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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Lease Questions



  • azax456azax456 Posts: 18
    edited June 2010
    I don't know what my problem is. Four different, independent dealers in Phoenix have told me there is only $1000 in bonus cash available for leases right now. I think the reason your payment is so low is because all of your fee's are missing. With the acquisition, lease inception, registration, tax, document fee and all that jazz that jumps the price, at least in the deals they are offering me. How did you avoid all that?

    The latest deal I have been offered has a residual value of $21,972 (few hundred difference from yours), MF .001, plus fee's and tax with not a PENNY down were at $493.40 I am really confused and can't figure out how there is such a difference in monthly payments.

    Did you actually close this deal? If so I would be incredibly grateful if you posted a total breakdown of the lease and all monies involved. Dealer said if I could show them a solid, legitimate deal someone else got they would take a strong look at it and see how close they can get.

    Thank you in advance!!
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 60
    hey azax456 i got one offer for $426 a month with $2000 out of pocket but what i dont understand is he showed me on his computer the negotiated price for the maxima sv at $30000 and the residual was .55 and the payments are high. why is that are they hiding other figures i dont know also the s was $10 LESS than a month and he said he was taking a hit of negative $745 on the deal does any of this make sense
  • asd302asd302 Posts: 20
    Hey guys I picked up the maxima yesterday the deal went down almost exactly like I posted earlier:

    MSRP $39950
    Base cap $34650
    Rebates -$2250
    ADJ CAP $32400
    residual 54% $21573
    MF .00100
    9% pa lease tax
    Payment is $363 tax in, with $600 due at signing

    They did try to say that they messed up and it should have only been $2000 in rebates, but they split it in the end. Ended up being $687 out of pocket and payment of $368 including tax. Unfortunately I drove the car home and then left on business so I dont have any impressions yet really
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    edited June 2010
    That's an awesome lease payment for those terms on a $40K car..

    The Maxima is just about the best deal going in leasing, right now..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    Agreed. These deals only happen every once in a while and I doubt it will happen again for the Maxima.
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 60
    ok the best deal i got from 6 different dealers is the following. $339 monthly with $2000 out of pocket including ny tax and they are paying $2735 that i still owe on my altima. i dont know the residual or money factor but its based on tier 1 credit which i have. can anyone figure out if I am paying to much. oh the maxima s basic options is the car i am looking at
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 60
    Hi Carman, can you let me know if my deal sounds right. The selling price is unknown as is the money factor or residual they told me the remainder of my payments would be paid about $2500 and i would be leasing a 10 max s with 12000 miles 39 months for 339 a month and 2000 out of pocket. the other dealers wanted more
  • sandianasandiana Posts: 27
    edited July 2010
    Hi, just noticed no one had replied to you yet, so thought I'd give my two cents. The payment doesn't sound bad, but ... you have every right to know what price you're paying, as well as your money factor and residual. Personally, there's no way I'd make a deal without knowing that, as it seems impossible to determine whether or not you are getting a really good deal. Before I made my deal, I negotiated the best price I could get if I were BUYING the car (then deduct the rebates afterward). Then, I had them run the numbers based on that exact same purchase price, but as a lease. That way I was more confident in the lease deal I ended up with. Good luck!
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 60
    thank you for replying Sandiana. I appreciate your feedback. I am going to one more dealer tomorrow and will ask them to break it down for me. I could wait till december when my lease almosts ends but who knows what incentives there will be but i was also looking at getting an accord which would be cheaper but the maxima is a much nicer ride
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 60
    oh one more thing what would you say is a great sale price for the maxima s to negotiate them down to. the msrp is a little over $30000 and invoice is like $29000 or so. if i can get them to 28000 or even 27000 is that really good
  • sandianasandiana Posts: 27
    edited July 2010
    I got mine for $712 under invoice before rebates -- so, $2,712 below invoice when all was said & done -- and was happy with that. If you can get even more off before they deduct the rebates, I'd say that's awesome! (I live in the Chicago suburbs and price-shopped at least 5-6 dealers, and this was the best price I could get.)

    Oh, and here's my two cents again ... the Maxima is SO fun to drive (have had mine for less than 2 weeks so far and think it's an absolute blast to drive), that my guess is that once you drive them both you won't even seriously consider the Accord :o)

