. 15,000 miles per year!

    Once I strike the deal I'm turning it over to my CFO as it's going to be a company car.

    Any thoughts or insights you may have before I jump would be much appreciated

  • car man,

    Can't get the $1250 rebate so cost is $26,219.

  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 138
    Just signed the papers, taking delivery Monday morning.
    06 2.5 SL dark Blue/ Blond leather, every single option Nissan offers except nav.
    Sticker $27165
    Selling price $24900
    36 month/15k miles a year $2500 down $255 a month.
    The car is for my wife and she is excided especially with the Sirius radio.
    For Folks looking to refresh their marriage, buy her a new car, trust me :)
  • Carman,
    I'm part of the Nissan VPP program and before I go to the dealership and get hassled I want to know how low payments would be on a 06 Altima 3.5SL with a sticker price of $28,065. The invoice on the car is $25,972. VPP says I get a 2.87% deduction under invoice but have to pay a 2.5% delivery fee?.. From what I worked out the car would end up being $24606 after VPP and incentives. I want to lease the car for 24months with 15000 miles per year and put $6000 down so I have payments as low as possible. Can you let me know what ballpark I'm in here? Thanks a lot!
  • Hi Car_Man:

    Thanks for being here, looking to lease a 06 Altima 2.5 S Special Edition package, MSRP $21500, 12000 miles/year 36 or 39 months can you please help me with residual value and money factor through Nissan Acceptance?

    Also do you know if they have any program for less mileage like 10K/year?

  • I was hoping someone could help me out. I'm looking to lease a 2006 SE-R that has an MSRP of $31,660 in NY. I have not negotiated a selling price yet so I was looking for some help. What is the invoice price on this car and what can I expect as a selling price/residual/money factor? I would like to lease the car for 39 months with 17,500 mi/year and about $3500 up front. What should I expect ballpark as a monthly lease payment? Thanks!!
  • czrczr Posts: 4
    Here is the deal we just got for a 12k miles per year lease on a 2006 2.5 S with special edition package:

    $2500 down total

    $219 a month for 39 months

    This includes all tax, tags, fees. I think this beats the advertised Nissan lease special b/c this deal includes all dealer fees, taxes, tags, etc.

    We might have done a tad better but this we were short on time and this was the FIRST dealership with only 5 hours logged on.

    Hope this helps.
  • I'd like to jump in and hope you can answer. Am considering a 36- or 39- month lease on a 2006 Altima S model. Want AC, automatic, cd as only really important "options." Have a '96 Altima now in bad shape as trade in, 150,000+ miles. Looking to put down as little as possible but keep payments to close to $200 a month. Is residual value based on MSRP (my assumption) or net capitalized cost?

    I've done all my Edmunds (and other source) research and am hoping scenario is possible. Also...what can I expect my "lease inception fees (including registration, title, tage, etc.) to be? I'm trying to have as few surprises as possible.

    Can I also expect a money factor in the .00078-00090 range and a residual value in the 55-54% range, depending upon # of months with lease?

    Thanks for anybody's response. And Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Forgot to mention....would like the 15,000 mile per year option rather than 12,000. How much more per month should the lease be?
  • I guess I should have included all my questions in one post, but one more question came up: If I do get stuck with some fees (license, tag, title, etc.), are they out of pocket when I sign the lease...or are they typically worked into the monthly payment schedule? Thanks, Tom
  • arceoarceo Posts: 1
    My question is this i am getting an ALtima 06 2.5 SL. This is what i saw msrp price at $25,500. But when the dealer printed some paper out it said $28,863. Then they ran my mom's credit and then me as a cosign. They came down to me paying $509.00 a month, for 40 month lease and 12,000 miles a year and i was wondering if i was getting a good deal or being taken for a ride. Thanks
  • This is what i saw msrp price at $25,500. But when the dealer printed some paper out it said $28,863.

    Why would you buy a car when you don't know how much it really costs? Why does the "paper" the dealer printed say $28863? What are you paying for?

    Also, $509 per month would buy not lease a $27000 OTD car financed over 60 months(assuming 5% interest). I would suggest reading about what people are actually paying for this car on the prices paid thread. Also read all messages in this thread to see where this deal leaves you.
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 138
    Read message #24.
  • Hello Carman/Meuseman/arceo,

    I need help ASAP!!

    I am a recent college grad and I am trying to lease my 1st car. I just got off of the phone with a dealership, and I told them about the price you got on your lease (Post 24). I tried to use that as a bargaining, but they said that the loss would be too great. Here are the terms of the deal:

    Selling Price: $25,119
    Down Payment : $1,500
    Monthly payment: $330 (including taxes)

    This is my first time buying a car, and it is becoming a little overwhelming. I have been reading the previous posts and trying to make the best decision, but a little more help would be great. When the dealer gives me the rest of the details, I'll post immediately. Is this a good deal?? thanks for you help everyone!!
  • Carman

    This is exactly what the dealer emailed to me. Please let me know what you think of this deal, and ways that I can get the payment price lower. Thanks!!!!

    As we discussed, we have a 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL in stack that is equipped with Satellite Radio, Splash Guards, Sun Roof, Fog Lamps, Side Curtain Air Bags and Anti-lock Brakes, Protection Package and Floor Mats.

    You can lease this car (stock # HN 6118) for $330/ month for 39 months with $1500 out of pocket. That price includes 15,000 miles per year and all fees including tax, MV, etch and documentation.
  • hey famugrad,

    what is the msrp on the car? carman will need this.
  • The Sticker Price is: $27,185.

    Thanks for you help. What do you think about the deal so far? Do you have any tips that you could give me until carman responnds?
  • I also asked for the residual value and Money Factor, which are 14,679 and .001050 respectfully. Thanks for you help in advance!!
  • Well looking at it, it looks really good to me. From the information you gave (MSRP 27185, Cap Cost 25119, Resisual 54%, MF .00105) Make sure that all you are putting down is the 1500 and that that money is paying things like the security deposit, the acquistion fee and the 1st. month. Don't ust the 1500 as a down payment and then have a lot more money to come up with at delivery. If the 1500 is all out of pocket you are paying at delivery, I think it is pretty good!
  • Thanks Meuseman...I really appriciate your input!! Any other tips that you could tell me before I go to the dealership will be appriciated. How do u know so much about cars?? experience?
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