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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Lease Questions



  • gjt1202gjt1202 Posts: 2
    Now that it is getting close for the 09's to be hitting the dealership lots, is anyone aware of good deals on the 08, or what the 08's are going for now. Looking for an SE with the Platinum Edition package as well as the Sensory package?
  • does anyone know what the terms are for the new '09 maxima models? mf, residual, for 12k, 36 mo. thanks.
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    Between dealer wanting to charge over sticker and the money factors it is not a good time to lease an 09 Maxima.

    2009 Nissan Maxima S – 7/8/08
    24 Month – Residual 70% of MSRP – .00250 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 59% of MSRP – .00250 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 48% of MSRP – .00270 Base Rate
    60 Month – Residual 41% of MSRP – .00270 Base Rate

    2009 Nissan Maxima SV – 7/8/08
    24 Month – Residual 66% of MSRP – .00250 Base Rate
    36 Month – Residual 56% of MSRP – .00250 Base Rate
    48 Month – Residual 45% of MSRP – .00270 Base Rate
    60 Month – Residual 38% of MSRP – .00270 Base Rate
  • WOW those terms do not look attractive at all. thank you for the information kingpcgeek!! i'm not even going to test drive it after seeing those figures. i don't understand someone willing to pay over sticker for a maxima, that seems weird given all the competition in this price range.
  • manu99manu99 Posts: 18
    I have an offer from the dealer on a 09 maxima sv
    invoice 32000.00
    5 year lease
    1500.00 down including first month pymnt, regist, tax and license
    12000 miles per year

    is this a good deal?

    please let me know

    thank you
  • ahossa1ahossa1 Posts: 51
    What's the monthly payment?
  • manu99manu99 Posts: 18
    sorry i forgot that

    it's 445.00 incl tax
  • ix007ix007 Posts: 23
    Are those numbers based on 15,000 miles/year or 12,000 miles/year. Do they bumped the residual 2% if you go down to 12,000/year??
  • ahossa1ahossa1 Posts: 51
    That means you will pay $26,700 in 5 years plus $1500 downpayment totaling $28,200. then you don't own the car. It doesn't sound like a deal at all.
    What about the $339 being advertised in the Olympics for 39 months?
  • manu99manu99 Posts: 18
    12000 miles
  • manu99manu99 Posts: 18
    thats the base model s
  • ix007ix007 Posts: 23
    So listen to this......I go to test drive the new Maxima SV and of course due to this site I have all my ammunition in regards to price, MF, residuals etc. Personally, I am trying to stay in the $450/month range for something with only 1st month and tags down. So the sales person shoots me straight and says that I am really better off with an Infiniti G35 sedan since it has more hp, more features AND better lease rates. They even walked me across the parking lot to the Infiniti dealership. I did drive the Infiniti and have to completely agree.....if you don't care about the Maxima's brand new body style, the Infiniti is so much more bang for your buck with much better MF and residuals.

    My only problem now is "Do I want to drive a car that has been out for several years and the 09 G37 sedan is due in a few months?"
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    I pulled the plug on a G35 two weeks ago. I figured that 306 HP instead 328 HP was enough for me, and I could live with a 5 speed instead of a 7 speed transmission. Plus the lease rates are great and the dealers are dealing on G35's right now. I got mine for $400 under invoice because of $500 lease loyalty cash available. Internally and externally you will not be able to tell the difference between the G35 & G37 except for the badge on the back.
  • ix007ix007 Posts: 23
    Thanks for the respone kingpcgeek. I have really narrowed my car search down at this point to the 08 G35 and currently in negotiations. Hopefully, I can get them to come down to that invoice level on price. I thought I read in the infiniti section that some dealers were going almost $2K below invoice trying to unload these? Is that completely absurd for me to be asking for? Thanks again
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    There is $2000 dealer cash available, but you can only get it if you are not leasing or getting the 1.9% financing. If you chose that route you could be around $1500-2000 below invoice. If you are leasing or want the 1.9% financing, and not are prior customer then plan on $100 to $500 over invoice.

    BTW the current G35 has only been out 2 years.
  • manu99manu99 Posts: 18
    to ix 007

    before you lease anything check out the 08 lexus es 350

    i leased es 350 today from lexus in van nuys

    msrp; 40305.00 with nav and blue tooth
    negotiated price; 34823.00
    down pymnt; 1750.00 inc 1st pay, tax, license, title and the b.s
    600.00 doc fee which is negotiable
    residual; 17331.15

    money factor; .00065 which is 1.56 interest rate (.00065x2400)
    monthly payment; 425.00 inc tax for 48 month 12000 miles per year
    this is better than the 09 maxima lease
  • ix007ix007 Posts: 23
    Thanks for the response but I am really focusing a 2 year lease with a 3 year at maximum. This is definitely better than the Maxima but not better than the Infiniti G35 which is where I am leaning. Although the MF is considerably better than even the G35, the residual is 59% compared to the G35's 67% both for 2 years. I realize the E350 is a little larger car but bang for your buck, I think the G35 blows it away. Thanks again for the heads-up though
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    Maxima - Front Wheel Drive :(
    ES350 - Front Wheel Drive :(
    G35 - Rear Wheel Drive :)
  • This is my first post...Hello all! I just wanted to share what happened to me today at this deal and if you live near the area, don't buy from these morons!

    Last week, I went to checkout/purchase a 2009 Maxima SV premium package in Silver without tech package for MSRP $36,465, leased at 479 month 15000mi 39 month term. Salesman's name is John....said that this price was negotiable and once qualified we would talk about getting me a better deal. Approval went through and gave them insurance info...everything still going smooth.

    They register the car from the info I provided(get the plates) and insurance and call me to say they had the car shipped from other location to come in and do the final paper is on site and ready to go. So I ask the salesman upon arrival "hey lets talk about that price per month and MSRP" (In Jersey and NYC) this exact model is going for $34,500-600 MSRP... the same vehicle with the premium package. He acts like he doesn't know what I'm talking about in front of the finance manager saying, " I never said we would discuss price?" WTF?

    All of a sudden the monthly payment shoots up to $525 a month....hahaha imagine that. Oh and due to my credit not being perfect was the reasoning behind this is not as bad as they said it was....I checked months ago.

    They basically said I signed a paper to approve this price/contract which I didn' was just to show I paid $100 cash to show that I paid for them to run my credit!

    Do not give these guys any money up front...they made me pay $100 saying they could not check my backround without it. Make you sign a paper that you gave them the 100 as a receipt but really later on they are saying that you really signed contract. I'll be calling the better business bureau if I don't get my $100 back....BEWARE of these scammers! Unbelievable!
  • That is why you use the Internet to negotiate.
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