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Porsche Cayenne Lease Questions



  • sjl225sjl225 Posts: 18
    Hope to speak to you again soon Car_man...Thanks again for your help.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    You're welcome sjl225.

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  • imran34imran34 Posts: 1
    Hi Car_man, I am going to be leasing a base model V6 Cayenne for 36 months with 10k miles per year.

    I am ordering the car, which will be built in June and delivered in July so it will be the first batch of the 2013's. The MSRP with my options is around $65k.

    I'd like to find out if you know what the residual and MF are for that car? I have been quoted 57% and .00240 by my local dealer here in Dallas.

  • charge69charge69 Posts: 2
    Hello Car_man:

    I wanted to know the MF and residual on the 2012/3 Cayenne GTS at 24, 36, 48 months at 10,000 miles per year

  • miquelny1miquelny1 Posts: 3
    Hello Dragonf!

    I can't understand these numbers at all.... Benz or BMW truck with MSRP 52K would lease about $600 per month if you are pushing it or $700 per month easily.... How come Cayenne is looking like $1000 per month, something is wrong, somebody is overcharging you hard, watch out...

    All other guys on this site, can you give some sample lease quotes?

    My experience is that when you are at the dealership, knowing these money factors and residuals are not helping you at all... The only way to get good deal is, to know what other people are actually paying!

    Is this site in business helping people or helping car dealers???

    Good luck everybody and lets keep it real and help each other!!!
  • vintage11vintage11 Posts: 4
    I'm wondering the same, I guess the rates are not out yet, but as soon as they are, I'd like to know as well, THANKS
  • For BMW X5 the residual is 61% on a 36 month lease and for X3 its 57% for the same lease term. And the money factor is 0.0019 for the top tier credit, which means the interest rate would be 4.56 (Money factor * 2400).

    So what you are paying extra for the Cayenne is the difference in the residual value and the high interest rate.
  • Could you please provide me with the money factor and residuals for a 2013 porsche cayenne tiptronic?
  • I'd be happy to help you out, janjan27. Porsche Financial Services' September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 Cayenne Tiptronic with 15,000 miles per year are .00200 and 54%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

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  • vintage11vintage11 Posts: 4
    edited September 2012
    Hi, can you help? What is MF and residual for 2013 Porsche Cayenne GTS, 36 or 48 months, 12,000 miles per year? Thanks in advance!
  • Porsche dealers around the country (based on internet searches) are promoting a $699/month Cayenne lease (36 months, 10,000 miles per year). I am interested in a Cayenne and will accept any model - I just want the best price. Can anyone provide any personal insight into negotiations and the type of deal they obtained? Any advice?
  • sjl225sjl225 Posts: 18
    edited September 2012
    Hello again Car_man

    Can you kindly provide me with Porsche Financial's current lease M.F.'s and residuals for 24 & 36 months...12k miles p/y for the Cayenne Diesel, Cayenne S, & the GTS?

    Thanks for your help!
    Any dealer cash on the 2012's?
    Thanks again
  • Hi vintage11. Porsche Financial Services' September buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36-month lease of a 2013 Porsche Cayenne GTS with 12,000 miles per year are .00200 and 51%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The numbers for an otherwise identical 48-month lease are .00200 and 44%.

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  • Hey sjl225. PFS' September buy rate lease money factor for all Cayenne trims and terms is .00200 for consumers who qualify for its top credit tier.

    The 2013 Cayenne's 24 and 36-month, 12k residual values are as follows:

    66% / 59% for the Diesel

    59% / 52% for the S

    58% / 51% for the GTS

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  • da33133da33133 Posts: 5
    edited September 2012
    hi Car_man and others,

    I've started early discussions with a dealer on a 2013 Cayenne diesel and will return this weekend to test drive one. I'm also interested in the Cayenne base, but the salesperson seems to be encouraging me to take the diesel.

    Car_man, can you please provide the residual value for 36 months/15,000 miles per year for those models (I see from another message MF is 0.00200)?

    Another reason I'm posting here is to get a sense of how much to expect in terms of dealer pricing incentives. I'm hoping someone might chime in who recently picked up a Cayenne lease. Are any factory incentives available on either of these models?
    Thanks for any feedback.
  • Thanks for your help again....really appreciate it!
  • Do you know if any dealers in California are offering this?
  • There are deals in every state. Just "google" $699 Porsche Cayenne California and you'll see them. This is for a manual transmission base vehicle.

    I had a good dealer visit #2 today. I'm interested in the new diesel with automatic transmission. The RV for the diesel is higher (57%) than the base (54%) for 15K mi/yr. The MF quoted was 0.00240 and was non-negotiable. I'm not ready to move on the vehicle yet so I didn't press the topic of price reductions but the salesman said he was ready to negotiate whenever I'm ready to close the deal.

    Overall the dealer has been professional, on par with Mercedes (I've dealt with them in the past). I haven't had good luck with BMW and don't deal with them anymore because of repeat problems with pushy salesmen.

    Now I have to decide between a Mercedes SUV and the Porsche!
  • jcf4jcf4 Posts: 9
    $98500 GTS: ZERO off MSRP (crazy in itself)

    $2,500 C.O.D.
    36 month 15k miles
    payment = $1,998
    M/F = .00239
    Residual = 49%

    48 month 15k miles
    payment = $1,729
    M/F = .00239
    Residual = 42%

    60 month 15k miles
    payment = $1,564
    M/F = .00239
    Residual = 35%

    72 month @ 4.99% = $1,692 with $2,500 down
    75 month @ 4.99% = $ 1,634 with $$2,500 down
  • Surprised dealer won't budge from MSRP - try to find another dealer willing to negotiate.
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