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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Lease Questions



  • Just left the dealership. Looking to lease: AWD SL, MSRP: $36,110, 39 Months 15K/yr. With tax and tags down: $3,100 and them rolling in my remaining lease payments =$1461 they are quoting me $519/month. I asked for the cap cost (sales manager at lunch) but he said he would call me with the #'s. Just wondering if possible to tell if this is a decent offer at this point. Still wanna try to get under $500. Thanks for any input positive or negative :)
  • Is the current Nissan offer for 2010 Murano S a good deal?
    2999 down
    299 a month

    What would be a good deal so i do not feel taken advantage by the dealers. I am very new to leasing.

    Thanks in advance
  • Greetings reggiel. Since you are new to leasing, you definitely should check out the following informative articles that are available here at prior to visiting any dealers: 10 Steps to Leasing a New Car and Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    In answer to your specific question about the Murano lease, manufacturers' official advertised lease payments usually leave a little meat on the bone so to speak. Savvy consumers who live in areas that have a decent level of competition are usually able to negotiate lower selling prices than the ones that were used to arrive at the advertised payment. Shop around for the lowest possible selling price on the Murano that you want and then have the dealer that you decide to go with work up a payment for you. Chances are that it will result in a lower payment than the ad.

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  • Hi Reggie,

    While your deal looks very attractive with a $299 monthly payment, I agree with "CAR_MAN" you need to do more research with other dealers in your area. Also find out if taxes/DMV and dealers fees are included in the deal. I leave in NJ and back in December went to get AWD Murano S 2010 and was quoted $425 monthly payment with $3500 amount of money down. You need to know what kind car you are getting AWD or FWD. What is included in the payment and what are you really paying for the car. We are always focussed on payments that meet our monthly budget, but the truth is, you want to get your car price as low as possible. Also find out what your costs will be at the end of the lease. Nobody likes to get a nice bill when turning in their car. Unhidden fees not disclosed upfront can seriously make you feel taken in the end. By the way, I went to 5 dealers after that first price quote and end up getting AWD 2010 SL (Moonroof package & Leather) for $430 with $4500 down. Yes, at first it catches that I am paying $5 more and put down $1000 more, but the car I got is obviously better than the base model in features and the overall price paid was $1200 under the invoice price. Whereas the first deal was almost $1000 over invoice. So while the offer appears sweet do not grab it and run without research as pointed by car-man you are likely to get a better deal. It took me 3 weeks and 5 dealers in NY & NJ to get a great deal. Best of luck and keep the forum posted.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,203
    You're murano has a 36 month 36k mile warranty. If you lease one for 39 months and put 45k miles on it you will be supplying tires for the new owner and any parts and service it might need since it will be out of warranty. The 36 month 36k mile lease is the gold standard -- the hosts will confirm.
  • Thanks jayrider. I'm aware of tires/service etc.. outside of the 36/36K. Unfortunately I need the 45K miles (work commute, etc..). Dealership I'm considering offers a free extended warranty (as long as all manufacturer required maintenance is done). Still trying to decide if leasing is the best option at this point. The dealer said that the 39 month lease has better rates?? Can anyone confirm this? Of course as I posted before the dealer was supposed to call back with the #'s they were using, but still hasn't. Playing with numbers myself it appears that they are not discounting the vehicle much... if at all.
  • Do you know by any chance if there are any cash incentives on leases or loyalty cash for returning customers?
  • Hi Everyone. Can one lease 2010 Murano SL AWD for short term (24 mo)? One year ago it was possible but i am not sure now. If yes what would be the money factor and residual for 12K per year? Thanks in advance.
  • Did you ever find out the cap cost? I am looking at a same type ,same price in ohio.
    They said the money factor for 39 months 12K per yr was .00204 Is this correct?
    $552. per month. dont know the cap cost. This was all on a phone message so I am not sure about down payment,if any. Will know more tomorrow
  • Haven't found out yet. He finally called back but we've been playing phone tag. I should know Saturday at some point. My current lease doesn't end till April so I can wait a little. Not sure what the money factor/residual is. He's supposed to tell me that as well. I'll post when I find out.
  • ihabdihabd Posts: 2
    I just leased 2010 SL AWD with NAV/Leather/Premium Package/Technology Package/Moon roof for $400 including tax (12K / year & 39 months). I put total $4,100 down. I called 5 dealers and every dealer was trying the beat the price of the other dealer. I started with $456 / month and went all the way down to $400. One dealer offered $397 but I went with the dealer I felt comfortable with. Do your HW before you lease and let the dealer know that you are calling others.
  • I dont think there is any advantage in a large downpayment. I would rather pay a larger monthly payment. What was your cap cost? MSRP?
  • Let me clarify what I said cutco. I leased a 2007 Murano SL AWD back in 2007 when I leased the car. I am trying to say here that based on similar MSRP figures and adjusted cap cost figures, the difference between my 2007 AWD SL and the 2010 SL AWD with the exact same options is only $600 difference. Now, if the dealers are commanding over $400/month with the same amount out of pocket ($3200) for the 2010 model, then the only reason I can think of is because its still new. I do not believe in this economy there is a "shortage" of Muranos at the dealers. The inventory is there and the prices will come down in the spring. I leased my 2007 in the spring so the later in the year you get, the more the prices will come down. The MSRP on the 2010 SL AWD with Tech, Premium, Leather and Moonroof (NO DVD and NO Navigation) is like $37,300 and thats before you get to the real number, the cap cost figure and the residual/money factor.
  • I got the dealer to lower a Murano SL AWD with no extras to $29500 (destination fees included). With a 2000 down + registration feees, monthly is $ 437. Your thoughts.

    Thanks again for your help!
  • Reggie,

    This is a no-no deal. I had the same car for $415 in December and I know 2 people one that I recommeded and another one who posted on Edmunds who bought the AWD SL moonroof/leather for $31.7K & $31.9K. I was going to pay $28,500 for that same car that you are getting for $29,500. Right now I am paying $430 per month on a 2010 AWD SL with moonroof & leather, no way you should pay more than me. What area are you located in? send me an email at If you are in the Tri state area I can hook you up with my guy and he will definitely sell you the same care as he sold me for the $437 or even less. By the I did not even mention that the dealer paid off my $18K balance for my 07 AWD S Murano. The best offer I got from another dealer was $440 per month and $15.5 K for my trade. Email me I will be home later looking for your email, I can give you some pointers and if you are in my area, I can definitely help you get a better price, I did it for 2 other people on this site through my guy and no reason I cant do it for you. You. I will look out for your email or reply
  • krc5krc5 Posts: 1
    Daughter is looking for murano and was quoted 450/month for the S series, for 36 month lease with no money down. this seems a little high...anyone out there have any insight here...should she keep looking?
  • Are the February lease numbers available yet? If so, are they any different than January's? Thanks!

    Nissan Motors Acceptance Corp.'s January buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Murano SL 2WD with 15,000 miles per year are .00182 and 51%, respectively.
  • joepaddock, how were your remaining lease payments handled on your '07 Murano for the new lease?
  • Hi nomatter. Nissan is providing a $750 cash incentive on leases of the 2010 Murano through NMAC right now, but only in certain parts of the country. If you tell me what state you are in I would be happy to tell you if you are eligible for this cash incentive.

    To the best of my knowledge, Nissan is not currently providing any loyalty offers on this model.

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  • Hi again nomatter :). When the whole leasing meltdown occurred last year Nissan decided to pull the plug on its support for two year leases. Technically one can still lease a Nissan vehicle through NMAC for 24 months, but there wouldn't be any support on it. As a result, a 24-month lease would be a much worse deal than a 36-month lease.

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