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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Lease Questions



  • drumikdrumik Posts: 12
    My latest offer from Dealer
    SL 2010 AWD
    MSRP 36775
    Sale price 33438
    36 months /12,000 miles
    484 plus taxes

    Total out of pocket:2700 (taxes, plus other fees)

    Is it a good deal?
  • That is not the greatest deal. Using that MSRP and that invoice you shouldn't be paying a penny more than $420/month plus taxes and inception fees
    Using MF of 0.00199
    and residual of 52%
  • drumikdrumik Posts: 12
    2700 it's not a downpayment. It's taxes and the rest of the fees
  • I just came back from a dealer. Got same deal as you...

    For Murano SL 2010 AWD with Tech Package, MSRP: $37,000
    Sale Price: $34,518
    39 month / 12K miles
    $489 per month.
    Total out of pocket: $2,300 for taxes/fees

    Money factor is like carman quoted .00199 and 53% residual.

    Is this a good deal? I'm getting desperate here, my Murano 06 Lease is almost up (Jan. 15) and I can't afford anything more than $420 a month :(
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    Dropping the tech package will help. Also--the murano isn't the only nice midsize suv available. Mazda, VW, Honda,Toyota come to mind. Get what you can afford.
  • Hey clueless_girl,

    What region are you in? If in the NY NJ email me at I htink I may be able ot talk to the dealer who broker a sweet deal. Remember I was looking for that sweet deal. I got it. Maybe you can be the next one that I can send his way.

    Happy hunting!!!
  • Currently leasing a 2007 Murano SL and lease ends June 2nd. Paying $499/month. Looking now so I'm not under the gun to make rash decision. Went to Nissan dealership in Nassau County, Long Island. Told them I'd want to lease a 2010 Murano SL, but for less than my current $499/month payment. Their first "offer" was $626/month. Comical. They finally offered $499/month, but I'm confident they can do better. Based on what I've read here and using the lease calculation for an earlier post, I think $450/month is reasonable.

    MSRP - $36,110
    Sale price - $31,922 (includes leather, premium and moonroof packages, $800 destination charge)
    Residual - $19,138
    Money Factor - 0.00199
    39 Months
    12,000 Miles

    My lease calculation is $429/month. They're sticking to $499/month. Think $450/month is reasonable, but would love to hear other thoughts.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    There are bank fees and acquisition fees that need to be accounted for.
  • Hi cutco760, i'm in NY/NJ area. Your email address is not working. Please let me know how can I contact you.
  • True. I didn't factor that in. Ended up getting it for $482/month. Up-front money was $718 (1st month's payment + registration and dealer fees). All in all, I'm happy with the deal.
  • I assume that $482/month does not include taxes? I'm thinking your monthly payment is around $510 is that right? I'm trying to use it as a benchmark when I deal.
  • Hey my apologies. Try it
  • very strange since quite a few emails got through this weekend from people on edmunds and 3 of them ended up buying.

    Let me now what your status is since today is the last day. I am sorry that I just saw your memo.
  • Went to Massapequa Nissan in Long Island and had the same happen to me. The guy told me I wanted more car for less. I told him that I was not willing o pay $446 for the car again and was looking at $430. I walked way. Got the 10' AWD SL Leather/Moonroof for $430 from another dealer in NJ. My price was exactly around what you are looking for. I refuse to pay over $440 for a car that is not Lexus/BMW or Acura. Got my deal and I am fully happy. Feel free to email me at if you have not done any deals yet.
  • I am leasing a 2007 Murano SL AWD with the keyless package, leather, moonroof, no dvd or navigation system. Paying $360/month. paid upfront sales tax, acq fee, first months payment, DMV fees. paid about $3200 out the door. This was with an adjusted Cap cost of around $31k. You are paying way too much at $400 plus for this car. The deals should be the same for the 2010 Murano SL without the Navigation or DVD system. Assuming you get the leather, moonroof, premium, tech package, 39 months and 12k a year. This deal was done at a Long Island dealership.
  • "ou are paying way too much at $400 plus for this car. The deals should be the same for the 2010 Murano SL without the Navigation or DVD system." If the deal be the same why didn't the LI dealer offered you a 2010? The reason is that its not the same. The thing is that a 2010 with zero miles on the ODO will command higher attention than a 2007 with at least 15K miles on it. In the end I am paying $4000 more than you over 39 months, but again in 39 months the 2 cars will be more than $4k apart. In fact I doubt that anyone who logs into this site will not payments or money down close to yours on a 2010 with comparable packages. In fact I will even say that nobody will get a payment for $400 on a 2010 SL with no options and $3200 down. I went to 7 dealers and the closest payment I got on a base SL was get this $446.97 & $4500 down that was Massapequa in LI. I did trade my 2007 AWD S with 17K miles for $18K to lessen the taxes. I guess the $18K was under valued as well. If you can find a similar 2010 SL for $400 or less let me know and I will buy it, better yet if you can find me a base SL (which is what I wanted initial) for $400 I will take it. The fact is that no dealer in the NE will give that deal on a 2010 SL. Now on a 2007 I think paying $360 may be a bit much, I have driven both cars and I know which one is the better ride, I am sure similar owners like me who drove both will tell you the same. Saying that a buyer can get a 2010 SL with the moonroof package around $400 is "way too much" to quote you. I am sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but if you could get this same deal on a 2010 why didn't you? Based on my expience, I could have gotten a lesser payment amount on a 2007.
  • Currently leasing an 06 SL and now looking to lease a '10 SL with tech pkg, no moonroof. Can you tell me the money factors and residuals for Florida for a 12K and 15K lease?

    Also, any ideas if numbers will be better in Feb or March than they are now?

  • Greetings jaxbuyer. Here's the information that you're looking for.

    Nissan Motors Acceptance Corp.'s January buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Murano SL 2WD with 15,000 miles per year are .00182 and 51%, respectively.

    It's difficult to say what Nissan's March numbers will be like. Typically manufacturers ease off of their support a little bit at the beginning of the year after blowing out a ton of vehicles at year-end. This support often gets gradually reintroduced as spring approaches. There's no way to know whether Nissan's lease program on the Murano will be better in February or March than they are today, but there's certainly a chance that they will be.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Thanks for your time Car man!

    I see that Nissan has a $750 rebate in Georgia. Are their numbers the same for the 36 month lease of a 2010 Murano SL 2WD with 15,000 miles per year?

    Can you also post numbers for FL & GA on 12K per year?
  • You're very welcome, jaxbuyer. Nissan's lease program for the Murano is the same nationally. NMAC's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Murano SL 2WD with 15,000 miles per year are .00182 and 51%, respectively.

    The residual value for an otherwise identical lease with only 12,000 miles per year is 1% higher.

    Nissan is indeed providing a $750 cash incentive on leases of this vehicle right now in Florida. That cash is not however available in Georgia. The $750 in GA is available on cash purchases only, not leases.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
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