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Toyota 4Runner Lease Questions



  • dad23dad23 Posts: 430

    Can you give me the current residual and money factors for a 36 month/12K mile lease on an 07 SR5 4WD for Colorado? The one I have my eye on has an MSRP of $32998, invoice/selling price of $29962 less the $1250 rebate.

  • Welcome 914runner. I'm glad that you find this forum so informative. Let's take a look at the selling price that you were quoted for this truck. A base 2007 Toyota 4Runner R5 V8 4WD has a spread of around $3,400 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. You were quoted a discount of $2,979. That's probably around $500 over invoice, which isn't a bad price for this truck. Toyota's lease program for this truck varies by region, but in most of the country its 36 month buy rate lease money factor for consumers who qualify for its "Tier 1+" credit tier is .00181. Make sure that the dealer that you are working with uses this money factor and the payment that you were quoted to calculate your truck's monthly payment and you're in business.

    It is in your best interest not to make any sort of down payment when leasing. Consumers who do risk losing them if their vehicle is totaled in an accident or stolen and never recovered.

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  • Hi dad23. Toyota's lease program for this truck varies by region. I haven't seen its specific program for its Denver region recently, but in most of the country Toyota Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2007 4Runner SR5 4WD with 12,000 miles per year are .00181 and 60%, respectively. Unfortunately, the $1,250 customer cash that is available on this truck in your region is not compatible with this special lease program.

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  • Hi Car Man,
    Please compute a lease figure for the following:
    MSRP: $ 34914.00
    Selling price for lease deal:$ 32000.00
    36 mos
    sales tax .065 northeastern IL
    Have very good credit. Do you know if anything will change in March? Im having a hard time finding a white version of this truck within 100 miles; V8s seem to be rather scarce.
    Thanks, Dave
  • Hey Car Man,
    I forgot to ask if you can provide the 27 mo. 15k residual value for an 07 4runner sport edition 4wd V8 in the Chicago area? Appreciate all the work you do; I see you on a lot of other forums.
    Regards, Dave
  • Hello,

    I'm looking for lease estimates and opinions based on the following 2007 Limited with MSRP of $40,419 including destination fee.

    Options included: JBL, Side air bags, Spoiler, Day running lights, Moon Roof, Tow, cargo mat/kit.

    What is a realistic payment expectation to lease this vehicle for 36 months/15k ?

    I'd like to be around $400 a month with little out of pocket. Is this overly optimistic ?
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 145 need to post the selling price you negotiated, the money factor and the residual value your dealer told you they would use. Without those, it's impossible to caclulate a lease payment. Are you able to get those? Also find out what they are charging you for an "acquisition fee" because they will often mark that up a couple hundred bucks to capture a little more profit.

    Yes, I think you're overly optimistic about $400.
  • pgillpgill Posts: 84

    Can you please post the MF and residual for 4Runner SR5 V6 and V8 models for 36 month, 12k miles per year lease in NJ (or Northeast Region)?

  • 4Runner Limited

    MSRP: $ 40354.00

    15000 miles a year and 39 months:

    $0 down = $589
    $1500 down= $547
    $2500 down= $519

    cap cost $33900

    residual $20177

    money factor .003090
  • galevingalevin Posts: 8
    Man, that sure seems like mucho dinero. I just got a 2006 4Runner about 6 months ago, 12k mi/yr, 3 yr lease, 4 wd, 6cyl, sunroof but basic model and we pay $315/mo plus tax equals $326/mo net. And a few others got better deals than me so $589/mo is a no brainer for me, I personally wouldn't touch it even if this thing was dipped in gold. Now I'm talking the SR5, not the limited, but big woop, there aint THAT much difference between the two. JMHO.
  • I realize that.... I'm posting the numbers on the Limited so that they can be crunched and analized "here" before I go back to a dealer and start negotiating... this is just a first pass, not anything I would sign up for.
  • krochellikrochelli Posts: 11

    Could you please post SoCal MF and residual for a Toyota 4Runner V6 Sport, both 4x2 and 4x4 if there is a difference? 3 years/12k miles would be great.

