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Saab 9-3 Lease Questions



  • Hi CarMan,
    Thanks for the reply. I actually drove the 9-3 Aero and wasn't impressed to say the least. The search continues....

    Thanks again!
  • rajarrajar Posts: 5
    I'm first time leasing 2007 9-3 2.0T. Please let me know your thoughts of these numbers I got today over the phone from a dealer in NJ.
    MSRP: 32440, CAP-cost: 30900, residual value: 22000(68%) inception charge:$1917 (includes first payment, tax, doc fee, reg. fee and something else I can't remember) monthly payment: $435-/ 27 mo./15k miles money factor 3.5%.

    I have the following questions:
    1)Is the money factor 3.5% sounds reasonable?
    2) what can be negotiated ( i.e CAP cost, miles. money factor.. etc.). I would like more mileage than 15k.
    3) Have I got all the information above or there is something else I should ask?
    4) Is Inception Charge is different than down payment because he never mentioned a down payment? Is down payment an optional or is it required?

    Thanks in advance.
  • a 2007 93 2.0T with MSRP of $32,440 sounds like a fully loaded car. All the factors you describe above sound good, but sounds like NJ tax of 7% is in monthly pmy based on my calc. Inception charge and down payment are the same. normally you should only put down 1st pmt and dmv fees if possible.
    email me and I will give you the name of someone in NJ to use that gave me a great deal. I picked up a 2007 9-3 in Titan Gray, Manual, Cold Pkg, Sunroof, 10k miles/year. $326 per month - $731 out of pocket. (Includes 1st month and fees) The MSRP on my car was a little lower - no premium package and no premium sound system. also only 1oK miles.
    residual $20,742 - 71%
    Good luck
  • rajarrajar Posts: 5
    Thanks crazycool. I'll email you later to get the name ( for some reason It's not working now). As for being fully loaded; from the fast talking sales man, all I can remember that it has premium 16 package and automatic tran. is 3.5% money factor or cap cost negotiable??? thanks
  • Money Factor on vehicle is good and CAP cost seems really good. (Both Negotiable) With all the features on car $435 is good, but your down payment should only be about $435 $200 DMV and Doc fee about $150? $800 total - try the Saab Dealer in Edison NJ ask for internet sales help.
  • Does anyone have the lease rates for the 2006 saab 9-3 aero convertable? 24 and 36 month 15K miles

  • fgaz1fgaz1 Posts: 14
    I know this is the golden question,,but what would be a good target area to hit with a 2007 9.3 aero $34,500 car... the national advertised plan with 10,000 miles /year..2000 down total out of pocket..i live in iowa..only a couple dealers here..not very popular in this area..thanks in advance..fred
  • No problem, scottyb1. Saabs are decent cars...if the price is right. They can't compete head to head with a number of other luxury brands.

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  • Hi rajar. Despite the fact that you have never leased before, you did a great job at getting all of the important information that you need to evaluate the quote that you were given. The two most important numbers to focus on when negotiating a lease are your vehicle's selling price and its lease rate.

    The selling prices of leased vehicles are negotiable. You were quoted a discount of $1,540 on the 2007 9-3 2.0T Sedan that you are interested in. A base version of this car has a spread of $1,366 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. That means that the quoted that you were given is probably only a couple hundred dollars over invoice, which is a good deal for a lease of this car right now.

    Vehicles' money factors and lease rates are not negotiable in that dealers to not have the authority to lower banks' published rates. However, dealers are often allowed to make vehicles' rates up to add additional, hidden profit to deals. That's why it is important to know what the base rate should be for the vehicle that you want to lease. With the payment of a security deposit at lease signing, this car's current base lease rate is 3.35%. Make sure that the dealer you are working with uses this lease rate to calculate your car's lease payment and you're in business.

    You can lease this car with 15,000 miles per year instead of 12,000, but doing to will lower its residual value slightly and in turn increase your monthly payment by a few dollars.

    Inception charges are the money that you have to pay at lease signing. It is different than a down payment in that it includes your vehicle's first month's payment, its security deposit, Saab Financial Services' $595 acquisition fee, any required state taxes or fees AND your down payment IF you choose to make one. Consumers are never required to make down payments on leased vehicles. In fact, it is in your best interest not to make one. Consumers who make down payments on leases risk losing them if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered.

