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Nissan Altima Lease Questions



  • NOw august of 2012 as in 2009 when my leases are due, i get a letter from nissan leasing of their pullback program.

    it is to forgive, forget or whatever you want to call it for my last THREE lease payments. these payments are not put into my new lease, they are pulled back as is the phrase in the auto industry , if an only if i purchase/lease another nissan.

    I just took advantage of it , again.

    basically it made my 39 month lease 36 months on my 2009 which i turned in. and now i start again for the next 39 months ,,,I went with a 2013.

    pegasus, i got the letter from nmac, and its for 3 months, not 9. not in my case anyway.
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    Three payments is the norm for those companies that have a pullback program. The OP said they were going to forgive 9 payments which i highly doubted. Congrats on the 2013 Altima. I saw one a couple hours ago in a local supermarket parking lot in dark red and it was gorgeous. OTOH, I saw a few pics of the 2013 Accord at a Kroger lot and it was a big yawn (very similar to the 2012, which isn't a bad thing). i have a few months to decide...Camry, Fusion, Accord, Altima...we'll see. Enjoy!
  • ref 1635, 1637.

    pegasus...whats this mean...."Shoot for $11 per 1000 of msrp pre-tax... "

    if you can, pleeze explain.
  • pegasus, thanx,,,,i got the cayenne red....its a hot color....with blonde interior which is very light, with aftermarket tint windows and a nice tan/blonde pinstrip on the contours with boody side looks real good for a 20K car.....
  • ...."Shoot for $11 per 1000 of msrp pre-tax... "

    If a vehicle has an MSRP of $40,000, then that is 40 X $11 = $440/mo..

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  • steevosteevo Posts: 330
    That is poor advice pegasus. Maybe shoot for 11 x the Capitalizded Cost. You can do much better than 11 x MSRP especially on a Nissan.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
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    Haven't been on in a while. I have leased many times in the past. typically a good deal was $12 per 1000 of MSRP on a standard, 12k/year, 3 year lease with ZERO down. In the past few years, due to boosted residual %'s and very LOW money factors, a good deal can be had in the 10-11 dollar range. It may be an oversimplification BUT many people on here don't have the stomach for lease calculation details.
  • New lease info out on nissan's website, dealers are still using the old money factors though. Anyone have any luck ?? Base s is 219, 3.5 sl is 329, both with 2399 down. I'm trying to get a 2.5sl for under 300.....
  • Just finished negotiating a lease in South Florida for a 2013 Nissan Altima 39 month lease and am trying to decide whether to sign on the dotted line.

    Here's the vehicle specs.

    2.5 SV with Convenience Package, Navigation, Floor Mats and Mud Guards -- sticker price with destination of 27,150.00

    They are putting in factory match leather and doing dark (but legal) tint on the windows at teh dealership.

    Financial figures are $1k total out of pocket (includes first month's lease payment) then 38 payments $299 + 6% sales tax ($316.96).

    I went to two other dealers and they were close to $100 more a month for a simialr vehicle.

    What say the forum? Good deal or not good deal?
  • kyfdx,

    so if as in the example of shoot for $11 per 1000 of msrp. the figuring would then be ..... if msrp is 40,000 then 40 X $11 = $440/mo.

    so for a real price, a 2013 altima 2.5S, msrp of 23,410 X $11 = $257.51.

    NOW the questions.

    Is this a price including the money factor (interest) or not???

    in other words, is this figuring $11/thousand just the price of the rental charge of the car. (basically the portion of the msrp a customer pays before interest.)

    so to continue.... if then figuring on a money factor of .002 for this msrp it would add an additional $75 (approx) of interest per month.

    thats a payment of principal (or rental charge) plus interest (money factor) of $332.

    so is $11/thousand with interest or not...

    ps- even at fitzmall with their low prices, the $11/thousand as a guide is just for the rental not the interest.

    thanks for any input...Ill check back.
  • you gave the msrp,,,but what is the sale price of the car.

    as for the base figure of 299 + tax. for this car, it would be the greatest deal ever in all of the USA .

    you would have a residual of over 67%, and wouldve have a sale price of at least 14% below msrp.

    out of curiosity what south florida dealer did you go to??___________

    theres maroone nissan, pompano, coral springs in broward, and a few more in palm beach & dade county, but since you stated your tax rate at 6% , well then, your in Broward?
  • lets get to brass tacks.....

    as for the base figure of 299 + tax. for this car, the SV at that msrp thiswould be the greatest deal ever . .

    out of curiosity what south florida dealer did you go to??___________

    theres maroone nissan, pompano, coral springs in broward, and a few more in palm beach & dade county, but since you stated your tax rate at 6% , well then, your in Broward?

    now for some number crunching. as to what you should pay...299 doesnt seem real, if it is grab it for 100 more than that from other dealers, well thats high and overpaying, heres two real examples to help you.

    example #1
    you agree to pay 24163 (89% of msrp, this would be GREAT}dont think it exists in FLA, read below for answer,,,but not yet...
    add destination of 595 {this bank fee is on all FLA leases}
    your adjusted cap cost is 24758
    residual at 62% (thats what it is for 39 mth lease is 15474
    your depreciation or the amount you would pay for usage is 9284 divided by 39 equals 238/mth
    your rent fee based on NMAC .002 tier 1 credit would be $80
    total of lease monthly payment 318 add 6% for tax total payt 337.

