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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Lease Questions



  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    For the most part, using the manufactures leasing programs is not the best deal.

    For imports the manufacturer's leasing program is almost ALWAYS the best deal. For many domestics a third party is the way to go, but in general leasing a domestic is a bad deal.

    All manufactures are very strict on their wear & tear, because they are setting the residual way out of line with the market.

    Not true. Honda is very well know for how liberal they are with wear and tear. I have had lease turn-in inspection with Infiniti and they were fine. Infiniti also gives you $500 of forgiveness for leasing another Infiniti. Honda gives up to $1500 in forgiveness

    There residuals are not set at a realistic future value. Yes the payment may look good at the moment, but if you ever decide to trade out early you will not be able too because the residual is set way to high for the market.

    But the majority don't trade out, so a higher residual is better.

    Most manufactures do not have GAP insurance with there leasing programs so you have to pay extra for it.

    This is simply not true.

    Oh yea a nice little scam from a third party leasing bank, US Bank. Last year I traded in an IS250 a year early on a lease. US Bank gave me the payoff of 21.5k. Then when the dealer called to confirm the payoff his payoff was 22.3k. Reason why? US Bank had a contract with me, not the dealer. That lease was my last uneducated lease, I will never lease from a third party again.

    but always remember 1 thing, the dealer is 99.99% never on the consumers side.

    This I'll agree with you on. They make more money on selling you the car at a higher price, overpriced add-ons, and the most infuriating financing. The "largest auto consumer leasing companies in the country" are no different.
  • eric312eric312 Posts: 71
    It is my understanding that GAP insurance is included on Nissan leases automatically, at least it was on my 2007.

    I got $2250 off invoice and was told there is a somekind of dealer holdback $ on the car.
  • The Gross Cap Cost was about $32,812.00 before 8.625% tax. 39 months.. The $2250 was reflected in the NMAC lease. The invoice was $34,010. No trade in. This was a lease. Residual was 50% and the mf was .00147. Gap insurance included. The total cash due out the door was $3900.00 $345/month 39 months..12k a year....
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    Yes I know, that is why I said mrlease's comment about gap was not true
  • mrleasemrlease Posts: 4
    Yes that is true. I never said all manufactures. Average hold back is 3% of MSRP. $35,000.00 car, dealer has $1050.00 cash you do not know about. Some cases especially when you wait until the last day of the month to buy, if you tell them you want half of hold back, depending on how there month went they will give it up.
  • dechodecho Posts: 16
    Hi all,
    I've got an offer for a Murano S AWD (no options!) 39mon 39k,
    1500 out of pocket, 330 per month.
    Returning Murano leesee.
    I'm in the Albany NY area and wondering of this is a good deal.
    Thanks 4 your help
  • Hi - Would this be a good deal or can we do better? We are in the Philly area. We are debating if we should take advantage of the Pull Ahead Program and go into a new Murano or wait until our lease ends in November and look at all of our options.

    2010 Murano SL AWD
    Includes Sunroof and Backup Camera
    We were told this one has cloth seats which is what we are looking for but another dealer says it is impossible to get the sunroof and backup camera with cloth (our current 07 Murano has this)

    39 months, 12K a year
    MSRP: 35,900
    Monthly Payment: 414 + 9% PA tax = 451.26 a month
    Out of Pocket: 1st month, 595 bank fee and Title/Tags = $1325

    Thank you!
  • eric312eric312 Posts: 71
    edited August 2010
    Is there a "standard" disposition fee for Murano leases?

  • eric312eric312 Posts: 71
    Does anyone know what September lease program will be?

    Are there any specials for Labor Day?
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    No one except people at Nissan corporate know what September will bring.
  • dechodecho Posts: 16
    edited September 2010
    Hi Car_Man (or others),
    is Nisan still- as of September-offering lease loyalty for returning Murano leasees?
    Any help or information would be appreciated.
  • Yes they still do $1500
    Got mine today when i picked up a my 2010 SL

    here is the Deal i got
    Murano SL 2010
    360 Package
    Premium Package
    Leather Package
    Roof Rail

    I believe MSRP was just over $37000
    Sale Price was almost $34100(which is i believe is pretty much invoice)
    $500 Labor Day
    $1500 Loyalty
    $750 Some other rebate
    So the car was just over $31k pretty much 6k off msrp
    39month 12k miles a year
    $400 a month including tax
    $2925 total out pf packet including all the fees

    the dealer threw in free oil changes for the life of the lease as long as i come to that dealer, protection package that covers interior damage or any outside paint damage due to weather.

    Ummm i think this is it, but i may be missing something else they threw in there
  • Hi decho. I believe that nylife is correct. The loyalty incentives that Nissan was providing on its models last month still seem to be available in September.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • shadowjack1965shadowjack1965 Posts: 5
    edited September 2010

    Like many I just found this site and wanted to know if the lease I'm about to sign is a good deal or not. I appreciate anyone's feedback!

    We're dealing with Gerald Nissan in Naperville, IL (Chicago area).

    2010 Murano SL
    MSRP: $32,060
    Tech package - $1500
    Splash Guards - $125
    Freight/Destination - $800 (not sure if this is b/c they have to travel to find our vehicle or not)
    Nav - $1850
    Premium package - $1,000
    Floor mats - $105
    Moon Roof - $1200
    Leather Package - $1200
    Total - $40,320

    I asked the salesman if he would give me the pertinent numbers and he said he doesn't know EVERYTHING until they run it through the computer. What he COULD give me was:

    Residual - $20,000
    39 month lease
    12K miles (we'd go for less but don't think they offer it)
    .00190 (I forget what this number is called but he said that's a good number)
    Payments will be $579 per month.
    This includes $6000 trade in (we owe $4300) and $2500 down payment.

    So are we missing anything and/or should we negotiate for better?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Negotiate for better it sound way too much for a Murano
  • What factors can we negotiate?
  • The price of the car, it sounds like you getting a price based on MSRP, negotiate the price to be as close to the dealer invoice as possible then apply the lease factors and see what the price will be like
  • I ran the numbers through Edmunds and it gave me a TMV of:

    Total with Options $40,510 $36,925 $36,994
    Incentives & Rebates -$750
    Customer Cash Adjusted True Market Value $36,244

    So is the TMV a price we should logically be able to obtain through strong negotiations?

    Sorry if this is a noob question, I don't have a lot of experience with leasing.
  • Yes, this is the price you want to AIM for and get as close as possible too
  • We secured 3.1% from BoA on a 72 month loan. I'm sure the dealer is going to argue that the Murano is in high demand and he can get closer to MSRP from the next guy that walks into the dealership, is there anything besides the Edmunds report that one can use while negotiating?

    Wish there was a service online that listed the selling prices of vehicles purchased in the area!

    We close tonight so I appreciate all the feedback you've provided.
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