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  • Hey Jason. Unfortunately, Saab is no longer leasing 2006 models through its captive finance company. If you really want to lease one, you will have to do so through an independent bank...if there are any that are still offering leases on '06 models. If you want to lease this car through Saab Financial Services' Corp. you will have to go with a 2007 model. SFSC's current base lease rate and residual value for a 24 month lease of a 2007 9-3 Aero Convertible with 15,000 miles per year are 5.7% and 52%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 36 month lease are 5.7% and 60%.

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  • Hi Fred. The MSRP for a 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan with an automatic transmission is currently $34,895. this car's dealer invoice price is $33,142. Let's say that you are able to get it for $500 over invoice. That would put your selling price at $33,642. Using these prices, I estimate that a lease of this car through Saab Financial Services Corp. for 36 months with 10,000 miles per year would have a zero down, pre-tax monthly payment of around $411. That's a good payment to shoot for. If you are able to negotiate a lower selling price than this, this car's payment would drop slightly.

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  • I am just returning my lease and will never get one. Bad service, the dealerships in California are basically and extension of cadillac dealership.
    Add this to your cost of leasing. Brakes need replacing every $25,000 miles and $500 bucks per axel i.e $1000 on brakes. Everything falls apart. I had about 4 rcalls and the dealership loans me a Chevy cobalt from enterprise rental everytime I go there.
    If you buy a BMW you drive a BMW loaner when your car is in the shop.
    Use your own judgement before you buy or lease one.
    And the lease return, They give you a book and make you go through every nick and dent plus there the $350 recovery fee.
    Also add replacement of all 4 tires for $1000. The perelli's don't for 45,000 miles and they make you replace them for excessive wear and tear.
    I am a GM employee and won't consider another SAAB even with GM employee discount.
    I am buying the Saturn Aura.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    I don't mean this as a flame ...but in just how many forums do you plan to post your semi-literate diatribe?Your car had recalls?OK..Are you aware that everybodys "most" reliable manufacturer,Toyota, recalled more cars than any other manufacturer last year?Dealers have varying policies on loaner cars.I personally don't know of any in the Philadelphia area that have less than 12-15 Saab loaner cars available.Name me a speed rated performance tire from any manufacturer that will give you 45,000 miles of wear.And also name all the lease programs that do not have disposition fees?.... A fee which SAAB waives if you re-lease with them,by the way.Brakes at 25,000 miles($25,000?? lol!)if you are driving in an urban,stop-and-go area is not that unusual.Sorry you had a bad experience but it sounds like some of the criticisms you are applying universally are unique to your limited leasing knowledge,individual experience and some unrealistic expectations.A more mass market generic car like a Saturn may in fact be a better fit for you
  • "I don't mean this as a flame"...Yes, you do, saablcp!

    andygrv has told us the story about his personal experience with the SAAB lease and dealership in California, not in Pennsylvania. If you like your local SAAB dealers-good for you! The fellow in California was not trying to convince you otherwise.

    Yet, having four recalls on a car is not OK, not these days.

    Do not jump on this fellow because of a misprint and call him semi-literate. BTW, it is ether literate or illiterate, the same as a fish quility: there is no second grade freshness.

    "...some of the criticisms you are applying universally" - do not put words in someone's mouth. Our personal experience is what we, most of the time, make our conclusions and decisions. andygrv has decided for him/herself not to deal anymore with SAAB based on his personal experience in California. If one to extrapolate your logic, he should not have come to such conclusion before spending some time in your area, where SAAB dealers are good. Then what, he/she will have to move in permanently? I do not think so.

    We stay where we like, we buy cars, and if we are not happy with them, we get rid of them and buy the better ones.

    Perception of a car quality is based upon opinions of individual owners. If particular owner feels that his/her car is just a moving nuisance, nothing could change that.

    So, enjoy your SAAB and let others to express freely their opinions.