    I believe last month it was 60% and .00181 which didn't seem too bad.

    Thanks again,

  • 2007 SR5 4runner (Sun roof, tow, etc)

    MSRP: $32,819 - FE, CD, AW, NE, TO, DR, SR

    39month/15k: $363.12

    $1000 down

    Cap Cost: $29,575

    Residual: $16,081

    MF: .000375

    I don't have all the details yet, as this was via email not in person.
  • irish10irish10 Posts: 7
    what state are u located in? i was just wondering where the MF was that low on the 4runner. that seems like a pretty good rate.
  • krochellikrochelli Posts: 11
    agreed- that is a fanastic money factor. Carman, can you help us?

  • That MF was a little too good to be true, when pushed the dealer could not produce that MF, they backed out when I pushed for exact details of the lease.... so forget that one.

    Went to a different dealership today and I'm considering this offer...

    SR5 - MSRP $32,819 FE, CD, AW, NE, RL, TO, DR, SR

    AM Leather already installed - sticker $1395

    36 month/15k

    Toyota MF .00181

    $431 plus 7% sales tax for a total payment of $463.00 per month

    $1500 out the door (includes, DMV, doc, bank, gap, first month of $463.00)

    When I first sat down the "out the door" cost was close to $2,000, which I thought was obsurd and really a deal killer.

    After a little consideration at home, this deal doesn't look too bad, considering it's no money down. The reason I didn't take this SR5 deal on the spot was because I am hesitant about giving up the options I like that came with a SE I also got quoted on (pwr seats, REAS, etc)....
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi newdavidq. In most regions, Toyota Financial Services' buy rate lease money factor for the 2007 4Runner for consumers who qualify for its "Tier 1+" credit tier is currently .00181. TFS' 36 month, 15,000 mile per year residual value for an '07 4Runner Sport V8 4WD is 58%. The problem is that TFS' residual values are only for base vehicles without any options. It places restrictions on which options can be residualized and caps on the values of the ones that it allows, making it very difficult to calculate lease payments. The calculation of TFS' residuals is so complex that it actually provides dealers with a list of the dollar residual values for vehicles that they have in stock.

    The base version of this truck has a spread of around $3,700 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. The discount that you were given, $2,914 probably puts you at around $1,000 over invoice, which isn't bad but if there is a decent level of competition in your area you may be able to shave another couple hundred dollars off of this truck's selling price. Make sure to stop by the following discussion to see how much other community members have paid for similar vehicles lately: "Toyota 4Runner: Prices Paid & Buying Experience".

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hey Dave. I haven't seen this truck's 27 month residual value, but I can tell you that Toyota Financial Services' 24 month, 15k residual value for the 2007 4Runner Sport V8 4WD is 64% and its 30 month resid is 61%.

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  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hello bassmiesternj. This truck's lease payment will vary depending upon the selling price that you are able to negotiate. The lower the truck's selling price is, the lower your monthly payment will be. If you are in an area that has a decent level of competition, shoot for a price of $500 or so over dealer invoice. You can look up the invoice price of the truck that you want by visiting the following section of this site: - New Vehicle Pricing. You also should stop by the following discussion to see how much other community members have paid for similar trucks lately: "Toyota 4Runner: Prices Paid & Buying Experience".

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  • To anyone interested.

    I got what I think is a great lease deal on a 2007 Sport and I absolutely love this truck !

    I went in knowing the invoice and what to expect. Then I settled on two dealers I felt would go down to the wire on the payment as well as negotiating a low "out the door price". Both dealers had vehicles on the lot that I could be happy with.

    MSRP: $34,864.00 (Sun Roof, Spoiler, 6CD)

    36month/15k Toyota lease with .00181 MF

    Monthly payment $429 plus 7% tax = $459 per month

    Total out the door including first month and all DMV, doc and bank fees = $1500.00
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