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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Lease Questions



  • I too have been considering leasing the '09 Murano but I have been toatlly turned off by the lack of reasonable deals out there. I have now turned my sights on the Infiniti EX35 or FX35. With Infiniti the money factors are excellent as are the residuals and there is more negotiating room on price. More car for less money.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    Regarding the lack of Nissan deals on the 09 Murano, why would they, they are selling every since one of them.

    Regarding the EX, yes Nissan (opps Infiniti) has deals on them because they aren't selling as well. A fully loaded Murano is less then a EX, its bigger, and rides betters. the FX get a redo in 09....
  • You're right...the lease deals on the Murano are poor. Also, keep in mind the lease deals are better on the SL than the LE (the residual on the LE is lower than a less expensive SL).

    My lease on my '04 Murano is up in April, but you can get an Acura MDX for a slightly higher payment than the SL and lower payment than the LE. In addition, with 15K mi/yr I get a full warranty with the Acura, but not with Nissan. However, the gas mileage appears to be quite a bit worse on the MDX.

    Don't kid yourself...all cars are not selling very well...even the Murano. If you are willing to buy you can get a good price, but Nissan is not willing to push the leases so soon after the release of the new styling.

    Drove the Ford Edge, but it is not the same. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • synsatsynsat Posts: 7
    Hi Car_man, thought I'd give you some info on what I thought was a pretty good lease deal I got on Saturday for an 07 SL FWD Murano with SL Touring Pkg with XM, mats, splash guards, cargo protector, and sunroof deflector. List $35,540. Agreed upon price was invoice less $800 or $31,694. MF of 0.00016 and residual of 46%; 12k/yr for 39 months. Zero down (I have listened to you before on this point). Being in TX, the best part was Nissan paid the tax. My only cost was first payment of $428.98. So, from my perspective, what I read earlier about deals being had on the 07's is true. Hope this helps others looking and not wanting to spend more on an 09. The 07 is still a great drive.
  • techdudetechdude Posts: 87
    I am debating between the 09 Murano and 08 RDX. I will be leasing and i can lease the rdx for no money down for 36months/12k for less than $500, including tax. I just got this quote from a local Nissan dealer for the Murano...

    09 Murano SL AWD with Leather, Tech, Premium and Moonroof packages. Also based on no money down and 12,000 miles/year.

    A 36 month lease is going to be $649.39/month and 1st payment due at signing.

    Is it just me or is something wrong with these numbers? Don't get me wrong the Murano is a nice vehicle, but it's not $650/ month nice. Any others out there with better pricing for the same model and trim?
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 262
    That lease payment seems high for the Murano, even with current terrible lease deals on the '09 model. You would need to know what price the Murano was actually calculated at for the lease payment. With the current lease deal on the RDX there is an $1800 reduction from MSRP that's automatically done by the dealer and of course you can negotiate down from that.

    You should easily be able to negotiate an RDX without Nav and with no money down for under $500 a month.

    As far as the Murano goes, the interest rate (called money factor on a lease) from Nissan is around 6-7% and the residuals are quite poor, around 50% I believe.

    RDX and MDX base models both enjoy residuals for 3 yrs 36K miles of around 57-59% currently, which means you are paying for much lease of the vehicles depreciation to drive it for 3 yrs and 36K miles compared to the Nissan car.
  • The dealerships here are loaded with '09 Murano's, 60 at last check. Quality of ride is very subjective, I personally prefer that of the EX as it is a lower more car like vehicle and is a few hundred pounds lighter, gets better mpg, also.
  • You might also want to check out the Infiniti FX35, they are dealing on those right now and they have good residuals and MF's.
  • techdudetechdude Posts: 87
    Thanks for the input all. I would consider the EX if there was more cargo space. I'll probably concentrate on the RDX at this point.
  • shifter1shifter1 Posts: 7
    And thats on an SL, what would the LE be, $700.+ I am in the same boat, i am crossed between the murano and the rdx. I just wish the rear seats in the rdx reclined and the rdx had some smoother lines, not so jeep looking.
  • techdudetechdude Posts: 87
    I hear that. I prefer the room inside the murano over the rdx. Both are luxurious inside and the i'm not a big fan of the exterior of both, but since both fit the bill for us and within our budget, we'll have to pick one. My wife is expecting soon and I just don't have the time to wait for newer models to come out or for the pricing to drop. I'll probably give it another month before I pull the trigger on the RDX, but I wonder if better deals would be available closer to Memorial day. Good luck with your decision.
  • ttpilotttpilot Posts: 3
    Hi, we are looking at a 2009 Murano LE, MSRP is $39,920 but the dealer will take $37,500.

