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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Lease Questions



  • I got an Murano 2010, SL AWD with Navigation for 2500 down and $480 a month. That was back in March. Not sure if you are getting a good dela :blush:
  • piper5ulpiper5ul Posts: 5
    @Clueless_girl was this in Mass? Is this With Tax? Did you get the premium / leather / moonroof ?

  • The problem that you have is that your amortization ( payment) schedule is based on a final price that is too high. It really should based on somewhere around $33,000 to $34,000 in my opinion, even with the AWD, Tech, and Nav ( the other stuff pretty much everyone gets on their SLs.) Have you checked trucar or edmunds and run what the pricing might look like? Check it out.
  • piper5ulpiper5ul Posts: 5
    edited April 2010
    Ok, after much back and forth with multiple dealers, I got a final payment of $515 (including tax, i.e. the actual payment is 485.00 (tax is $30) with $1500 down, 39M, 15k, final price of 34,900.

    515/m also includes 3 years of free oil change, tire rotation and service.

    The "great price" on Truecar for the configured vehicle is 35,434.

    Better ?
  • No, that was in Brooklyn, NY.
    Yes, premium package, leather, moonroof, Navigation and free maintenance for the life of the lease...
  • Its exactly a deal like mine. Only i paid $2500 out of pocket and you are paying a $1000 less (which makes a payment extra $25 a month)
    I say it's a good deal :)
    What color are you getting?
    I wanted a black/beige leather one, but they forced a silver/black leather one on me :(
  • Well, here is a recent negotiation result for an LE AWD:

    - Murano model puchased: Brillian Silver Murano LE AWD
    - Purchase Date 3-31-2010 (by design ;))
    - Vehicle Options:
    Splash guards
    Roof Rail Cross Bars
    Floor Matts
    - Total MSRP: $40,010
    - Purchase price paid or lease rate negotiated (before tax, etc): $34,100
    - Financed 60 Mo. @ 2.9%

    So this is a fully loaded LE AWD and you are negotiating for a fully loaded SL AWD plus nav. I dunno - what do you think?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hello buffalo78. Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp.'s April buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 39 month lease of a 2010 Murano SL AWD with 15,000 miles per year are .00221 and 54%, respectively.

    The $500 that you mentioned is not compatible with Nissan's special lease program, however in the areas that the $500 is available Nissan is providing a special $750 cash incentive on leases of this model.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi brazilian28. Let's take a look at this deal. The money factor and residual value that you were quoted are perfect. They're right in line with NMAC's current program for this model.

    Unfortunately, you never mentioned the other important aspect of this deal (besides the payment of course), this vehicle's selling price. The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable, just as if you were paying cash for or financing them. Without this number, it is more difficult to tell how large a dealer discount you are being given and in turn how much, if any, room there is left to negotiate.

    Let us know what the selling price is for the Murano that you're interested in, and I'm sure that either myself or another helpful community member will gladly tell you what they think.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • goa1228goa1228 Posts: 1
    i am trying to lease a 2010 awd 4 dr. sl wagon ... no extras.... recived the following
    for a 39 month lease

    1st month payment 313.35
    fees & ins 105.00
    up front taxes 1442.67
    cap reduction 3894.00

    total inception fees 5755.02

    retention rate .00221
    residual base 54.00
    residual bump 1.00
    total residual 17,770.50
    purchase option 17,920.50

    vehicle cost 29,500.00
    aqusition fee 595.00
    total cap reduction 3894.00
    total cap cost 26,201.00

    miles allowed 12k a year
    additional miles .010
    total miles allowed 39k
    max advance$ 37,751.50
    max advance % 115
    max reserve rate .00125
    registration 105.00

    Can anyone tell me if this looks to be inline for 2010 murano sl 39 month lease

    thank you in advance
  • skoobydoo12skoobydoo12 Posts: 3
    edited April 2010
    Hello everyone,

    I have a 2007 AWD SL Nissan Murano (silver) with touring package (sunroof, bose, etc) and only 25k miles on it. I got it from Tom Wood Nissan in Indianapolis. My lease is up in March of 2011, and even though its a year away, at this point now I feel like I want to buy it.

    I think the worth of the car will still be more than the residual (about $17,000).

    It's in good condition. I got rear-ended about a year ago, but other than that I've kept very good care of the car.

    Do you guys and gals think in march 2011 a 2007 murano will be worth more than $17,000?

    Does nissan negotiate buyouts? If not, will they set up a payment plan or do I have to go to a bank or credit union and get a car loan to send a check in?

    Thanks for any help.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    Nissan won't negotiate buyouts. Most dealers give it back to nissan and then buy it back for less than the residual. Hard to predict what exactly your murano will be worth wholesale in 2011. If you buy you pay cash or go through a lender on a loan.
  • skoobydoo12skoobydoo12 Posts: 3
    edited April 2010
    Thanks for the response.

    I read some of this thread and some of the buyouts were $18,000 - $19,000.

    But every case is different since my lease isn't up until next March and it's $17,000.

    I can't raise that kind of cash right now so I'll have to go through my credit union for a low interest(hopefully, I have great credit) loan.

    I hope it'll be worth it. I really like the vehicle and don't want to give it up. But I don't want to overpay for anything(residual plus loan interest).

    I do have about $3,000 saved up so I won't have to get a loan for the whole amount.

    This is the first vehicle i've ever had so I don't want to give it up but I don't want to get ripped off either.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    If you can buy your murano for 17-18k that is an excellent price. You like it and you know where it's been so why not.
  • kmc75kmc75 Posts: 1
    hi! curious to know opinions on a future decision i am about to $450 p/m(includes taxes) reasonable to lease a 2010 MURANO SL AWD for 39mo allowing 15k per yr. has premium +360 package. 1200 down with first paymnt +fees
    please any comments help thank u!!!!
  • thepostmanthepostman Posts: 49
    Which state are you located in, because I can't seem to find any Murano with the 360 pkg. I am in Texas and I have called several dealers and they act like they don't know what I'm talking about.
  • whitestar16whitestar16 Posts: 53
    There is no 360 package for the 2010 model year.
  • thepostmanthepostman Posts: 49
    It is showing on Nissan's website. 2010 Murano w/ 360 pkg.
  • whitestar16whitestar16 Posts: 53
    Its not an option for the 2010 model year Murano ( unless its changed in April). Go to a dealer and try and ask for it or find one on a vehicle. see what happens. Not an option for 2010 model year.
  • whitestar16whitestar16 Posts: 53
    OK. I started searching dealer inventories and you are right. You can now get the 360 package on the 2010s. So you are right and I was wrong. One other thing I noticed- they raised the MSRPs on vehicles!
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