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Subaru B9 Tribeca Lease Questions



  • Tell the dealer you want to see the invoice or you will not consider a Subaru. They show the regular invoices, if they think you are a serious buyer they will show that invoice as well.

    However - not all dealers have these units. A good price is a good price and if you get greedy you lose out because someone else will take the deal. There is a limited supply, you can't order a wind damaged unit.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    There is no official invoice for the wind-damaged cars. These fall into the used car catagory, so what difference does it make how much a dealer paid for one? If they are making $100, $1000 or $4000 on the transaction, as long as it's a great deal, who cares?
  • That is incredible
    I agree the car is unique and the fact that there are not alot out there
    You got a great deal
    How did you get at that price
    I grabbed a $408 36mo 15k a year
    in Connecticut 12/2005.
    I didnt get the extras like (areobar,splash guards, rear guard) but the other items
  • nycb9nycb9 Posts: 30
    When I went the first time they quoted me lease deals using MSRP numbers and they were outrageous. I went back to negotiate after learning a lot about how leases work, etc. Then I mentioned the lease deal that Subaru was advertising (which when I crunched the #s was a REALLY good deal, about $2500 off MSRP). Once I said that he said OK, since your privy to that info we have to give the Subaru advertised deal and he pulled out a sheet of paper with all the B9 models and trims and their associated lease prices based on the advertisement. Mine, a 7 pass LTD w/DVD, was $328/month (36 mo, 12k a year). Rolling in the down payment, acquisition fee and accessories bought it up to $425. They are offering the same deal in February as well. If the slow B9 sales continue, I imagine they may even lower the down payment so they can make room for the '07s due in May. It's gonna be an awesome deal for the patient folks willing to take an '06 from dealer stock! I really love the truck (except for the minor issues I mentioned in the "Problems..." forum) and am completely surprised by most people's opinion of how it looks. I find it superior to everything but the Infiniti FX which is just way too much $!

  • Can anyone tell me what the current 3 year lease is on a 5 passenger Limited Tribeca (without navigation) in the Dc area? Thanks.
  • There is no way to answer that question with any accuracy.

    What options do you want

    What price did you negotiate.

    How many miles to expect to put on it.

    That is what matters and from that any SOA lease should be the same amount for the facts. Depreciation and money factor are controlled by SOA. Price is the controlling factor and that depends on the deal (price) you negotiate.
  • Hi nephrons. I can't tell you what this truck's lease payment should be like without knowing its full MSRP and selling price. Provide me with those numbers, and I'll work up a lease payment for you. For now, I can tell you that if you were to lease a 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca 5-Passenger Limited through its captive finance company right now for 36 months with 15,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be .00080 and 57%, respectively.

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  • hadasaabhadasaab Posts: 1
    From everything I read here, it looks like the SOA lease is a great deal. I was going to get the LTD 7 passenger w/o DVD or navigation, I am being quoted the SOA deal of $2900 down , $299 a month or a variation of the #'s. I'm not seeing much wiggle room in other postings, does anyone have any advice contrary?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    If it's the straight SOA lease, there's a little wiggle room left but not much. SNE has tossed in a "stair-step" program to induce additional sales, up to another $1000.
  • I just got a quote via phone for a Lease on a 7 pass Ltd B9.
    410/month with $2000 down but does include DVD&nav......wud you be interested in going into more detail on your help me get a better deal if possible..........
    many thanks dave
  • I think it is a combination of things.

    Partly SOA lacks name prestige (Snob Appeal)

    Core Subie owner are not willing to spend that much for there beloved subies.

    Higher end buyers will spend more if only the B9 had a more upscale options list. But with out the options they are not interested.
  • nycb9nycb9 Posts: 30
    That's way too much. I got a NO MONEY DOWN deal on a 7 pass Ltd B9 with DVD and Aero Bars for $425/month (36 month/12,000 miles per yr) . I drove away having made only the first month's payment & registration fees and rolled everything else into the lease.

    Regards and good luck...Joe
  • Hi Joe,
    If you don't mind my asking you, would you let me know the dealership where you got your Tribeca? How was the overall experinece? I'm also in the NYC area. I'm strongly considering getting the Tribeca before the end of the month and hoping to get into under $410 with similar options (i.e. DVD, tinting mirror & compass). Also, did you go according to the Subaru run lease promo or did you negotiate the lease from the MSRP down? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,
  • nycb9nycb9 Posts: 30
    Hi O.

    I got my Tribeca from Grand Prix Subaru in Hicksville (Long Island) NY in January. The experience was good. But, I only got that deal because I told them I knew about Subaru's special Lease deal ($299/mth, $2,998 down on a 7 pass LTD). When I first went there they gave me #'s based on MSRP. I don't know if the deal still exists for March, but you could get it at ANY dealership if you tell them you know about it. I still don't think they've been selling well and they've gotta make room for the '07 soon so it still might be in effect and may be even better. Because it's a Subaru Corporate sanctioned deal, you can't do any better. I think the #'s work out where I ended up getting the car for about $2500 off MSRP. The Aero Bar ended up getting thrown in because they didn't have that on my original lease paperwork and when I changed colors they had to get me one from another dealer. It ended up having the Aero Bar option and they never changed the paperwork...saved me $210. The deal on the Subaru Corporate paperwork shows all the different options (5 or 7 pass, LTD, DVD and/or NAV) and lease prices. A 7 pass LTD w/DVD is $328/mth w/$2998 down. I had it all rolled into the lease with a few more accessory options and it came to $425/mth.