    This site may be helpful, you can put in your zip code and see what people in your area have supposedly paid:
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 60
    ok guys just got back from dealer i brought them a ad for a 10 maxima s $219 month with just taxes dmv and plate fees nothing else. i owe $2500 on my lease of which they will pay and that brought it up to $290 with 1700 out of pocketand 12000miles to cover taxes and dmv plates. They waived the destination and dealer prep because it was 2800 down but i got them to drop it. now it sounds good right? but he told me that this is a special program and in the fine print it say primary dealer financed meaning nmac but he said it first has to go through the secondary leasing company to get the good deal and then it would be switched to nmac however i have not spoken to financial manager and will meet tomorrow. I am afraid they will tell me to stay with the secondary or pay more to get nmac they like to up the price. what do you guys think? i was paying 279 a month for my base altima with $700 out of pocket now i am getting a more expensive car and paying $11 more with $1700 out of pocket so it sounds good but what are the cons if i have to go with a secondary leasing company
  • bdworkinbdworkin Posts: 3
    I was looking at the Mazda 6 for my wife. She went to see it again and did not like it. She had been in my buddy's Maxima and really liked it. Went to his dealer and was looking at a 2010 Maxima SV with Monitor and Cold package. We wanted a 39 month lease with 12,000 miles a year. Of course she wanted Ocean Gray which they did not have. They did locate it with a spoiler which she likes. The lease is nothing out of pocket, sign and drive at $458 per month. Supposed to pick it up tomorrow. So far so good.
  • carzcarz Posts: 20
    edited July 2010
    I got a call from my Nissan dealer in NYC about getting out of my lease early. I had 4 payments left on my 6th Maxima an 07 SE. My lease payment was $409.00 had everything but GPS. The payment included all fee's and taxes. Nissan has a program called Pull a Head. This program is for people whose lease becomes due by the end of January 2011. Nissan will waive 3 of the payments, so for me this was perfect.

    I went to the dealer today and ended up with a new Max SV lease, 39 months, 12,000 miles. My payments will be $331.00+$500 down (lease payments include all taxes and fees) NMAC waives 3 and dealer pays 1 of my 4 payments. Will find out tomorrow what color I end up with, Blk, Crimson Blk or Ocean Gray. I was stunned that 3 years later I could pay $78.00 less for a well equipped SV. I could of had the SV w/ Sport Pkg (Crimson Blk, sticker $36,500) for $343.00+$500 down. In the end the SV was fine. It seems that Nissan is offering all sorts of July 4th lease incentives to the dealers till tomorrow July 6. Timing was everything in this case. The car is configured as:
    Max SV $35,280
    Cold Pkg
    Floor Mats
    Mud guards
  • dougmattdougmatt Posts: 3
    Hit 2 dealers north of NYC today to lease an SV with cold package. 1st one $419 with 1st month payment down. 2nd dealer $402 with $0 down with spoiler added. Got offered a purchase price of $30700 and 0% for 60 months. Unfortunately it's just too big of a nut to crack for me right now.
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 60
    hey carz i tried calling nmac to see if i qualify and i missed the pull ahead program by a month it ends in january but i also got screwed by the dealership. the salesman tells me i would get a maxima s for $290 $1800 out of pocket but as soon as i met with finance manager things changed to $320 a month with nmac or $290 with a secondary bank but i dont trust the secondary bank plus my insurance will go up. I thought i would get the deal with nmac so i walked out. it was the best offer out of 6 dealers but i think i will wait till my lease is up by then i should get it for under $300 with minimal down
  • carzcarz Posts: 20
    edited July 2010
    I just got an SV on July 5th, with the Cold Pkg, Spoiler, Floor mats, Splash Guards, for $331.00 + $500.00 down. The dealer is in Queens, NY. Nissan is offering hugh leasing incentives and I hear they are extending them till the end of July. They were suppose to end July 6th and were originally offered for the July 4 weekend.
  • carzcarz Posts: 20
    edited July 2010
    The Pull Ahead program is now in place. I took advantage of it. This is how it works, if your lease is up by the end of January 2011, NMAC will pay 3 of your lease payments, you pay the rest and you are out of your lease. You have to re-up with Nissan to get this. I had 4 payments, NMAC waived 3 the dealer paid off the the 4th. With the heavy lease incentives in place the deals are out there. I could of had the SV with Sports Pkg, Spoiler, Mats and Spalsh Guards for $343.00 + $500.00 down, but decided to stay with the SV, Spoiler, Mats and Splash Guards for $331.00+$500.00. I thought the ride of 19" wheels on the Sport pkg was a little rough and concerned I would dent them on the NYC streets. The 18" wheels worked for me.
  • dougmattdougmatt Posts: 3
    Got an SV with Cold pkg, Monitor pkg, mats, splash guards and emergency kit with 15k miles per year for $365 with $0 down right at the end of the day on July 6. My target was $350 but couldn't get there. I think I could have gotten there with some more work but was just tired of the whole process coupled with the fact that someone ran into my 05 Max that morning and it has to go into the body shop I gave up and took their offer.
  • sandianasandiana Posts: 27
    edited July 2010
    Let me be the first to tell you that you got a great deal. Mine is equipped the same (minus emergency kit) and I put down $3K ... my payment is $315 @ 15K miles. Assuming you didn't pay them a penny out of pocket for tax, fees, etc. at signing, you came out around $1,000 less than me. Good for you!
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