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Toyota Camry Lease Questions



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,650
    Leases aren't like mortgages or apartment rents... They aren't all due on the 1st of the month, so no proration is necessary...

    If you leased a car on the 20th, the payment will be due on the 20th, each month, and also expire on the 20th of the last month..


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  • Hi,
    Long time reader. Would like to contribuite too.
    Just leased Toyota Camry 2011 LE 4 cyl. with mats and alloy wheels $400 down and $190/mth for 36 mths. and 12,000 miles a year. Also got free 2 year maintenance. Minimal negotiations using e-mails first to set the prices right.
    T. of Watertown in MA. Sales person Ray. The car is pretty good, rather quiet, everything is automatic. What's not to like?
  • jfn1000jfn1000 Posts: 22
    Alboston - did that $190 include MA sales tax? Also, when you say $400 down, was that total out of pocket, including 1st month payment? I've bought cars at T of watertown before and always been treated pretty well. Did you negotiate that face to face or just through email/phone.

  • albostonalboston Posts: 7
    edited August 2010
    Yes, $190/m included MA sales tax. $400 was documents fee and license/registration only.I negotiated rather lazy during 6 weeks due to a long vacation over e-mails only, maybe 4 times. And finally settle for $199/m $0 down (initially they wanted $1999 down and $199/m), then agreed to drop $1999. Face to face they wanted $400 upfront, but reduced to $190/m, which was ok with me. They also offered gap insurance for $395/3 years, which I declined, but for some it's ok deal too for a peace of mind.
  • trent9trent9 Posts: 2
    Got this quote ... seems pretty good when compared to other posted deals, but if I'm doing the math right the sales prices seem high. Hopefully I'm just doing something wrong ... any assessment would be much appreciated.

    In Wisconsin
    2011 LE with mats and alloy wheels (MSRP of 23,325)
    Residual = 14,269

    36 payments of $192 + tax ($203 after tax) ... nothing down other than the first month payment
    payments are all inclusive (title, fees, etc).

    One option question ... thoughts on the blue tooth radio? Adds $7/month ... feels like a good option but I've never used.

    Thanks in advance for any help
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    Leased 2011 XLE 6 cylinder 3 year/15000 miles a year

    Heated seats/push button start
    Remote engine start
    Carpet mats
    Rear bumber applique
    MSRP 31193
    Payment: $309/month including 6.75% tax
    Only money down was first month payment.
    Didnt really negotiate much so probably got hosed. I do know money factor was .00001.
  • trent9trent9 Posts: 2
    not sure what I was typing ... got that quote a little wrong ... everything else is right

    36 payments of $206 + tax ($217 after tax) ... nothing down other than the first month payment
    payments are all inclusive (title, fees, etc).

    Thanks in advance for any help
  • oneqcktaoneqckta Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    I was at the dealership today. This is the quote I received. IT's a 2011 camry SE 2546A model with AS FE QD CF EX SK options. They are selling it to me for 23,200. With taxes and fees rolled in and 15k for 36 months, they quoted me a payment of 279. I am in IL and will be getting the 00001. money factor. It's residualizing at 14836. I was at another dealership and they did not have the cf ex sk package on this car and their payment was 253/month. This was all done before I mentioned my trade. I have a 2008 camry with 3 months left on the lease. They said if I trade it in, they can minus the difference of what they will give me for the trade. Two questions. Is this a true statement, or can they only put the trade in value minus the payoff value? Also, does this sound high to you? Should I keep shopping around. Any help anyone can give, it is greatly appreciated
  • Car_man -

    I'm looking at possibly leasing a 2011 Camry hybrid. Do you have the residual & MF for 36/12 and 36/15 on a hybrid with the leather, moonroof, and upgrade packages? Thanks.
  • I think you did really well.
    What was the RESIDUAL VALUE (price to purchase at end of lease)?
    What was the negotiated price (CAP COST) for the car?