    Good Luck...Joe
  • Joe, Thanks very much.
    I thought that was according to the promo deal. It is still on thru the end of March: $1,999 down, $595 acquisition fee, $299 1st Month + taxes and misc. fees.
    My wife just scheduled an appointment for a test drive for the following Saturday. She's the primary driver and transports the kids a whole lot. I was considering to purchase the Odessey until I stumbled onto this deal. It appears to be a great value for a $35,000 ride. Another consideration was Volvo XC70 AWD. Still would like to test drive each car.

    Oh, I have two more questions to ask. What was the money factor assigned and what did the Subaru put as a residual value? Again, thank you for your quick reply.
  • nycb9nycb9 Posts: 30
    Yes, the deal is still on. They advertised it on CBS880 this afternoon. The $1,999 down, $595 acquisition fee, $299 1st Month pymt comes to the $2900 total downpayment I was quoted so it is the same deal. 0.0008 money factor with a 58% residual. It really does have a great ride. That's one of the best things about it. At this price I feel it is a great value as well. Especially considering what an X3, X5, XC70, Touareg, RX330 and FX45, even Murano similarly loaded go for. I'm sure your wife will love it.

    Which dealership?

    Good Luck...Joe
  • Joe,
    Thanks again.
    Bay Ridge Subaru is the dealership my wife contacted. I have no idea how easy or difficult they are in negotiating, but we still have to determine wether this car is for us before it comes to any serious talk.

    I appreciate your help.

    Best regards,
  • chris_txchris_tx Posts: 15
    New to leasing, and I'm sure my question has been asking and answered before, but I was wondering if the current March lease promo is non-negotiable? What I mean is that I'm more interested in a loaded 5-pass, but with either 12k or 15k miles/year and no money down. But I want a sweet deal like you guys are getting. I looked up what I thought a couple good models would be, and the Edmunds prices were $32.5K (5-pass Ltd) and $33.7k (7-pass ltd) respectively.

    Tax is 6.25%, do you know if they allow it to be rolled in in Texas?

    I am strangely drawn to the styling, very Alfa-esque I think. And love that it is so rare in my SUV-loving city of Houston.

  • nycb9nycb9 Posts: 30
    Yes, I believe the Subaru corporate deal is the best you can get and non-negotiable. Maybe you can get the dealer to throw in an accessory. The way my lease worked out, I got a 7 pass LTD with DVD and a few accessories for $34,250 ("Negotiated" selling price on lease worksheet). Which, if you add the $1,800 for the DVD package, is much cheaper than the Edmunds price of $35.5K ($33.7K + $1,800). You may be stymied by a Texas State law that says you must pay ALL the taxes on the lease up front. That'll raise your lease price substantially.

    Yes, I too love the B9 styling and the fact that there aren't a ton of them out there.

    Good Luck,

  • mjk7mjk7 Posts: 8
    :D Thanks to your informative posts I am on the verge of taking the plunge. I've got what I think is a great lease deal on a 7 passenger LX with Nav and DVD $700 down (which includes first month payment, tag fees, and a few extra bucks) at $403/month 12K miles 36 months. I am turning in a 2003 Murano on lease which I got 3 weeks after they came out. It has been a good car but I was looking to get into something with a 7 seat option would be handy. I was considering the Pilot and the Highlander, the XC90 as well. The XC90 although quite a bit more expensive does have an attractive lease going now but it still is significantly more money and the complaints about reliablilty are deafening. The Pilot is much larger but along with the Highlander has to be the most boring car created. The lease deal on the B9 is unbeatable on a 40K car!! Besides that the car handles better than all of the above including the Murano. The other thing that attracted me is Subaru's AWD system which in my opinion is superior to the others mentioned. We had a 2nd hand outback impreza wagon years ago and it was the best car in the snow by far. Thanks to your informative posts I was informed about the 2 lever issue with the 2nd row seating allowing for much more glide in the 2nd seat to accomodate third row passengers. Before going to my local dealer (who did know about this) I was at the Philly car show and the model demonstrating the 3rd row seat access had no clue. I walked away very disappointed thinking the 3rd row was for small pets only. Clearly there is decent room in the third row (compared to comparable vehicles)if you know how to adjust the 2nd seat properly. I am 6'3" and although I have no intention on sitting anywhere but the driver's seat, even I was able to get back there. I am truly excited about the Tribeca. I am in disbelief after reading many not so complimentary reviews focusing on the looks. In my opinion ( and I must give you the backround that I drove Saabs for 10 years), I think the looks of the Subaru are awsome. If the same car was released by Porsche the magazines would all hail the style. I don't get it. The frontis cool. Who wants to drive a car that looks so generic like a Pilot? As far as what I read about the upcoming 07 changes, they seem minor to me and not worth the wait given this lease deal. What I would like to see in the future models is blue tooth, satellite radio, a better roof rack (thule and Yakima do not yet have fit kits), better colors, and a 6 speed manual transmission. Sorry about going on and on but I've read so many posts that I had to vent. A few qustions though--- the lease deal I was quoted is thier special with alot of the down money worked into the lease. Money factor .0032 int .08% with 56% residual ( which apparently came down from 60% when first released - when it goes lower they probably won't be able to lower the interest rate to off set it). Is there any wiggle room? Might I get rubber mats or some accessories thrown in if I push in anybodies opinion? Secondly tan or slat grey leather? I've always had tan but it does tend to show the dirt much more any thoughts??
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