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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Lease Questions



  • sandianasandiana Posts: 27
    I posted a couple times and didn't get any responses, so figured I'd at least reply to yours. You'd be upgrading from a 2.5 Altime to a 2010 3.5 Maxima SV ... is that correct? At a lower payment. If so, they are doing some MAJOR magic with their numbers, and it seems like a no brainer to me assuming there are no other hidden costs anywhere. My guess is that you may have overpaid on the Altima (your current payment seems very high for that car, IMHO, but I don't know what addt'l debt you may have rolled into it), which is how they're able to eat those costs. Sounds like a great deal compared to your current one. I've only had my Maxima SV for 2 days now, but I absolutely LOVE it. And, I was coming from a car that already had a powerful V6, etc. The difference between your 2.5 Altima and a Maxima SV is going to blow you away.
  • sandianasandiana Posts: 27
    Hi, I'm obviously not "car man" but I saw your post and wanted to let you know what my understanding is, given my personal experience this weekend. My residual (on an SV with Monitor & Cold Pkgs, plus mats & splash guards and an MSRP of $35,600) went down to 54% when I increased the mileage to 15K. Was still a great deal for me, especially since I plan to turn the car in vs. purchase when my lease is up.
  • sandiana.
    yes i lease the altima now and it doesnt come due till january and would be now leasing a 3.5 maxima sv.

    i did overpay on the altima and i rolled some debt into that payment. i just want to make sure i am not rolling more debt again into the maxima. i jsut want to be 'free'. what i was getting at was if i did wait, would my payments for the same car be much lower than what they are quoting?

    thanks for the help!
  • sandianasandiana Posts: 27
    Yeah, I would think that they're definitely rolling that debt into the new/proposed lease. I just leased an SV with an MSRP of $35,600 -- I put down $3,000 and my payment (39 months @ 15K miles/yr) is exactly $315.00 with top-tier credit. That was with paying $712 under invoice PLUS getting another $2,000 in rebates ... so getting it for $2,712 below invoice. Your payments would certainly be lower if you waited, assuming similar incentives/rebates are being offered at that time.
  • sandianasandiana Posts: 27
    I should have clarified ... it does seem like they have to be eating SOME of the outstanding lease to get you into so much nicer of a car and for your payment to go down, but I can't imagine that they are eating it ALL. If you plan to continue leasing as the years go on, it seems like a good deal. If not, and you truly want to be "free", buying a car and keeping it til it's paid off is obviously the only way to do that ;o)
  • the MSRP on mine is $39K. the car is loaded with everything except the premium package. i would be putting zero down except first month payment and few other fees ~ 800. do you think the payments will be much lower if i wait? the risks are will the rebates still be available and will the '11 lease for a little more than the '10s.
  • sandianasandiana Posts: 27
    With basically nothing out of pocket, that honestly sounds like a killer deal to me. It's always a little bit of a gamble, as there's no guarantee there will be as good of incentives come January -- they could be better, they could be worse -- so, I would say that as long as you're absolutey sure you want to lease your next car vs. turning it in and buying in '11, I would go for it! I don't see any downside, given the info available.
  • eka1eka1 Posts: 28
    Why you keep on saying you love your Maxima. Last time I checked a car doesn't love to back. Unless your a little on the ......... side
  • eka1eka1 Posts: 28
    Good Luck with your car, but why you keep on saying you love your Max
  • siraskalotsiraskalot Posts: 10
    I'm an avid reader of these forums, this is my inaugural post.

    I'm in queens NY and am looking to lease a new Maxima ASAP. After serious discussions with the dealer my final offer was as follows.

    '10 Maxima SV with premium/tech &spoiler

    39month lease 12k 55%residual .00100 MF

    MSRP 39,950 Neg Price was 35,500
    1500 down off my trade + 430 first month/registration fee =1930

    395/month thereafter any thoughts? Should I continue shopping? I'm supposed to sign the paperwork tomorrow

    Thank you all in advance!
  • sweeney4sweeney4 Posts: 17
    I think it is a reasonable price - you might be able to do approx $10 per month better but the $395 price per month is fair.
    I assumed that includes all fees rolled in?
  • premi package too? or just sport/ tech/ winter? how much are you putting down?
  • siraskalotsiraskalot Posts: 10
    They are taking the 500 from my trade toward the bank fees. Essentially I was getting 2k for my trade. Pull the trigger?
  • siraskalotsiraskalot Posts: 10
    No Sport, Premi/Tech Package w/ spoiler added.
  • siraskalotsiraskalot Posts: 10
    edited June 2010
    Ok the deal is sealed and is as follows... Feedback is definitely appreciated!

    2010 Maxima SV, with Pemium Package, Tech Package and Factory Spoiler.
    MSRP 39,950
    Adj Cap Cost 34,414 (includes 1500 nissan rebate)
    55% residual(NY), .001 MF
    $2375 out of pocket (incl trade) covers fees first month etc.

    Monthly Payment $375/ 39 months, 12k

    Any thoughts on this deal?
  • asd302asd302 Posts: 20
    MSRP $39950
    Base cap $34650
    Rebates -$2250
    ADJ CAP $32400
    residual 54% $21573
    MF .00100
    9% pa lease tax
    Payment is $363 tax in, with $600 due at signing
    This is for a loaded SV Premium/Tech in Crimson Black
  • ogstewogstew Posts: 12
    Same exact MSRP and color as mine. i dont have premium but I do have the sports package, I put 1k at signing plus first month...395 a month is what I pay and I think I got a good deal...your 363 is one of the best Ive seen in this forum
  • bike350bike350 Posts: 1
    This is a great deal
    Can you share dealer and sales person?

    I was just given $395 for same car and 36 months with $2500 out of pocket and a $2000 rebate
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 58
    hello i am trying to return my leased 08 altima which still has 9 payments total of $2500 and get into a 10 maxima s with basic options. i have shopped around and the best deal i got was $339 per month with 2000 out of pocket that includes tax and fees and they pay everything with the altima. if i wait till november to get a 10 maxima while the 11 maximas are in will i get a better deal than right now. The salesperson told me the 10 maxima will have lost its residual by the end of the year. i dont believe it but please let me know what you think. thank you
  • sandianasandiana Posts: 27
    Sounds like a great deal to me! I believe I got a great deal last weekend, but yours sounds even better. My MSRP was quite a bit less -- $35,600 @ 39 mo/15K miles & same residual & MF as you. I got mine for $712 below invoice plus an addt'l $2,000 off in rebates, so $2,712 below invoice. I put down $3,000 and my payments are $315. Your deal sounds extremely hard to beat!
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