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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Lease Questions



  • Hi this is my first time posting. I haves deal I am supposed to take tomorrow and want to know what you think: it is for a black on black 2010 maxima sv with premium package, tech package,navigation package. It is a lease for 39 months with 15k miles a year allowed. I have to put 4000 down and that covers everything except 150 DMV fee. And my monthly payments are $285 a month. Is that good? Please reply as soon as possible since I don't have much time. Thank you!!
  • sandianasandiana Posts: 27
    Sounds like a very good deal to me :o)
  • fsrtwofsrtwo Posts: 3
    Does anybody know the lease rates, money factor, & rebates for a 2010 Maxima?
  • dougmattdougmatt Posts: 3
    I just paid the 1st month's payment and DMV fees( around $180 here in NY) at delivery.
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 58
    The 285 per month does sound good especially for a fully loaded maxima but I would not put down 4000 because if it gets into a accident or stolen you lose your 4000 and start from scratch I rather pay a little more per month. Does anybody know if leasing through secondary bank is a bad idea and reasons why. It seems like I could get a great deal on a maxima s base but I am a little hesitant
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 58
    Can anyone tell me whether I should pull the trigger on this deal. After going to several dealers this dealer in nj gave me the best deal on a 10 maxima s. I have a lease with 8 payments left they will pay off and with $1700 out of pocket including taxes fees and everything else with a $309 monthly payment. 39 months couldnt get 36. I dont know the residual money factor or selling price and honestly all 5 dealers i went to either play dumb when i inquire or just wont give me those numbers so i cant figure out how everybody is getting them and i do ask for them
  • sandianasandiana Posts: 27
    Without knowing the MSRP, I think it'll be hard for anyone to determine whether or not this is a good deal. Also, you have every right to know the price of the car, the residual value & your money factor. Personally, there's no way I'd make a deal without knowing all of those numbers.
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 58
    I'm going down tomorrow to get the info but the msrp is a little over 31000 on the max s. Now the same dealer wanted 339 a month with $2500 down a month ago and they called me to tell me about lowering the price which is a lot better. I have looked at a lot of posts and nobody has gotten the maxima for under $300 and I'm at $309 so its gotta be a good deal
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 603

    I would ask the dealer to email you their LEASE WORKSHEET. This is a computer generated document that will tell you everything you want to know and, then, some. The beauty of this document is that it doesn't lie. There is absolutely no reason for the dealer to refuse to provide this doc. If they do, run; don't walk.

    If you like, you can email me this document at

    and I'll be happy to analyze it for you.

  • mook12mook12 Posts: 58
    ok thank you delta737h i will ask them to email the lease worksheet today and get back to you.
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 58
    well, they refused to email the lease sheet so i refused to do the deal. thanks to everyone for helping me and I believe if i wait for my 8 months to be over i might get a little better of a deal. there has to be a way to get a basic maxima for under $300 with $1000 - $1500 out of pocket. I am close to this number now but they are rolling over 5 of 8 payments and nmac is eating up the remainding 3 so patience is going to be my virtue. thanks again everybody and enjoy your maxima's
  • gtraubgtraub Posts: 1
    Looking for the current money factors, residual with 15k miles, etc. for a 2010 maxima premium+ tech package in FL.

    Thanks in advance!
  • can you tell me what dealer in Queens please??
  • mezomezo Posts: 6
    edited July 2010
    i just wanna thank you guys for ur help i just signed for my 2010 maxima, Sports+technology. thats with every option out there msrp 39320. leased it for 39 mo 15k/yr $375 tax included. i live in michigan
  • azax456azax456 Posts: 18
    Hi Mezo - How much did you put down to get tot that monthly payment?

  • mezomezo Posts: 6
    $0 just paid first month pmt and registeration fees etc.. came up to $605
  • gs42gs42 Posts: 54
    Excellent deal. What is the residual buyout at the end, please?
  • azax456azax456 Posts: 18
    Wow! I am in active negotiations on that exact car right now. Would you mind providing some numbers, such as residual amount, money factor, MSRP, selling price, rebates, dealer options, tax etc... Feel free to email me at azax456 @

    Dealer said if I can bring them some numbers of a deal someone else got they will do everything they can to match it. Thank you!!!!!!
  • mezomezo Posts: 6
    edited July 2010
    MSRP 39320
    Purchase Price (negociated Price) 35198.02
    Cap Cost Reduction:3048.44
    Rebates: 3000
    Cash to Be paid:604.33
    Residual Value/buy out:20007.30
    39 mo 15K/yr
    375.84 monthly Payment
  • mook12mook12 Posts: 58
    wow great deal i got a deal pending for a maxima s. its $300 per month with $1700 out of pocket and they are rolling about $2000 into the payment cause i am turning my altima in early. would you guys do this deal. the dealership said they are taking a loss and i am getting the car below dealer cost but i dont believe it
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