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2013 and earlier Toyota RAV4 Lease Questions



  • luvautoluvauto Posts: 17
    Surely not an idiot. See the previous posting - it will help you close the deal. Negotiate 0 due at signing except for the 1st monthly payment. TFS requires monthly payment in advance. GAP is usually cheaper with your car insurance company - in my case, it's only addl. $4 or $5 for 6 months.

    Please share your experience and numbers on the final deal and the State/Town of the dealership. thanks.
  • jmillsssjmillsss Posts: 2
    (d) Yes tax was approx $22 (per month?) does that make sense?

    I'm asking about the 0.00004 MF, because they mentioned I had excellent credit :)
  • luvautoluvauto Posts: 17
    (d) Tax rate and application is different for every State, City. What State are you in? How do they tax monthly lease payments? Some contributors (many thanks to them) have shared more on this topic in previous posts.

    If you get .00004, great! for both you and the dealer as you may not further negotiate the 1,000 due at signing. Note that TFS web site says that they bill monthly payments in advance - so you may pay the 1st month at signing. So, the 1,000 is really 800 (assuming 1st mo payment of 200), to be added to the Cap Cost for no more due at signing. Good luck.
  • frog22frog22 Posts: 21
    Can someone please tell me if this is a decent quote for a 4x4 Rav4 Sport with a V4 and the basic Extra Value Package? 12k/year, 36 month lease

    Taxes, Title and Fees down (which is about $2,000)

    $260/ month

    Seems a little high to me since there isn't very much in the car and I see people getting Limiteds for about the same price. But I am set on getting the Sport (don't want the wheel on the back), so it's a little hard to compare other people's offers. Do you think I can do better than this? If so, where do you think it should be? Thanks everyone.
  • mattgamattga Posts: 1
    Hi guys,
    What do you think about this deal? (Base model, V4, AWD)
    $520 down payment, $210 monthly payment, residual $15,790. All taxes and fees included (OTD prices). The offer includes the 1,000 college grad discount.

    Should I close this deal or wait for the August incentives?
  • sam1978, could you send me details on your deal. im looking for a deal on a limited, 4 cylinder, 4WD on 36 months and 12000 miles in MA.

    also what would be a decent lease payment with 2500 down after the 1000 rebate based on:
    Adj. cap cost = 27190
    Residual = 18046
    MSRP = 29100
    Money factor = 1.44/2400 = .0006

    thanks in advance.
  • yccyeeyccyee Posts: 4
    Hi delta 737h,
    Would you mind sending me a copy of your proposal to the dealers? I am highly anxious when dealing with car dealers. I am thinking that may be sending a proposal to the dealers in advance could save time for the person who will accompany me to the dealership.

  • I'm trying to get out of an upside down loan due to some potentially large maintenance bills coming up. I was offered $365 after tax monthly payment on a 36 month Rav4 base 4cyl model 12k lease (msrp was something like $22,300), including rolling in $2200 negative equity into the lease. I qualify for a $1k grad incentive and this was including $1200 at signing. I qualified for Tier 1 but not tier 1+ credit. I have not yet received the actual details back from the dealer as far as what they are using for cap cost/residual/MF, etc... just the monthly payment given what I've listed. Based on that, does this seem like a good deal?

  • pkim5pkim5 Posts: 5
    Hi Car_man,

    Could you please provide the residual and MF for a 2010 Toyota RAV4 Sport V6 AWD for a 36 month/36k mileage lease?

    Thank you very much!!!
  • All:

    Got a recent quote from a Minnesota dealer on the above RAV4 2010 lease

    0 down, tax, title, license included
    3 year, 15,000 per year lease
    354/month, 750 cash back, 35 payments
    Money factor .00034
    Residual 18,400

    Your thoughts on whether this is a good deal

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi pkim5. Toyota's lease program varies by region. You never mentioned what state you are in, so for now I will provide you with the details of its New York region program to give you an example of what its numbers are like.

    Toyota Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 RAV4 Sport V6 AWD with 12,000 miles per year are .00034 and 63%, respectively for consumers who qualify for its top aka "Tier 1+" credit tier.

    At first glance, this residual value looks amazing, but TFS places restrictions upon what options can be residualized. This makes its real world residual values lower than the published percentages appear. It also makes it difficult for individual consumers to work up sample payments on vehicles on their own.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • pkim5pkim5 Posts: 5
    Thank you very much, I am in the NY region. The residual does sound amazing, it is unfortunate about some options not being able to be residualized - it would make for amazing lease prices!
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 603
    edited August 2010


    Fund providers know that the cost of dealer installed options are grossly inflated. Therefore, in order to minimize their risk, they limit the cost of such options. So, for example, a dealer installed option retailing for $1,000 might be limited to only $700. The $700 is added to the base MSRP (including delivery charge) to produce the adjusted MSRP. And so, you don't realize the full benefit of the higher residual value. Remember, the higher the residual, the lower your payment. So, try to avoid dealer installed options that aren't fully residualized.

  • wawzj619wawzj619 Posts: 31
    Hi Car_man,

    Would you give me current MF and residual value of 2010 RAV4 limited V6 or 4-cyl FWD with 15,000 miles per year for 36 mons leasing?

  • pkim5pkim5 Posts: 5
    2010 RAV4 Limited V4 w/ Extra Value Package #1 (bluetooth, heated leather, etc.), Back-up Monitor, Special Color (Blizzard Pearl), Mud Guards, Carpet mats, etc.

    MSRP = $29,328
    Residual = $17,860
    Money Factor (Tier 1+) = 0.00034
    7% NJ Sales Tax
    Acquisition: $650, Doc: $239 - rolled in cap cost

    Monthly $297 plus First Month and DMV ($230) due at signing.

    Good deal?
  • hswhsw Posts: 26
    Hi Car-Man, do you have the lease numbers for a 2010 RAV4 Limited V6 AWD? I'm in the Chicagoland area. Looking for 36/10K and 39/10K. Thanks.
  • Just leased a 2010 RAV4 AWD V6 with Pre tow and convenience package (roof rack, 17' wheels, etc.) from Ardmore Toyota.

    $259.93 per month
    36 month lease
    12k miles per yr.
    $470 down
    Price includes Gap insurance

    $17,049 residual
    .00034 money factor

    Took the offer to another dealership and they told me there was no way they could match that deal.

    Hope this helps someone else since this forum did help us a great deal.

  • Hi, how are you?
    I saw your post on edmunds dot com about sending lease proposals to Toyota dealers. I have an autistic child and it is very difficult for me to get to the dealers to spend time haggling with them. Is there any way to help me out with some lease proposals to send out?
    It would be great if you could send me an example.
    I got ripped off on my last lease and still don't know enough to bargain with the sharks.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have two questions regarding the process of lease:
    1) I've sent proposal to the dealer, but one of the dealers encouraged me to drive almost two hours to the dealer shop, and took me more than three hours to get out of there. When I got home, I realized that the deal was not what I would expect. They really played games and tried to see how strong minded the customer is. If you are going to the dealer with children, I would rather hire someone to watch them for few hours. It was a nightmare for me and my children.
    2) The dealer forced me to sign bunch of paper before leaving the shop, except the final one. They had me sign a paper that I would go back again, will that be something hold against me in the future?
  • Hello Carman,

    Please update us on the 2010 Rav 4 V6 LTD lease rates and residuals for 36/12k. Also any update on rebates etc would be great.
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