    Is this a reasonable price? What would good ballpark lease numbers look like, for, say, a 36 or 48 month lease? Zero down is the way to go?

    Thanks for helping the newbie!
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 262
    The new '09 Murano is a poor lease choice at the moment due to low resale value (residual) and high money factor (interest rate) from Nissan. Even at invoice price the monthly lease payment on an LE will be over $600 a month. There are many other upscale mid-size SUVs with much lower monthly lease payment.

    If you are really interested in the Murano you might consider purchasing it instead of leasing it, since you will likely get a better interest rate.
  • ttpilotttpilot Posts: 3
    Hi, and thanks very much for the quick reply.

    Actually, we just got back from the dealer. They made us this offer:

    2009 Murano LE AWD
    48 month lease
    15,000 miles/year
    Money factor .00270
    MSRP $40,205
    Residual $16,886 (42%)
    Drive away cost $2000
    Monthly payment $589 including tax

    So, as far as leases on Muranos (Muranoes?) go, do you think this is this a relatively good deal? Or are we still better off to buy? This is mainly going to be used as a business vehicle, and I've been told there's generally a tax advantage to leasing.

  • ttpilotttpilot Posts: 3
    Oh, perhaps I should also mention:

    Another dealer has an almost identical Murano and has given us this offer on a purchase:

    2009 Murano LE AWD
    MSRP $39,920
    Selling price $37,500
    APR 5.09%
    60 months
    Down $14,885
    Monthly $500

    How would you say this stacks up against the other dealer's lease offer?

    Sorry for all the questions, still learning about this. I appreciate your help!
  • mikefurmmikefurm Posts: 6
    Hi, Car Man
    On 2-27-08 I posted a question (Post # 660) regarding 09 Murano lease calculations
    It was partially answered and then I added more info (see Post # 687 from 3-13-08).
    Is it possible to get your opinion on lease calculations made by the dealer
    versus my calculations in which I used method recomended by several on-line sites.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi all,

    Just stumbled on this message board, and it looks awesome! I am relatively ignorant on leases currently, even though I'm in a lease now. My car comes up in 1 1/2 months, and I want to lease a new 09 Murano LE AWD with nav and no overhead DVD. I was offered a very ridiculous 660/month with 3k down on a 09 LE. Based on the comments on this board, money down is a bad idea. Going with this dealer's "deal" is a bad idea too.

    I have several questions:

    1. What can I lease for 500/month with no $ down? I really want the Murano LE, but I can't find anyone to give it to me for less than 600/month (checked 2 dealers so far in VA). Anyone have a dealer in DC area that will deal with me on this?

    2. I went to the Lexus dealer in VA and he offered me a 08 RX350 for 599/month. Still not in my price range. What's the best strategy for getting this lease payment down, short of paying money?

    3. Any other suggestions for a comparable car to an 09 Murano that would give me similar space/features/performance?

    I want to pull the trigger today (rainy day, last day of the quarter, etc).

    Thanks in advance,

  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 262
    When negotiating a lease the monthly payment is obviously important but you don't know if you're getting a good deal unless you understand how a lease works.

    Lease payments are derived based on the residual value of the car negotiated at the time of the lease, and the money factor, which works like an interest rate.

    To get a good lease payment you want to pick a vehicle that;

    1. Has great resale value (residual) based on the number of miles in the lease.
    2. Is being sold at or close to invoice price.
    3. Has a low money factor (triple zeros are ideal but anything under .002 is good).

    The problem with the Murano is that it has a poor residual AND it has a crappy money factor. Blame the current economic situation and value of the dollar for this. Nissan isn't willing to subsidize the Murano (yet) to make more leases happen. They also might have a more negative view of where the US economy is headed and have adjusted production accordingly.

    Now, on to vehicle choices. Nothing out there is going to have exactly the same features as the LE Murano, especially for under $40K. You need to prioritize which of those features is most important to you.

