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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Lease Questions



  • apa1128apa1128 Posts: 11
    I currently have the Sequoia listed on Lease Trader and Auto Trader. Not getting much activity on either. There are two reasons why I am trying to unload the Sequoia. One, the seat kills my already bad back. The lumbar is in the wrong place for my frame (I'm 5'4). It is very difficult to drive in excruciating pain every day. And, my husband just purchased a double cab truck, and we simply do not need 2 big trucks. At this point, I guess I'm just going to have to wait, and be in pain every time I drive. The Murano is the right size, and the seat fits my frame.
    I have emailed the dealer I was working with asking him about my numbers vs. his, and have not heard from him yet. I will be sure to post his response when/if I receive it. Also, out of the 3 local dealers, he was the best one as far as trade value, and willing to work with me. The rest pretty much said 'no deal' and low-balled the Sequoia.
  • Hi Car man,

    I was hoping you could tell me if this seems like a reasonable lease offer. This is what the dealer e-mailed me:

    2006 Nissan Murano SL FWD in Super Black with Charcoal leather interior

    -cargo area protector
    -floor mats
    -SL leather / sunroof package
    -splash guards

    List Price $33,595, your SALE PRICE $30,147.

    39 month lease, 12,000 miles per year, $721.35 total due at lease inception and your payment is $375.04 plus tax. The residual at the end of the lease is $17,133.45.

    He did not give me the Money Factor, but according to the interest rate is 2.078% if I worked that out correctly. Not sure how that translates into the Money Factor.

    So is this a good deal? This would be my first lease, but it seems pretty decent. Thanks for your input.
  • Hi clueless. The lease money factor that you were quoted for the Murano that you are interested in is right in line with Nissan's current lease program for it. This is always a good sign. I would be happy to give you my opinion on this deal, but it would be a big help if you were able to provide me with this truck's selling price first. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. If you tell me what this vehicle's selling price is, I can tell you if it is attractive and can use it to calculate what your monthly payment should be to double check what you were quoted.

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  • Jamriman, I am sorry that you did not have a pleasant shopping experience. The dealer really wasn't being sleazy by trying to charge an acquisition fee on your lease. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp., Nissan's captive finance company, charges an acquisition fee of $550 on every vehicle that it leases. You can either pay this fee at lease signing or add it into your vehicle's capitalized cost. The dealer that you are working with did not have the authority to waive this charge, so they must have just cut the price that they were charging you for your Murano by $500. You can complain to Nissan or the dealership's manager all you want about the fact that you weren't told that there would be an acquisition fee on your lease, but unfortunately I'm not sure that they will care.

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  • Greetings prh2know. I believe that the Murano that you described has a spread of around $2,800 between its full MSRP and dealer invoice price. The selling price that you were quoted looks very attractive to me. Using the numbers that you mentioned in your post, an MSRP of $33,595 and a selling price of $30,147, I estimate that this truck's 39 month, 12,000 mile per year zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $361. If the payment that you were quoted includes sales tax, it's probably pretty close to what I came up with and this is a very good deal. In case you are interested, NMAC's buy rate money factor for a 39 month lease of this truck is .00057.

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  • Looking to lease a 2006 Murano S.
    I have been offered the following:
    Sticker Price $28485
    Cap cost including $550 acquisition $26475
    Residual $14527
    Monthly pyt $329 for 39 mos 12000 mi per year
    nothing down just first months payment of $329 (does not include tax) Dealer says this is the best he can do.
    What do you think Mr. Car Man?
    I really like the car! Need to know soon my 2004 odyssey lease is expiring.
  • tmnjmaxtmnjmax Posts: 19
    Decent deal. That is a base Murano, but its still alot of car for 329+tax. Check out the improvements Nissan made for 2006. Better interior, quieter cabin, improved suspension and 7" color monitor. Even mpg should be an improvement over the odyssey.
  • lctcsclctcsc Posts: 5
    The car is a 2007 Murano SL 4D AWD w/ Touring Pkg. and DVD Entertainment System.
    After walking on the orig. numbers approached by Mgr. ofering a one-time coupon from Nissan for $17,000.
    Here is the deal...
    24 mo. Lease Prophet Scan
    South Carolina
    Named a "SignatureOne Lease Plan" w no security deposit.

    Customer cash/Rebate $17,807.33
    Total Cash/Rebate Equity: $17,807.33
    Inception Fees: $899.00

    Orig. MSRP $38,420.00
    MSRP Discounts: $0.00
    MSRP Adjustments: $0.00
    Adjusted MSRP: $38,420.00
    Residual value (62.0%): $23,820.40
    Annual Miles: 12,000
    Mileage Adj: =1.00% $384.20
    Adjusted residual Value: $24,204.60
    Assignment Fee: $550.00
    No up-front Tax.

    One Pay payment: $17,807.33

    I never heard of a deal like this. Is it a good legit deal?