    $309/mo for a $31k Camry XLE sounds GREAT to me! I just needed these 2 numbers to run my own calculations. Thanks!!
  • gb350gb350 Posts: 14
    Can anyone point me to what the Residual and Money Factor to lease a V6 Camry SE with 15,000 miles per year?

    Looking to get this in NY if that make a difference.
  • I am working on a lease deal right now for a 2011 Camry SE 2.5L/Auto with SE Value Package #1. The MSRP $25,990

    The residual, from what I can gather is right at 60% for 36mo/12k miles/yr. The 15k miles/yr should be 58%. Toyota's are hard to calculate the residuals, since not all options residualize. The SE V6 model, I would assume is similar.

    The money factor I have been quoted is: 0.00001 or 0.02% (which is basically 0%)

    There is $750 bonus lease cash also from Toyota, to help down payment right now.
  • Do you know if that bonus cash is for all models or just the SE? I am working on a lease and my local dealers (all brands in this class) are not really budging. Treated best by Fitz in PA, which has offered the following on a 2011 Camry LE with alloy wheels preferred accessory pkg, 36 mos - 15K miles/year:

    MSRP: 23,315.00
    Base Cap Cost: 20,804.00
    Acquisition Fee: 650.00
    T,L and Processing: 180.00
    Adjusted Cap Cost: 21,634.00
    Residual: 13,827.00
    Money Factor: .00001
    Base Monthly Pmt: $217.22
    PA Tax (9%) $ 19.55
    Net Pmt: $236.77

    Due @ siging: First Payment $236.77

    Comments/Criticisms of this deal would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • The $750 bonus lease cash is available on all 2011 Camry's (even the Hybrid) right now. I would be willing to bet, the $750 is already included in your deal as reduced or Base Cap Cost.
    **I think your deal is pretty good, the 15k/yr leases are a few bucks higher/mo. due to the lower residual value on the car. The residual on the SAME car with 12k miles/yr would be $14,300.
    **Maybe tell them to keep you at $236.77/mo with $0 due at sign and take the deal.

    I am looking at a 2011 Camry SE with MSRP of $25,990 and my deal so far is:
    $235/mo + sales tax for 35 more months (12k miles/yr) due at signing/sign-n-drive.
  • Lasvegasrph:
    $235/month for an SE with that MSRP sounds unbelievable. I'm looking for an SE now in that range except I'd prefer 15K miles/month.
    Out in SoCal, no one seems to budge off Toyota's current no money down $245/month LE deal w/12K miles/month.
    Can you tell me where this is being offered? Are you taking the deal or still negotiating?
    I might consider a deal in Vegas if offers are that aggressive.
  • Where is that and with what dealership if I might ask?
  • thebenz:
    Unfortuately, Toyota sets up special/promotions by the Region in which you live and will register the vehicle. California is NOT in our Region, so the deals will be different for you in SoCal. You won't be eligible for Nevada's specials.

    I tried to talk to Longo Toyota and they would not deal/talk to me, since I live in Nevada......I was told they don't sell Toyota's unless they are registered in Cal.

    My lease numbers are correct (36mo/12k miles/yr and $25,990 SE) and valid until I sign the deal, which will be in the next week or so. The dealer started off at $262/mo + tax, and I told them NO. Then the next email was $235/mo + tax and I was told this was "as good as it gets".
  • I live in Vegas and am looking for basically the exact same deal. Can you tell me where this was?
  • antonius:

    It took a little work to get to this point, I started off just sending emails to the various dealers (4) here in town. Findlay Toyota in Henderson, was way out of the ballpark with their pricing......too many fees and wouldn't deal. So, I would take them off the list and concentrate on the other 3 dealers.

    If you can, send me an email at:

    I can let you know what is going on with the deal I am working on and where. Once I sign my deal, I will post another reply with the broken-down deal. Wed/Thurs is when I plan on finalizing this deal.
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