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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Lease Questions



  • mjb27mjb27 Posts: 13
    Hmmm I didn't know that. I'll probably either get rid of it early like I did my BMW on or possibly buy it if it makes sense. Does Nissan have any good lease/purchase options?
  • 439 with inception of 965 is very good.

    I just got in to a Maxima SV, with cold package and monitor package, mats. MSRP 35,350. Invoice price was 33,350. My inception was 1483.00 and I made out with 339.00 a month. This was during presidents day when they had the extra bonus on the rebate, 2500.00 i think.

    SO bottom line, 439 with almost a 1k inception is good for a fully loaded car thats near 40k, get it.

    If you need any advice let me know. -nkf
  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    I have one month left on my current 2007 Nissan Altima lease, question I have is.....

    Is it possible to get the Maxima SV, doesnt have to be top of a payment of 390 a month? 39 mth 15k? 0 down

    Dealer said I could get the S and aftermarket leather and keep it around there after incentives etc. I would rather have the stock leather and XM.....thoughts?

  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    edited February 2010
    what I meant by worse thing is that I told the dealer my #s on what I can afford.
  • 2010 MAXIMA 3.5 SV
    MSRP: 37480
    Sale Price 33,877.31

    24 months
    12k miles per year
    1211.58 Drive offs (first payment and DMV Fees)
    Money Factor : 0.00151
    WITH TAX : 724 per month

    I am very skeptical due to the fact that I currently drive a loaded G35 with Navi on a 24month 12k lease for 475.00 a month.

    Please advise, thanks in advance.
  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    Surprised I did not get a response but this is what was finalized

    MSRP 38970 SV w/sports and tech package, mats etc
    39 mth lease, 15k miles
    390 mth

    1000 total at signing (taxes and title stuff included in that 1k)
  • What are the details? I am looking at the same car with the same lease options and it came out to 459 a month with $900 at signing
  • mjb27mjb27 Posts: 13
    OK Guys. I was sick of shopping so I just pulled the trigger on an SV Premium with every option they had.

    MSRP: $39,700
    Dealer Cap Cost Reduction: $1,500
    Selling Price: $37,344
    Zero Out of Pocket
    MF: 00105
    12K Miles
    $463 Payment

    Like I said before if I paid $965 it would have been $439. OQSTEW how is your payment $49 less a month with only $739 more in MSRP?
  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    Final selling price was 36k..then i had auto show and other discounts etc....guy made it happen.
  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    oh, my selling price was 34840
  • I'm in the Buffalo, NY market and looking at a Nissan Maxima SV with premium package and spoiler. Sticker is $37,850.00 and here is the deal I made. $4000 down which includes tax first month fees and cap reduction. $346 per month. The $4000 is broke down as follows:
    1487 tax
    167 license fees
    346 1st month
    2000 cap reduction.
    Is this a good deal or can I get it down more. I have 2 dealers that I am working between and it looks like it is as low as I can get them.
  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    edited February 2010
    Does the 4000 include dealer/nissan kick in? I had 2k from nissan and also put in a grand for taxes and title destination. So 3000k total down I guess. SV with sports and tech package and the NAV is lifting a finger for anything, all voice.

    MSRP was 38970....

    39 mth 15k miles 395 month
  • Those are absolutely bad quotes. I went to the Nissan dealership last night to get a quote on a Maxima.

    Fully Loaded SV Model (Tech, Nav, Premium...everything included)
    $399/month ($369 if I purchased last night)
    $0 down, but all taxes and fees paid up front.
  • What area did you receive this quote? I am in the Atlanta area and looking to lease within the next week or so.
  • gexogexo Posts: 33
    yeah you got a bad quote too! its like 2800 upfront, give me where you will be registering the car so i can give a number more realistic.
  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    Let me clarify, the only thing that came out of my pocket was 1000k...
  • This was from a dealer in Southern California.

    I am seeing posts for the 370-400 a month range.

    I want a loaded Maxima for a 24month 12k lease.
    I love this thread...lots of good info.

  • Well this is New York State and tax rate is almost 9% and I owed $1660 on an old lease that I needed to get out of so the taxes and fees I had to pay up here were around $2700.00 so my down payment of and additional $1300 was to get my price down and eat the old lease which they did most of so I think $372 was an ok deal. I went to 4 Nissan dealers and nobody would budge below that price. In my job I negotiate bids daily so I know how to deal. I guess the problem with this forum is that the taxes and fee rates are probably different in each part of the country.
  • kerbkerb Posts: 84
    edited February 2010
    Car Man - could you please provide the rate and residual for this vehicle in South Florida based on a 36/10, 36/12, 39/10 and 39/12 lease. Additionally, are there any other incentives or marketing support aside from the $500? Thanks in advance.
  • In Rochester, NY - today is the last day for the current lease special. I've been fighting for 4 days between two local nissan dealers.

    2010 Max SV w/ sports package
    $1,000 out of pocket at signing
    MSRP: 35930
    Invoice: 32870
    Negotiated price: 32870
    15,000 miles/yr
    $393/month payment

    They're telling me they're at invoice, can't possibly go any lower and are only selling this to get to a goal of total units sold. Good deal or should I fight for a cheaper payment? I have a very hard time believing i'm truly at invoice...where do they make their money then? can't be just on future hopes for service.
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