  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    I said semi-literate and that is what I meant...part of being taken credibly when you complain is staying on point and expressing yourself intelligently enough to be given some credence. The criticisms he expressed in "general terms",none of which you addressed, were having to pay a disposition fee(not unique to Saab)not getting more than 25,000 miles on his brakes(not unique to Saab),not getting 45,000 miles on his Pirelli speed rated/performance tires(not unique to Saab or any sport sedan with speed rated performance tires)and the high cost of replacing the brakes(once again not unique to Saab).The only criticism he made which was valid, in that it applied solely to his experience, were the dealer service related issues.The other reasons for never getting a Saab again should not be argued as being unique to Saab,as I pointed out.I still think his expectations will be better met and he will ultimately be happier with a Saturn,as would be true also of a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord.
  • Good Morning:

    I just received a lease offer on a 60th Anniv 9-3 2.0LTurbo...

    12,000 miles
    27 months
    $401 inception
    $32,920 sticker
    GMS pricing
    $352 per month

    Is anything negotiable on a GMS lease? Or is it take it or leave it. Also, what is the base rate that you speak of and how does it come into play? Thank you.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    The GMS employee pricing is a non-negotiable price.Every dealer invoice will have the GMS price clearly printed on the bottom left portion of the invoice and your Authorization document will ask you to sign off on the fact that it was disclosed to you.This is a closely audited program which only has value if it is monitored and adhered to by the dealers.The dealer is,however, allowed to mark up the lease finance rate as much as a point above the base rate.
  • hi car_man,

    I have a question about leasing a 2007 saab 9-3 2.0t. This is my first time leasing so I want to make sure I'm not getting taken advantage of:

    MSRP: $28,015
    $259/month, 27 months, 10,000 miles a year
    $2129 due at signing, plus taxes

    This is a "special" they are running. Is there a way to not put $2129 down plus taxes? I'd like the payment to not go over $300/month. Is this possible, or am I dreaming?

    I'd apreciate any help you can provide.

    Thanks so much!
  • The lowest I've seen for 10,000 miles is $328 a month for a 60th anniv special (there is a $1000 cash back offer on it). You'll be hard pressed to get a 9.3 for under $330 a month.

    If you are leasing, why put anything down on it? $2129 divided by 27 months is $79/month. Total price is $338/month.

    Don't forget, they offer early lease turn in. Sometimes 2-3 months early. So why make the downpayment? Don't throw money away. Keep it in your pocket, not his.

    Wait em' out and let them come to you.
  • Saablcp,
    I may be illiterate but I am bright enough to understand what a real scheduled maintenance means and you should check out BMW 's site for it.
    link title

    Don’t get confused with what SAAB sells as scheduled maintenance.
    BMW covers the brakes for 50,000 miles and they don't charge $1000 (front and rear) for a brake job at 25,000 miles nor does BMW ask you to replace all the tires when you return the car.

    I am not trying to bash SAAB but I just want future buyers to know that there are other hidden costs when you lease a SAAB and there are other car companies like BMW that covers them. And that is the exact reason why BMW is still independent and not bought over by GM or Ford.

    I am just trying to warn the buyers that in your 45,000 mile lease cost of leasing make sure you add $1000 for a brake job and a set a of tires plus a $350 recovery fees.

    You can use your PHD and read what BMW has to say about schedules maintanance.
    We cover all factory-recommended maintenance at no charge for four years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, as well as items that need replacement due to regular wear and tear.

    Your maintenance costs:
    • Scheduled inspections: $0
    • Brake Pads: $0
    • Brake Rotors: $0
    • Engine Belts: $0
    • Oil Changes: $0
    • Wiper Blade Inserts: $0
    • Inspections: $0
    • Fluid Services: $0

    By offering such a comprehensive maintenance program with every new vehicle, we are able to help you manage the cost of ownership and keep maintenance costs down.

    And since all services are done at an authorized BMW center, by a BMW certified technician who has been specially trained by us, we can guarantee that only original BMW parts will be used. In other words, your BMW will be maintained by our standards, which are, admittedly, higher than most.

    BMW and Lexus actually gives a BMW or Lexus as replacement vehicle when your car is in the shop.
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