    I can tell you that the Acura RDX, MDX, Lexus RX350, etc, are all great vehicles that can be leased with no money down and payments of $400-$550 per month depending on pricing of the vehicle and what credit level you qualify for on your lease. Entry level on all of these cars would generally include heated leather seats, driver seat memory, dual (or triple) zone climate control, and many other features. The biggest feature to AVOID when leasing a vehicle is navigation, as it actually makes the residual on the car WORSE than the same car without navigation.

    Another option for you would be to buy out your car at lease end, drive it for a while longer and see if deals on the Murano sweeten in the next 6-12 months as the economy worsens. Nothing is going to motivate Nissan faster than thousands of these cars sitting unsold on their lots.

    Good luck.
  • cloudfancloudfan Posts: 1
    just leased a 09 Murano S AWD standard pkg (capitalized cost $29710, residual value $17425)
    I wish I found this thread before I signed the contract
    I got it for 399/mo for 39 months @12k miles/yr (got ripped off, right?)
    here is my question
    when I signed the contract, I paid $14xx as "sales tax" (plus first payment and some other fees with no money down, total $36xx)
    does it mean I've paid all the sales tax for all my monthly payments? (i.e. only pay 399/mo without tax?)
    thanx in advance

    just thought of another thing
    originally they put my financing through Han Finance(or Hann, not sure about the spelling)
    then they called me a day later saying they changed it to NMAC
    is it normal?
    thx again
  • dreggmandreggman Posts: 4
    Gregg (greggblue),

    I just started leasing a LOADED 2009 Murano LE AWD with EVERY option - moonroof, navigation, mats, cross rails, cargo protector, tire flaps, etc. We were really upset that you could not get a DVD player and the navigation system or moonroof. Tried to config online - but selecting overhead DVD greys out BOTH moon (makes sense) and navigation (does not make sense!). The dealer said it had something to do with the wiring. So we added the OEM DVD Players (INVISION) to the back of each headrest. Looks even BETTER to be honest than the factory option. So we literally have EVERYTHING in this car. (DVD NOTE: The DVD players were installed by the dealer and look amazing. Nissan considers INVISION DVD to be a NISSAN "dealer port" option. Only the dealer offers this option and they match the factory specs. INVISION items can ONLY be ordered and installed through the dealership. 3rd party companies and consumers CANNOT buy them and do it yourself. For this reason they are not considered aftermarket and convered under the NISSAN manufacturer warranty as well.)

    We got the LE with the Super Black Exterior with Beige Leather Interior. Looks great in this combination. Dark interior looked good in old model - but we thought beige interior looks better in 09s.

    Original Sticker was $40,511.00 and DVD Player was $1500.00. Cap Cost Came to $38,200.00. All this in a 42 Month Lease with 12K miles annually - $5,529 down - out of pocket (first payment - the 529-, taxes, titles, tags, etc.) and a Monthly payment of $529.00 I believe the buyout at the end of the lease is $19K and change. For a car with this many options - I believe we got a great deal. I know the DVD Players in the Headrest option was like $1500. I live in Virginia and shopped around at 6 dealers - the best we were offered in VA was $6200 down and $570 a month for the same lease - I took this deal back to the dealer where we originally leased our 04 Murano - Herb Gordon Nissan in MD and they beat it - no games and no hassle - did everything over the phone. I just showed up to pick up my car!! They gave me the model customer experience - twice! They have amazing customer service. I would obivously deal with them again in a hearbeat.

    By the way - I have also test driven the Acura, Lexus and Infiniti this year. Thought maybe it was time to leave Nissan. My parents have the lexus and i drove it in Florida for two solid weeks prior to test driving the 09 Murano. I can honestly say - money aside - I felt the 09 Murano drove and felt better than ALL OF THEM. Maybe a personal preference. But even if cost was not a factor - I felt the 09 Murano was the best one. It is a truly amazing car. Just did a road trip up to NYC recently and this car was perfect. The bluetooth was awesome for answering calls with no effort, ipod connecter was very cool for listening to our library of tunes and controlling it through the vehicle, the traffic navigation helped us avoid some major tie ups on the beltway, the dvd players were great for keeping the little happy with dora the explorer, the duel moonroofs were great for taking in the views in NYC and overall the roomy seats and great handling made for a wonderful trip!!

    I HIGHLY recommend this car.
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