    After hedging on the deal, I questioned about a monthly lease at these numbers and they offered 39 months @ $499.00.
    Again I hedged and walked and upon leaving the manager lowered the One Pay Payment to $16,746.34.
  • Carman, thank you for your responce!
    I'm happy to report that I got a car, and that I coudn't have done it without!!! such an informative site and this forum is one of the best! :)
    ok, so here is what I got:

    Murano SL AWD w/touring, splash guards, rails on the roof, sunroof visor. Beatiful silver color with black leather, ahhh, I LOVE IT!!!
    The dealers were very pushy, but I was strong, and I stuck to my budget! I spend 6 hours on the dealership yesterday, but it was worth it :)
    I leased it for 39 month, with $1000 down and $379/month payments, 15K miles per year :) I fought for every freaking penny. The residual value of the car is going to be 18K. They told me that the residual is calculated off the MSRP? Because by the numbers I got, looks like they sold the car for under the invoice price, if I'm wrong, please correct me.
    Anyhow, the dealers looked quit unhappy, I think because I'm a young woman, they think that I'm easy to be taken advantage of :) And i'm actually happy that my hubby didn't come with me, he wouldn't have the patience :)
    anyway, thank you again, and please tell me if I did good? :)
  • tmnjmaxtmnjmax Posts: 19
    If that includes tax and tags its one of the best deals I've seen in this forum. If not its still a very fair deal.
  • lctcsclctcsc Posts: 5
    Still waiting to hear if anyone has had a lease deal that i described in message #272.... Not sure if this is a good deal or not????
  • tmnjmaxtmnjmax Posts: 19
    Tough to evaluate without price of car, interest rate etc.,
    also the residual looks very high at 63%. It looks like theres about $2500. in rent charges built into that lump sum assuming the residual is correct.

    The only thing you really know is that the lump sum equates to about $429./ month when you divide by 39 and that does sound good for a 39k car. However you have to consider that you'll be losing about $75./month in income on the lump sum money(assuming you invested it at 5% interest). Have the dealer provide full details and repost-I'll bet you get alot more responses.
  • lctcsclctcsc Posts: 5
    Thank you for getting back to me.
    I am very reluctant to shell out a one-time lump sum on a lease. seems to defeat the purpose of a lease program to begin with.
    This sounds more like an "Open-End" lease, in fact the dealer said there are no more closed end leases.
    I agree, if I can get the same deal. Closed-End lease at $429/ mo. for 39 mos. It will be a good deal for that car!

    I will let you know and appreciate any further responses.
  • Carman,
    I am looking at leasing a 2006 SL Murano with leather package. From looking at Edmunds I saw that I shouldn't pay more than $31,428 ($34,050 MSRP). The problem is that I am currently leasing a 2004 Honda Accord EX V6 fully loaded (no navigation system) for $303 a month and the lease ends in June. It is a 36 month lease and I have 15k miles a year, with 40,200 on it now. My buyout is $16.8k. I have 7 payments left. The dealer I talked to offered a selling price of $31.9k for the Murano he said he would waive the security deposit but claimed the market value of my Honda is $13k. When I looked at your site it says that I can expect $17,267 for my trade-in and the dealer retail would be $19,775. That being said, he said he could get me into the vehicle for between $449-459 a month, no money down. I could put $1k - $1.5k down but would prefer not to. I would like to have a payment b/w $325-$400. Is this possible? What is your take on these numbers and what can I expect. I really want to get into the Murano soon but am pondering about waiting until I get closer to 45k in miles so I can get a few more payments in. Please help me sort through this!!
  • as I said - i only paid 1000$ out of pocket, plus for the first month payment. and that is it. :)
  • tmnjmaxtmnjmax Posts: 19
    Good Job, that had to be way below invoice. What was the MSRP on the car?
  • Hi car_man.

    I just received this quote from me Nissan dealer. Do you think it is competitive? I was hoping to get into the $400 dollar a month territory including tax. I am turning in an 03 Pathfinder that is leased through Nissan.

    AWD SL with Touring package.
    39 month 15K=427.27 + TAX
    799.77 d.o.d
    sale price 33476
    msrp 36335

    Thanks for your help.

  • Matt,
    For reference, Edmunds lists the Invoice/Others are Paying at:
    Invoice Others Paying
    $33,222 $33,489.

    I just closed a lease (SL-AWD, Sunroof Pack) for $30900 (~$900 less than what is listed for others paying). I would try to get a bit lower. In my area there are 125 06's with the touring package available - odds are on your side.


  • I was just offered a deal of 39 month lease at 429/month 0 down, 12k miles and 19,000 to buy at lease end
    it was a murano sl awd with the touring package. I walked away because this is my first time and I am hesitant. Was I stupid?
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Well not being informed isn't stupid! ;)

    That seems to be a pretty good deal, going by what others are posting here....maybe others know of better ones to be had?
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