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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Lease Questions



  • BTW, this was his original "As low as I can go" offer
    MSRP: $37,600
    Cap Cost:$33,120 (includes $750 Nissan Rebate and $500 owner loyalty)

    Base on current lease programs, you would pay $412+tax for 39 months 15,000 mile per year with approved credit. Upfront fees required include: $595 Acq Fee, $444 doc fee, registration and sticker. Sorry, we don't waive the doc fee. You can transfer the plates from the Murano to the Maxima.
  • szn1szn1 Posts: 12
    Def Possible:

    Fitzmall has a maxima SV w/ Premium Tech for 33,393, MSRP: 39700, Invoice 36074, this includes destination.

    Using the MF / Res you provided, you are talking 356/Month not including taxes of course.

    Not bad.
  • Ok so i went to nissan today to lease a 2010 nissan maxima heres what bs deal i was offered

    $37,480 MSRP
    $4,680 off
    $32,800 Sell price
    $1000 down
    443 per month 39 months

    $5,122 off
    $29,128 Sell price
    $1000 down
    385 month for 38months I used this calculator and came out with way lower monthly payments am i doing somthing wrong?

    btw i saw there residual was .56
    money factor was .00122
    7% TAX

    all i want is a fully loaded maxima 39000 msrp for 400 month for 39 months 1000 down is it possiable with that money factor and residual??? or am i asking for too much
  • I am looking for that same deal.
  • gexogexo Posts: 33
    u are getting ripped off! is that base? or 3.5sv? also what state are you in? let me know maybe i can help you out....
  • i am in ny but went to a nj dealer
    the maxima with the
    MSRP of $37,480 is the sv premium with bs floormats
    MSRP $34,250 is standard sv with no options
  • lol when i find it ill let you know
  • I have been quoted 425+tx and $1k down for a Maxima Sport Package, 15k per year and 39 month lease. Any suggestions to get them to drop the price down. South Florida location.

  • clif3clif3 Posts: 10
    Car man:

    Can you provide me with the December money factor and residual for a 2010 Maxima SV Sport with Tech Package? 36 months, 12,000 miles per year.

    Also, there is currently a rebate pf $1,250 on this car - would it apply to the lease?

    I am in Florida if that matters.

  • gexogexo Posts: 33
    1250 is for returning costumers... for example on maxima their is a rebate of 750 and if you are a retuning one its +500 which =1250.00, let me know if you want to lease one, i might be able to help you out....
  • clif3clif3 Posts: 10
    I plan on leasing "something" by the end of December. I am looking for a good deal.

    Last month, Nissan threw in an extra $1000 around Thanksgiving. Maybe a similar deal around the holidays.
  • I am also planning to lease one at the end of December. How can you help me out?
  • I was just quoted 417 plus tax for 39 month 15k lease. I really want to be under 400 with tax, is this possible. Anything I should be doing to talk the dealer down?, just read a review also, not sure the car is worth all the money they are asking but I still want it.
  • talctalc Posts: 11

    I ran across your post, ran the numbers you provided and this is what I've discovered: THEY ARE RIPPING YOU OFF!!!

    I am so shocked by what they are trying to do you (as well as many other cumstors), I literally just signed up with this forum moments ago.

    Based on what you are providing, this is how it actually breaks down:

    The $4,680 off the MSRP - tells you that the dealership is agreeing to a Selling Price (CAP Cost) of $32,800.

    The $1000 down - ask them if it reduces the CAP Cost. If it does, your Net (Adjusted) CAP Cost would be $31,800 (which is what you should use to determine your base monthly payments). If not, the $1000 down represents your 1st Month payment, Title, Doc Fees, and possibly Security Deposit upfront. ASK THEM!

    As for the remaining numbers: In order to get you to $443/month (including a 7% tax rate) with a 56% Residual Value over 39 months, your Money Factor would be .00207 (4.97% Interest Rate) - and not the .00122 you quoted.

    If you were to use these same numbers with the .00122 Money Factor (2.93% Interest Rate), your monthly payments should be $394.27.

    Keep in mind: these numbers do NOT include the $1000 down against the CAP Cost.

    Good Luck tyshooter! And don't let them take you for a ride!
  • talctalc Posts: 11

    Can you provide the following information? I may be able to help you.

    Selling Price (what you agreed to pay for the vehicle)
    Residual Value
    Money Factor
    Your Local State Tax

    - TALC
  • talctalc Posts: 11
    Selling Price (what you agreed to pay for the vehicle)
    Residual Value (either % percent or $ value)
    Local State Tax Rate
    Number of Months (Term) you plan to lease
    Money Factor

    From here, you can adjust your monthly payments by reducing the CAP Cost (Selling Price), negotiating a better Money Factor, or improving the Residual Value by adjusting your annual miles allotment (10K, 12K, 15K).

    Leases can save you hundreds on a car payment (if done correctly), or can cost you hundreds (if you're not prepared).

    Good luck and don't let them take you for a ride!
  • TALC

    MSRP 37120
    Selling Price 33759
    Residual 20460
    Money Factor .00122
    State Tax is 6%

    Thanks for your help, I truly appreciate it.
  • talctalc Posts: 11

    Based on your numbers, and assuming we are not adjusting the CAP Cost (Selling Price) with a down payment and your lease term is 39 months, here is what your payments should be:

    39 month lease: $431.58/month (includes taxes)
    - Monthly Base: $341.00
    - Monthly Finance Charges: $66.15
    - Monthly Taxes (at 6%): $24.43

    Your Drive-off (the amount you would pay upfront) would include the following:

    1st month's payment
    Title Fee (which is for the tags)
    Doc Fee (administrative cost to process the lease)
    Security Deposit (typically around $500 but is not always applied)

    If the lease requires an Acquisition Fee (which I call a "Dealership Charge"), and that fee is included in the lease, you would need to add it to your CAP Cost. If you can, and the dealership allows for it, pay it upfront (at closing in your Drive-off) so you are not paying taxes and finance charges on it every month for the term of the lease.

    Now let's say you were to put $1000 down against the CAP Cost (Selling Price). Here are those numbers:

    Monthly Payments: $403.11/month (incudes taxes)
    - Monthly Base: $315.36
    - Monthly Finance Charges: $64.93
    - Monthly Taxes (at 6%): $22.82

    Drive-off in this case would include $1060.
    - $1000 for the down payment
    - $60 for taxes (at 6%) on that down payment

    So as you can see, $1000 down against the CAP Cost will save you $28.47/month - which is a total of $1110.33 for the term of the lease (39 months). Which means, $1000 down upfront will actually save you $110.33 ($1110.33 - $1000).

    Hope this helps.

    - TALC
  • yeah there insane i went to another dealer now this is what i got

    37500 msrp premium with spoiler
    32820 (sell price )
    1000 down (added to cap cost)also add 595 acq fee
    $389 a month
    39 months

    the only thing is i dont want to put down $1000 down cause i know the dealer just pockets that for themeselves

    The question is should i tell them to knock off another $1000 off the msrp?
  • Hi bclawnlg. The easiest way for me to evaluate this deal is to look at the selling price that you were charged for your Maxima. Do you know what that number is? Let me know and I'll tell you what I think.

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