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Nissan Altima Lease Questions



  • Is this realistic?

    09 altima SL with conv and conv+

    26,485 MSRP
    57% Residual (15,000 miles a year)
    .00158 Money Factor
    7.8% tax
    $399 Doc fee
    39 months
    approximate 400 ttl

    I want to get the selling price to 23,500 (including doc, ttl fees), which will give me a monthly payment of 298.

    Thoughts??right now they are at 24458 on the first offer to me. is 23500 realistic?
  • 288 per month, 1 month payment and dmv fees down only.
    they also ate my last 2 month payment of my current lease which ends in 2 months. also got 15k miles per year in my new lease.
  • just leased one today and got a crazy good deal.....
    $220 per month for 39 months 12K Miles, no money down, no destination fee, no doc fee, no etch/tire or other bs them all waived....

    paid just tax, motor vehicle fees and the standard acquistion/fee(only bs fee couldnt get waived, but only $495)

    hope this helps someone who is looking!
  • travdog34travdog34 Posts: 10
    Wow, great deal!

    What area did you purchase?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    Hi travdog34. I do not believe that Nissan is currently providing any loyalty incentives for Infiniti customers to want to lease a new Nissan Brand vehicle. Nissan is not running any sort of early lease termination program that I am aware of either. If you choose to lease a new Altima now, you likely will have to pay all of your remaining Infiniti payments out of your own pocket or roll them into your new lease.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    Congratulations on getting your new Altima, glennjr. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your new lease with everyone. Make sure to hop on over to the Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of to share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience as well. Enjoy your new ride!

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    You're welcome, pax4. I'm glad that you find this site so helpful. You shouldn't have any problems getting your Altima serviced in New York even though you leased it in Florida. In fact, things are so tough for dealers right now that I am sure they would welcome your service revenue with open arms.

    Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. requires a minimum level of car insurance on leases. You probably don't need anything above and beyond that, unless you would personally prefer to have a lower deductible. I believe that NMAC automatically includes gap insurance on leases at no additional charge.

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  • pax4pax4 Posts: 9
    Thanks Car_man !
  • travdog34travdog34 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the info Car_man.

    I have heard some of the dealers use that expression, "roll them into your new lease" what exactly does that mean?

    Also, right now I am pretty settled on getting a 2009 Altima 2.5S (Auto) that has a MSRP $22,545. I am looking for a 39month lease at 12k miles/year.

    I have seen some people post some fairly good lease agreements so the boards. What would you recommend me to shoot for for my monthly payment ($0 down) in order to get the best deal out there?

    A couple days ago someone posted they got out for $220/month ($0 down) and only got stuck with an acquisition fee. That seems like a great deal to me.

    All your help is greatly appreciated!!

    I am in the Raleigh, NC area...just in case that matters.
  • shackt65shackt65 Posts: 1

    Received below quote from local dealer on an 09 Altima 2.5S with Convenience Package and Connection package floor mats and splash guards.

    MSRP $25,005
    Savings $3,253
    Internet Sales Price $21,752

    Price looks pretty good however I am looking to lease for 39 months, 15000 miles no money down. Dealer state lease program just changed, any idea what a lease payment would be?

  • Ok so heres my question. I'm looking at buying a new altima and was wondering if it makes more sense to lease it (to have lower monthly payments) and then after 3 years just buy it outright? I'm not totally sure how leases work but to me it seems like a good way to pay less for a car upfront and then buy a depreciated car for less. If I was to buy it from the start I'd pay 2-3 times more a month wouldn't I? Yes after 5 years I'd own it but I also paid full price for a car that isn't worth that now. Like I said i'm not too sure what the advantages to leasing and then buying at the end of a lease are, most info on edmunds concerns leasing and then releasing at the end. PLEASE help me with any info you can.
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    If you are talking over a 6 year time frame...

