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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Lease Questions



  • realhawkerrealhawker Posts: 30
    finished up my deal, about $10 higher (since rebate was not for lease) than i was shooting for in earlier posts.

    429 a month, SV, prem, tech
    just fees at closing
    12k a year.

    PM me if you want dealer contact info.
  • b0ywondab0ywonda Posts: 4
    realhawk congrats. im interectsed in dealer contact info. just not sure how to PM. also curious what the closing fees looked like.
    your help is appreciated.
  • dwayne1376dwayne1376 Posts: 2
    SV w/ sports Package
    $0 down
    $466 per month for 39 months
    12,000k per year

    Tynan's Nissan Aurora, Colorado
  • todaotodao Posts: 7
    Finalized the deal. Now a new driver of:

    SV 3.5
    premium and premium tech
    splash guards, trunk organizer and first aid

    39 months/12K per year
    $2K down

    I can't believe what a dream it is to drive.
  • caraddict2caraddict2 Posts: 24
    Ok here's the basic deal.....

    Maxima SV
    MSRP $ 36,500.00
    Lease payment $447.00 per month
    includes TT&R all fees
    15,000 miles per year.
    $600.00 down

    I am new to leasing and don't know specifics of money factors ect. What do you guys think? Is this a good deal? Any advice or help would be get, I know some of you guys are great at this.... Thanks in advance Jerry
  • cinci5313cinci5313 Posts: 18

    The MSRP is fine to know, but the important number is what you are paying for the car; the agreed upon selling price. That number and the money factor (.00108 or 2.59%) are the two most important numbers to know when figuring out if you have a good deal or not. A dealer can work to get you to whatever monthly lease payment you want. So, a monthly payment amount isn't necessarily indicative of a good deal.

    To get the interest rate on a lease you need to multiply the money factor by 24. You should be able to get at least close to invoice price on your SV, if not below it. So, let us know the selling price and we can go from there.
  • caraddict2caraddict2 Posts: 24
    Cinci thanks....

    here are the details

    MSRP $35,400
    sale price $33,00
    money factor .00108
    lease payment 428.77
    39 month lease
    end of lease buy out approx $19000
    out of pocket down $334 for plates doc fees, taxes rolled into lease

    What do you think?
  • cinci5313cinci5313 Posts: 18
    No problem.

    I would need to know how you have your Maxima configured with accessories (premium, technology, sport, splash, spoiler, etc) to be able to figure out the invoice price and determine if you got a good deal or not, but I think you might be able to squeeze a few more dollars out of your dealer on the sale price. Only getting $2400 off MSRP seems a bit low. I would also use the TMV (True Market Value) calculator to figure out the invoice price and what others in your area are paying for a similarly configured Maxima.

    I'm closing in on a black on black 3.5 SV w/ premium+technology, spoiler, splash, floor mats for $36k on an MSRP of $39,600, which is just about $30 over invoice.
  • caraddict2caraddict2 Posts: 24
    National Base Price
    A note about advertising fees
    Regional Adjustment
    for Zip Code Change - -
    Optional Equipment
    U03 Sport Technology Package
    L92 Floor Mats/Trunk Mat $
    B94 Splash Guards
    K92 Trunk Sub-Floor Organizer
    Color Adjustment - - $0
    Not Sure
    Destination Charge $720 $720 $720

    Total with Options $36,330 $33,151 $33,515
    Incentives & Rebates -$1,250
    Customer Cash Adjusted True Market Value $32,265
  • caraddict2caraddict2 Posts: 24
    can the Incentives & Rebates -$1,250 be used toward a lease?
  • cinci5313cinci5313 Posts: 18
    Unfortunately no, the rebate cannot be used on a lease. Only on a purchase when financing is done outside of Nissan Financing.
  • cinci5313cinci5313 Posts: 18
    That's a little different than the previous set of numbers. The price went up by about $1k. However, with the Sport Technology Package you also have to add the Sport Package as well.

    I would say that if you could get at least $3,600 off the MSRP or below invoice then you will be doing fine. At that point, getting to your needed monthly payment is determined by how much you want to put down. Of note: be careful putting too much money down on a lease. If something were to happen and the car gets totaled then you are out the money you put down and have no car.
  • carrerahcarrerah Posts: 23
    Hi all,

    Looks like the mf on the Maxima lease is .00108 - does anyone have the residual %s for a 12k mile per year lease?

    Also, do residuals vary by package, i.e., lower % with sport package, etc?


    I drove a base model this morning and liked it - quite a bit. Seems like a solid car, with plenty of standard items for the money.
  • cinci5313cinci5313 Posts: 18
    It's 55% for a 39 month, 12k/yr lease. I believe it is the same residual value no matter the model/packages included on the Maxima.
  • carrerahcarrerah Posts: 23
    Thanks for the info. I guess the special is the 39 month lease, vs 36. Always a bummer for warranty and registration purposes, I guess. I'll have to look up the duration of warranty.

    By the way, a base model in my area (N.CA) is going for about $7k below MSRP, inc. the $1250, which I know is only available for purchase transactions.

    Does that sound like good pricing? I'm assuming I can get below $299 per month, including tax, and without paying the $2999.00.
  • njshorewillnjshorewill Posts: 17
    I don't know what the residuals are, but the Sport Package has a MUCH stiffer ride than the base model (WAY stiffer than my '05 SE). Be sure to compare rides before you sign on the dotted line.
  • tedr5tedr5 Posts: 3
    I'll post my deal for those of you still shopping:

    Maxima SV w/premium, splash guards and mats

    39 mos./ 12K

    MF .00108 / Residual 55%

    MSRP: $37,355
    Selling Price / Capital Cost: $32,622
    Payment: $367.08
    Payment w/ Pa. sales tax: $400.12

    Out of pocket: Acquisition, 1st month & DMV
  • smilemakersmilemaker Posts: 1
    Since this site was a big help in my negotiating I wanted to post the numbers for the deal I made yesterday, Hopefully it will help anyone else shopping around. I live in south Florida and made the deal locally. I'm happy cause the numbers match Edmunds market value. I'm coming out of an Infiniti M35 which I loved but numbers were too high.

    Maxima SV Premium (splash guards and mats included)
    39 mths/ 12,000 miles-year
    MF= .00108
    residual= 55%

    MSRP= $37,380
    cap cost= $32,900
    OOP total= $735 (includes 1st mth + registration costs)
    Monthly payment = $475 includes FL tax
  • gargamellgargamell Posts: 2
    i just picked a 2009 sv with premium package with technology package. has everything but a spoiler. 2500 bucks total out of pocket thats including taxes 1st month payment and dmw and my payments are 376 for 39 months
  • goudaygouday Posts: 4
    What dealership in PA did you make this lease deal with?
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