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Toyota Highlander Lease Questions



  • Hello,

    First time leasing. They have 2010 Highlander with $0 down for $369/month. This is the AWD model. I'd prefer the Limited model - how would I go about negotiating the price for this model? Would the same money factor apply?


    Here is the details for the lease special:
    ********************************************************************************- ********
    Lease a new 2010 Highlander Model #6948 6 speed automatic for $369 a month for 36 months with $0 due at signing, which includes $0 down, $0 first month’s payment and $0 security deposit. Does not include taxes, license, title fees, insurance and regionally required equipment and other dealers’ charges are extra and are not included in the amounts shown. Closed-end lease. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price including freight $30,455. Monthly payments of $359 for 35 months total $12,565. Capitalized cost of $29,643. based on down payment and dealer participation, which may vary by dealer. Payment may vary depending on final transaction price. Lease-end purchase option is $17,199. Customer responsible for maintenance, excess wear and tear and $0.15 per mile over 12,000 miles per year. To qualified Tier 1+ customers through Toyota Financial Services. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Subject to availability. Must take retail delivery by 11/1/10. Optional equipment may vary by region. Excludes hybrid models. See participating dealer for details.
  • Hi Carman,

    Could you please post the buy rate lease money factors and residual values for November (or the latest you have). I'm in Northern VA if that matters. This is for a 2011 Limited with 4WD @ 10K or 12K a month.

  • Arbitrage,

    I was just provided the following information for a 2011 Highlander Limited AWD w/ Nav. 36 months 18k miles/yr:

    MF: .001550
    Residual 58%

    This is from a dealer in NJ
  • Could you please post the MF and residual for the 2011 Highlander SE, 12K miles/year, with top tier credit. I am hoping to find one without any extra packages (I know, good luck with that), though I am assuming the "tech package" is already part of the SE trim. I have 2 months before my existing Pilot lease is up, and I'm trying to compare the HL-SE and Pilot EX. Toyota's new maintenance / roadside assistance deal is pretty attractive!

    Thanks much.
  • Sorry, I should add that this would be for the V6-4WD version!
  • I am looking for similar information. I'm also in NJ and am looking at 2011 Limited 4 wheel drive with navigation. Any info would be appreciated!
  • How does this quote look? I think it is pretty good, except I can't calculate back to their monthly payment.

    2010 Highlander Limited, AWD, Package #8, Tow Package, 12 k/month, 36 month

    MSRP - $39,290
    Cap - $35,290
    Res - $20,515
    MF - .00068
    Drive Off - $0

    They are quoting me $560, but when I run the numbers, I only get to $492 (incl. 7% state tax - TN)

    How does the deal look? I am trying to find out what the $60 difference is right now.
  • timj757timj757 Virginia BeachPosts: 10
    Did you ever get that money factor and residual for the 2011 Highlander Limited. My wife and I are looking at this as an option. Any help would be great!
  • No, there was never a response with the official numbers. I ended up getting a Lexus RX 350 anyway. I would guesstimate that the post above yours is fairly accurate though. When I was looking before I had calculated ~480 for a 39k sticker car with nothing down and VA taxes rolled in.
  • timj757timj757 Virginia BeachPosts: 10
    What was the aquisition fee?
  • Hello,

    Can someone please give me the MF and Residual for the following.

    2011 Toyota Highlander SE AWD
    36 Months
    No Nav
    North Jersey Area
  • 2011 Highlander Limited w/ Navigation Package, rear DVD Package, Toyoguard Elite, Tow Prep, Carpet Mats w/cargo mat

    MSRP $41,448
    Vehicle Sales Price $37,200
    Residual Value $22,453 or 60.36%
    Money Factor 0.00290 x 24 = 6.960%
    Miles Per Year 12,000
    Additional fees (Aquisition fee, Deposit, etc.) $0
    Term 39 months

    The Money Factor seems really high to me - especially given I have great credit score, etc.
  • esdadesdad Posts: 1
    Please let me know your thoughts on the below deal:

    2011 Highlander SE w/ Navigation Package,
    Tow Prep, Running Boards
    Blizzard Pearl
    MSRP $39,299

    Lease term:36 months
    miles per year: 12,000

    They pay last month of my Lexus - $465
    $2500 Out of pocket
    $450 a month

    Seems like good deal to me. Thoughts?
  • azuluazulu Posts: 20
    Please let me know your thoughts on the following offer from a dealer in the SF Bay Area.

    2011 Highlander V6 Base
    Model Number: 6946A
    Factory Installed Accessories: FE CK PC TP
    Port Installed Accessories ..: CT

    (MSRP $31565)

    Cap Cost $29000 ( $28250+ $750 rebate)
    36 months closed end lease
    12,000 miles per year allowed
    Residue value after 36 months $17737
    Lease money factor based on 720+ Credit Score, .00155%
    $950.68 cash due at lease signing includes first payment & DMV & doc fee.
    Monthly lease payment $441.77 tax included.


  • kurakura Posts: 5
    I am looking to lease a Highlander SE AWD without navigation within the next week or two. Have no idea what a "good" deal would be on this vehicle. I am looking for a pretty standard lease of 36 months, 12K a year and nothing down. Just first month + fee+ tags.

    So far I have

    $430 a month which includes my Southampton, PA tax of (9%)

    Any help will be appreciated.
  • Similarly, I am looking for the MF and Residual % for the SE FWD in CA. Going car shopping and I like to be armed with the facts. For future reference could I figure it out based on the crappy leases on the dealer website? They show the MSRP, Residual value, cap reduction etc.
  • kurakura Posts: 5
    This is the final deal I got

    2011 Highlander SE AWD V6

    $1000 out of pocket includes first month payment
    $416 a month includes our 9% tax....

  • azuluazulu Posts: 20

    Which state is this in?

  • kurakura Posts: 5
    I am sorry... I am in PA (9% tax on lease)
  • I just got 2011 base v6 FWD + Tech Package

    15000 miles, 36 months
    monthly lease payment $448 all in includng first month payment.
    0 down, 0 fee, 0 money fm my wallet

    hopefully you can get better deal than me

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