    A $28,000 Altima 2.5S w/ SL Package, 36 month lease, purchase option at lease end is going to be around $16,000 PLUS SALES TAX, so say $17,000. If you financed that $17,000 for an additional 36 months your payment would be over $510. The additional 36 month loan would cost $18,360. If you negotiated an awesome lease (as several people have reported) you are looking at $300 a month for 36 months. Total payments = $10,800. TOTAL COST TO LEASE THEN BUY $29,160.

    You could buy it for $23,500. (People are reporting around $4,500 off MSRP on the S with SL package). Sales tax would be around $1,500. If you financed $25,000 for 72 months, you would owe $13,400 after 36 months. You would've already paid $15,120 in total payments. TOTAL COST TO BUY $30,240.

    This really depends on your ability to negotiate a great lease. Some people have reported $290 on the 2.5S w/ SL. Some have reported $400. Even $50 a month difference is $1,800 during the life of the lease. In the long run it is probably at least less of a hassle to just buy it outright. Why even lease if you know you want to keep the car forever?
  • Hey Cheese, Chuck sure ran a lot of great numbers for you. As he said and you can see, it's the deal that still matters, you can go right (OR wrong) depending on all the numbers. I've been leasing cars for 25 years. Many financial people will tell you leasing is the more expensive way to get a car. I use mine for work, so I write it off and leasing is better. I always do 3 years or definitely within the warranty. I always do zero out of pocket, too. It seems really backward to me to put money down on a "rental" - you are just "borrowing" it. Put money down on a purchase only. With leasing you get into a nice car with no money and a small payment, but you own nothing at the end. Hope my opinion/input helps.
  • Hey Car_Man... hope you make it to the N's soon... as I'd be grateful if you could advise:

    Current Money Factor & Residual for an Altima 3.5 SL Sedan... 36 month lease... 10000 (or 12000... whatever is minimum) miles/year.

    Much thanx!
  • pax4pax4 Posts: 9
    Hello Car_man,
    I'm thinking of leasing an 09 Altima 2.5 S, W/ SL convenience,convenience plus and connection package with mats and splash guards.
    How do these figures look

    MSRP 27,395

    Sell Price 24,546

    Residual 56%

    Money Factor .00124

    Terms 39 months

    Tax 6% ( Fla )

    595. at signing

    333.00 a month with taxes

    Feed back appreciated
  • pax4pax4 Posts: 9
    Re last post # 953 it will have a 15,000 miler per year.

    thank you (AGAIN)
  • pax4pax4 Posts: 9
    Car_man or Somebody

    I am leaseing a 09 Altima 39months 15,000 miles.Should I take the Nissan Security+Plus Protection package for an additional $350??? I thought Nissan was resposible for the car if something goes wrong with it during the entire lease period!

    Thanks for any feed back.
  • armjetarmjet Posts: 2
    new to the forum, been browsing for a while - great info.. thanks to all!

    looking at a 09 altima 4cyl, MSRP was $27395 was pretty loaded with options. liked the car!

    dealer offered 354/month lease 39 months 12k year with only first pymt due at signing. Ohio tax included at 6.75 percent

    seemed ok, but did not release any details.

    can someone help with residual, money factor, dealer cash, etc.

    Thanks in advance.
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    58% and a money factor of .00124 for a 36 month lease. Not sure of 39. I would never lease for 39 months due to the fact that you will be out of warranty for 3 months. If anything happens you will be solely responsible for fixing it. It's only going to lower your payment by less than $10 anyway. I'd stick with the 36 month.

    Monthly payment was right at $300 including tax on MSRP $27395.
  • Hi, EVERYONE this is my first time on here, I got a price quote for a 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL package conv, conv + and Technology package(FULLY LOADED). MSRP 30,000 SALE PRICE 28,100 OUT THE DOOR, Includes all taxes and fee's. So your money factor will be .00124 with a credit score of 700 and up. That is with no dealer markup. Your residual is 56% with 15K miles a year and 57% with 12K miles a year. Monthly payment of 307 for 12K per year and 2,500 down. How does this deal sound please let me know as im looking to purchase a car very soon. Thank you for all your help
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