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2013 and earlier Nissan Maxima Lease Questions



  • In reading some of the posts here, I found that the Residual is 54-55% on a 2011 Nissan Maxima SV with Premium Package on a 39 month 15,000 Lease with a 0.00022 MF.

    The reason I ask is because on a car with an MSRP: $39,250 I did a Lease on Monday and was told the Residual is $21,985 which indeed comes out to 56%.

    However I was called back to the dealership 4 days later to resign paperwork because the "dealership made an error" and the Residual on that car is actually 52%?

    So I wanted to ask, which one is it? 52% or 56%??

    Obviously, with a lower Residual, you payment goes up. However, I was able to get the dealership to match the same payment by lowering the price on the car by close to $1500 and lowering the MF from 0.00022 to 0.00004 (0.10% APR, total Rent Charge on Lease = $86)

    So in the end it worked out well for me. But this seems highly unusual, I have done plenty of leases in the past and am surprised a dealership would make this type of a mistake.

    That and I have never seen 52% Residuals mentioned on this board! Thanks for clarifying!
  • I have been shopping the Maxima SV Premium package in NY and have gotten a residual of 52% for 15,000 miles and 53% for 12,000 miles with a money factor of .00004/0.10% at several dealers.
    These have all been for a 39 month leases. What concerns me is that Nissan's warranty is only for 36 months so I am on my own in terms of warranty coverage for the last 3 months. Opinions?
  • Just signed a lease deal for a 2011 Maxima S in NJ. Had a trade in for $6500, so with that as a down payment I was able to get $185/month for 39 months. Total payments including tax,title, etc came to $13400 for the lease term. I was also pricing a base accord and passat and this deal was just 1500 over 3 years more so it made sense with all the standard features maxima had.

    A little jealous some of you were able to get the premium versions for $30/$40/month more but I really didn't need the extra frills. This is mostly a drive 20 minutes to work car.
  • Where is Car_Man???
  • Ugh! Wish I could buy a billboard outside their showroom to simply encourage buyers to 'run.' I had a very bad experience here back in 2002 when the Altima had first been restyled. Long story short, I walked out of that dealership, drove across the VNB and purchased my new Nissan from SI Nissan. Just leased a Maxima yesterday at SI and talked about that experience 9 years ago. Suggest you do not take your auto to Bay Ridge for service for anything other than routine maintenance. Crooks in that category, as well. Your lease deal does not seem optimal, but don't know all the facts. But if instincts tell you something's not right, based on your dealer, I'd be inclined to agree that you're smelling a rat.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 262
    Just curious, do you work fo SI Nissan? Bay Ridge guys are crooks but SI Nissan are as bad as their Broooklyn counterparts.
  • The 52% residual value that you were subsequently quoted is indeed correct. It sounds like an expensive mistake on the dealership's part if they're lowering your car's price enough to make up the difference.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Of course, I do not work there. But I just leased my 4th Nissan from them and haven't a complaint to make - including my impression of their fair dealing. I can conclude that the buying process for big ticket items like a new car is sure to leave anyone skeptical. I get it.
  • I am looking into a 2011 Maxima SV with msrp of $36,645. I want to make an offer, was thinking of $33,000. Is this good or should I go lower?
  • gs42gs42 Posts: 54
    Truecar would indicate a couple thousand lower will fly in most areas, check it out.
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 138
    I have seen 2011 Maximas advertised at 6-7 thousand below MSRP.
  • Thanks. I tried $32k, but got them to agree to the $33k with $2k in rebates, $3k down, 53% residual and .00004. Final payment was $270 for 39 months (12k miles). Not too bad in my opinion. Great site. Thanks for the advice and help here!
  • Offer way lower, I leased a 2011 SV with monitor and cold package end of July that stickered at $36,500. Got price down to $28,500. $284 a mo with $500 due at signing for first mo payment and plates. If they offer less than 7k off, your not getting a good deal (Ive heard people getting 10k off)...
  • Hey Guys:
    I am a proud altima 3.5 user and loved the car by putting 110k miles and it still runs like new, it just I am little board with it so now I am ready for maxima.
    after getting all the inspirations from you guys,I went to my local dealer where I purchased my altima and after a long discussion he offered me $32500 for 3.5 SV with tech and premium package( fully loded).

    I do lots of miles ( 110 a day average) but here is my calculation that I lease maxima fully loaded and trade my altima for $10,000+ and keep that money saved, and when my lease is over I use that 10k to buy that maxima by paying full money in 1 go.

    My question is to all you genius :

    1. Am I getting the good deals in $32500 ( I think Yes )
    2. is it right calculation to keep my trade in money saved and later use it to buy the maxima when lease gets over.

    at that end I once againI thank you all, for sharing your great experience and guidance.

    ps: I am not good at writing so pardon my mistakes.
  • Can you email me that spreadsheet to please

  • HEy just wanted to tell the deal i got
    1269 out of pocket with taxes and fees included
    324 a month with 12k miles for 39 months

    includes cold package and monitor package
  • dieseldan9dieseldan9 Posts: 12
    edited October 2011
    looking to buy a maxima TOMORROW what are the residuals and money factors?

    Also what are the credit scores for each TIER?

    Are we getting 2500 incentive on LEASE???

    true car says 30,029 for a SV with sport package

    thank you
  • i have a conditional deal on a new 2012 39month lease SV w/premium & tech for $37K, $2500 down and $400 a month, 12K miles a year. I put $500 down tonight to hold the car, with the condition being "if with my insurance turns out to be too much for me a month i can opt out". I just did a Geico quote and it came out to be $204... Is all of this good?? Also, that deal includes my VPP discount and any incentives.

    Can i do better on a 2012????

    Or try for a new 2011 with the same goodies????

    I'm 22, fresh out of college and this is my first car, so any input would help! Thanks, i greatly appreciate it.

    My intentions today were just to get a price quote, but i ended up with a conditional agreement. I am/was shopping the CPO market on Max's 09 and up. Should i stick to that plan, with this being my first car? Or am i getting a good enough deal?
  • Where are you located. This seems high to me. I leased a 2010 without tech package but with everything else, zero down, $350 month w/out tax...
  • I'm located in westchester county, ny... More specifically mount Vernon, ny... This deal was at central ave Nissan, yonkers, ny
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