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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Lease Questions



  • lm_cincylm_cincy Posts: 11
    Went to 2 dealerships over the weekend ... loved the 2007 Maxima SL ... I drove the 2006 SL and there was such a difference - loved the new features of the '07 enough to pass on the great deals on 2006.

    The MSRP on the 2007 SL is $33465... they said unfortunately, the deals on leases were not so good... and boy did I agree, once I saw the figures.

    $547 / month for 36 months / 12K miles a year and $2,000 down

    Can you help me understand why, when it is almost the same sticker price for the 2006, is there such a discrepency - they said we could have the '06 for $357 / month - 0 money down. 36 month/$12k miles

    No way will I pay almost $550 a month for a Maxima ... but love the car. Any idea how long to wait before they will get better lease rates??

    Thank you!
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    You're lucky to even have a 2007 Max on the
    lot. Here in Tampa, the two local
    dealerships don't seem to have any yet.
    By the way, what state do you live?
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    I think I deduced from your screen name that
    you're from Ohio?
  • sgtslatesgtslate Posts: 16
    Money factors can make a huge difference. I was told an easy $80 per month increase comparing a nothing money factor like what is being offered on a 06 vs an 07 at a high money rate of like 6.5%. Plus I am guessing since it is a brand new model, they are not taking much off MSRP. if you want to be the first on the block, you have to pay the price
  • lm_cincylm_cincy Posts: 11
    YES ... from Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • toolpictoolpic Posts: 12
    just leased a 2006 3.5 maxima SE with the following

    Driver Pref pkg
    Sirius radio
    floor and trunk mats

    here are the numbers, how did i do

    15,000 miles a year for 36 months

    380 month including tax of 9% w/ 2000 down

    2000 down as follows

    380 first month pmt
    165 tags
    1335 cap reduction
    120 tax on cap cost, 9%

    sticker was $35,545 with selling price of $31,730
    i was told residual was 52% and money factor of .00004

    how did i do, could i do better have 24hrs to decide
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    toolpic, that sounds like a great deal to
    me! You just got a top-of-the-line Maxima
    SE! Enjoy your new car!
  • drthspdrdrthspdr Posts: 1
    I visited a Nissan dealer in Illinois yesterday and found a 2006 Maxima SE, MSRP of $34,895, that I am interested in leasing. I would like to lease for three years, with 15,000 miles per year. I was wondering if you could provide me with the current lease money factor and residual value percentage used by NMAC for this type of lease. Also, I was wondering if there are any current allowances or rebates applicable to leases. And last, I was wondering what you feel would be a good price for this vehicle. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  • nissan99nissan99 Posts: 3
    hey everyone,

    If anyone needs any advise before buying, or leasing a nissan. Please feel free to ask me, I'm an Internet Sales Guide in south florida, and will give you the real answers, to any of your questions.

  • nissan99nissan99 Posts: 3
    Ok I worked your lease on my computer, at the dealership, and without tax:

    Car at 31500...selling price.

    1500 down (signing inceptions)

    36 mos lease $414.69 a mos without tax.

    with 15k miles

    good luck
  • hartthartt Posts: 79
    Using June's MF (.00004) and residual (52%) provided on this forum, I come up with a monthly payment of $372.95 before tax and $395.32 after tax (6%). That is based on an MSRP of $34895 and a selling price of $31500.
    nissan99 -- Can you break down what the $1500 signing inceptions are?
  • nissan99nissan99 Posts: 3
    ok...i don't know what you are using to figure those numbers out...but i'm using a leasing progrom from Nissan leasing...

    Inceptions..include sec deposit....first monthly payment, doc fee, and tag.

    Maybe my leasing program has a different calculation that I'm not aware of cause of the state. However, there is interest involved too, and that is probably what you are missing.

  • This was recent deal in Hartford, CT

    '06 Maxima SE Black
    Splash Guards
    Floor mats
    Rear Spoiler
    MSRP = 29065
    Neg Sale Price: 25100
    Cap Cost = $338
    Lease Terms = 36 months/15K miles per year
    Residual = 54%
    Buyout: 15036
    Money Factor = .0004
    Monthly payment (includes 5% tax) = $284.56

    - $1216.00: includes first payment, Fees,taxes,Plates,Registration, Doc Fee $299 includes in above number.(No security deposit because we are previous Nissan customer)

    Trade: 2000 Dodge Intrepid 89k miles, really rough shape tons of dog hair,smells, A/C leak, rips in seats, cassette, burns oil smokes needs $1200 valve job. (we didn't tell dealer)
    The dealer offered $2500. for trade $1500. toward fees, (338 cap cost) plus cut us a check for $1000.

    Thanks for any advice.
  • lm_cincylm_cincy Posts: 11
    Any idea when they will get a good leasing program for the 2007 Maxima? Someone told me in August or September ... do you think that is true?
  • Looking lease a Maxima 2006 SL.
    Added features: Splash guards, mats
    Driver preferred pkg.
    Black color, black interior
    Live in TX and considering a 24 mo lease at 15,000 miles. What ballpark should we be in? LMK if you need additional info. Thanks
  • I am helping out a friend in Ohio who really needs our help :) :confuse: He is looking for a

    2006 Nissan Maxima SL
    Floor Mats
    Splash Guards - 4-piece, body-color
    Power Glass Sunroof

    He filled out a Credit Application today and the dealer said they would honor the Money Factor that was valid through today for a few more days.

    They said they will sell the car at $100 over Invoice no $1500 Rebate since it's a lease.

    0 Down just normal drives which should be 600 or so I am guessing?

    $31,945 MSRP
    $29,273 Sell Price
    Money Factor 000410
    36 Months 12y/r
    $387 a month if he puts down a security deposit.
    not sure the residual, does anyone know?

    Can someone help advise me if this is a good deal or what I can do to help him.

    What are the new deals out on 7/6?

    Thank you in advance for any help!
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Sandiegoshaun, that sounds like a great deal
    to me. Good luck to your friend, and you're
    a great friend to help out!
  • lm_cincylm_cincy Posts: 11
    Does anyone know what the money factor is on the new 2007 SL?

    Also, looking to find out the residual on a 36-month / 12K miles /year lease.

  • hartthartt Posts: 79
    It looks like this is the month. I will be returning my Pilot the first week in August and would like to have another vehicle before then. There are several vehicles I am interested in so I will be posting questions on the boards of the vehicles I am looking at.
    I would like to know the MF and residual on a lease for an '06 and '07 Maxima SE for 3 years with 15,000 miles a year. Could you also provide the 39 month program as well?
    Thanks for your help Car_man.

  • My wife is preapproved through NMAC for a tier 0 lease.
    What is the MF and Residual for a 2007 Maxima Elite with 15k miles per year?

    ALso, any recent selling prices for this car. My dealership plays game with in the F & I room and I cannot stand it.

    PLEASE HELP. I need a car fast! and this seems to be about the only one my wife likes that I can afford!

    Frustrated in GUlfport, MS

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