    AN EXCELLENT in USA, not kidding,,,

    now if your agree to pay is fiqured at 94% , which is what the dealers in Broward county are figuring then....
    msrp 27150
    agree to pay 25521
    plus destination, gives adjusted cap cost of = 26116
    residual 16322
    depreciation 9793 /39 = 251/mth.
    rent fee is 85/mth
    total 336
    6% tax +20 =
    total 356.


    SO REAL FIGURES ARE 337 TO 356....print this bring it to your dealer...and after he gives you figures, match it against this...I know these two examples are real.

    as for your $1000 down which includes 1st payment....OK....that leaves $700 that needs to go to pay
    title (even if your transferring from another car..approx 260 in fl.
    taxes in advance ,,approx 60
    florida fee 70
    documentary fees, or doc fees which are state intangibles and must be paid for putting another car on florida roads is approx 500 (closer to 600)

    that adds up to giving the dealer 1000 for this and your first payment is very eating a little.

    just know your 299+ tax figure for a 27K car doesnt compute. it would mean the dealer selling you the car to get to the adjusted cap cost would be selling it to you for 79 % of I said, it doesnt compute, No dealers sell new cars that cheap. Now 88-91% of msrp is generally their dealer cost (as fitzmall sells cars for up North, because he does huge volume in a 3 state area, way more than any dealers in Broward county including autonation Maroone and coral springs auto mall , the rest are Independents), and Yes you can get it at that , in FLA, doubtful, up noprth at a mega dealer, therefore a 93-94% of msrp is definitely real.

    So its 337 (this is based on a 89% sales price from msrp) to 356 (figured at 94% )....these percentages with nothing down as your doing (your $1000 is going to fees and 1st payment) as i was saying, these differences in percentages of msrp will give you your adjusted cap cost before destination fee.

    good luck.

    please let me know how you did, and let me know the dealer please, because Ill be there right behind you...
  • Wow, data overload in that response, but I appreciate the time you put in (even though I went to law school to avoid math, I think I got about 50% of what you put in there).

    Here's the data from my lease agreement.

    Agreed upon sales price for vehicle - $24,589.76
    Acquisiton Fee - $595.00
    Total Capitalized Cost - $25,164.76
    Total out of pocket - $1,000.00 - $434.50 cap. cost reduction, $316.94 first month payment
    Registration/tax/ttile - ($150.00, $26.07, $3.99 and $68.50 - total $248.56)
    Residual value - $16,290.00

    I don't know what else I can tell you that helps you crunch the numbers. This is from a dealer that I've gotten my last several vehicles through (2x 2003 Nissan Altima 3.5s, 2006 2.5 S Altima, 2006 Nissan Murano, 2009 Altima 2.5SL and 2010 Nissan Maxima SV (along with one or two pre-owned during the same 9+ years) so I like dealing with them and have trust that they give me a good deal. This time, however, I didn't do any research and was just checking to see whether they did me right....which it sounds like they really did.
  • steen013altimasteen013altima Posts: 34
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    wow, double wow, this is a fantastic deal NO DOUBT ABOUT IT ! To get a sales price at 90% of msrp and a residual of 66%, tremendous deal, congratulations to you.

    you state, and I quote "this is from a dealer that I've gotten my last several vehicles through" and thats great...since I am also in broward county florida, which dealer did you go to..__________________________________.

    thanks the info will be used to get me a 2.5 SV

    i got prices from maroone and coral springs on 2.5S for more your answer is paramount to me as to the dealer, because I will go and get the same deal, so please help and thanks in advance..
  • Does anyone have the September rates yet ??
  • well its a great deal. your agreed upon sales price of 24589 is terrific considering your msrp as you stated is 27150.
    so buying at 90% of msrp is great.

    just gotta wonder what the dealer is getting back from the nissan manufacturer, because dealer cost for this new just introduced model is 91%, so the dealer has got to have real good incentives to sell it at below dealer cost.

    there are no rebates on the car, and there really isnt even good lease money factor on the car yet either (its .002).

    so in conclusion congratulations. best deal Ive heard of , hands down and Im anxious to get it too.

    as for the dealer you purchased from in broward county , would be helpful to me, Im buying an altima this weekend or next, and Id really like to know, Ive been to maroone, weston, pompano, esserman, coral springs even bill siedle. , Ive been to these but not for the deal you got, so it one of these or a different one...thanks in advance... the ammunition , (your numbers) are great , now I just need to know which dealer to go to, to prove it to them that this is the comparable deal they have sold at. thanks again.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
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    Before you jump on an unlikely deal, you might want to check out the new Accord on sale 9/19. i am cross-shopping these 2 vehicles as well as the NEW fusion for my future car purchase. Competition is fierce; buyers are in control for a change...good hunting -honda-accord-gets-wholesale-changes
  • Can someone confirm this for me ? I emailed a dealer about lease pricing, and he quoted me the national deal prices. This is what he said about the $4000 or so due at signing including all fees.

    "When Nissan does a national lease, the dealer sells car at invoice, that is the cost of the car. The 2399.00  comes of the invoice price of the car. That is why the tax,tags.doc fee are seperate"

    I was under the assumption Nissan lease deals were sold at msrp
  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting. I'm currently in the market for a 2013 Nissan Altima and live in NY. Could you please tell me the name of the dealership and the model that you are going for! I would appreciate it!
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