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Toyota RAV4 Lease Questions



  • carhelp8carhelp8 Posts: 1
    i also looked at a rav 4 today in hempstead long island and got a price for 370 and about 1200 down,,which is the tax,dmv and first,,, can you please tell me the dealer where you boiught your car so i can go there,,, appreciated
  • geenicegeenice Posts: 2
    RAV4 AWD 6 CYL, Extra Value Package (QY), 36 Month, 12,000 Miles Per Year for $390 per month (including taxes) with $1,000 Down (covers 1st month payment, tax, tag, title, etc.).

    Any thoughts on whether this is a fair number or if the dealer can go much lower than this?
  • jimbowhojimbowho Posts: 3
    My wife would like to LEASE a Toyota Rav4 AWD 2.5L 4cyl LIMITED for 36 months with 15,000 miles a year. Only other option she needs is REMOTE STARTER.

    Given that we're willing to go out of pocket $2,000. (for 1st, sec deposit, mv and cap cost red) how much would you be willing to pay per month in the central/south Jersey area?


  • gsahoogsahoo Posts: 1
    I leased the Rav4 limited AWD 2.5L 4cyl for 36 months with 12,000 miles a year CLASSIC SILVER with $1500 down (covers 1st month payment, tax, tag, title, etc.)
    for $360 per month (including taxes). I got the deal from hudson toyota jersey city. Is it a good deal?
  • bohdybohdy Posts: 15
    Yesterday I finalized a lease deal at Herb Chambers Midstate Toyota on a 2009 RAV4 Sport V-6. MSRP is $28,846 which includes the Extra Value Package, the Sport Grade Appearance Package, Tow Prep Package, body side molding, and all-weather mats. Dealer is giving me splash guards at cost which I will install myself AND is paying off the last payment on my current lease of $347. MA sales tax is going up another 1 1/4 % August 1, so I'm saving a little by ending the current lease early. This new lease is for 3 years at 12k per year, zero down except for first month and registration fees at closing. Monthly payment is $319. Couldn't pass up this deal! RAV4 buyers should note that the Sport model is the only one without the spare tire on the rear hatch (that's why I got the Sport). You get 4 run-flat tires, no spare.
  • vgalmontevgalmonte Posts: 9
    I was seconds away from leasing a crv and then I saw Toyota's promotion this month $199 a month with $2199 due on a down payment. This is for a 2009 base 4x4 Rav 4!! This truck is hidous with the black mirrors/door handles but hopefuly I can get a black one. Anything that they might try to screw me on here? Also is gap insurance a good idea on a lease? I'm currently in the middle of a lease but my buy out is $1,500 under the value of the truck. I was actualy going to sell it to car cash today! What do you guys think will they try to get me one way or another?
  • Good deal?

    Rav 4 Ltd, v6, 4wd, sunroof, CLOTH seats:

    36 mo, $369 tax in, and $780 upfronts.

  • ipacorpipacorp Posts: 2
    which dealer?
  • kinngkinng Posts: 6
    Hi all, I am buying a RAV4 base model at the advertised lease special:
    -- $2194 down
    -- $239 (+tax)/mo payment
    No other hidden fee.

    The dealer is matching what Toyota has advertised, but will not go above and beyond that. Please advise if I can jump on this or if in your experience there is room to negotiate.

    Please help! I need to get this in 3-4 days.

  • cg62cg62 Posts: 7
    Here is the deal, 09 Base RAV4 4wd.

    36 months
    12k per year
    199. per month
    $2900 due at signing ( first month, bank fee, taxes, motorvehicle transfer fee, gap insurance)
    includes $1000 recent college graduation credit.

    Competition Toyota NY
  • Any advice on dealers or alternatives.
    '09s seem in short supply, no 2010s for a while, need out of my current Jeep lease my 10/26, and the few dealer's I've spoken to seem very unmotivated to come off of msrp
  • Got a quote from a dealer at Fort Worth, TX
    For 2009 RAV4 base FWD V6 with minimum features

    after $1000 rebate from Toyota
    base price $22900
    Drive out $24600

    Is this a good deal?

  • 2010 Rav4 sport 4cyl ,mag grey,QX,mats locks MSRP $26150
    36 months
    12k per year
    299 per month
    $0 due at signing
    $200 mv + tire tax
    NYC tax rolled into monthy
  • RAV Base 2WD advertised at 24,210 msrp with $2600 down. $169 a month

    Now have them to $22,200 (sale price)with $1000 down, 12k a year. Negative equity in my car is what is putting this deal on hold. MPV Mazda 2003 44k coming in with $3,500 trade in...kbb is listed up to $4,700 and I owe $6,300. So that is $2,700 negative going into the lease. So the new payment they are giving me is $299 a month including sales tax.

    36k miles...$15,901 is the end lease....and money factor is .00085

    I am feeling stressed..I want out of the mpv but I am thinking these numbers are not in my favor.
  • Congratulations on getting your new RAV, bigbl0ck72. I'm glad to hear that you had such a pleasant dealer experience. If you'd like, you can tell an even wider audience about it by stopping by the Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of

    Enjoy your new ride :shades: !

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi walktofast. Unless there is some really good reason why you need to get a new vehicle right away, you would be much better off waiting until you were not upside down on your current vehicle to get something new. Rolling negative equity into a lease just forces you to pay more than you should.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • 2009 Rav4 Limited
    QY Package
    Mud flaps
    Wheel Locks
    Towing package
    5 pc mat kit
    Rear parking display

    MSRP 30,749
    $500 out of pocket, $350/month inc tax, 36 months 12k miles/year.

    Good deal?
  • Forgot to add, this was AWD.
  • was at the dealer yesterday and negotiated a price of $21,699 for the rav plus ttl-my trade they offered me $7500-what kind of lease numbers can i be looking at with the rav price? toyota has a $199 lease special here in the midwest with $2159 down plus ttl so probably $4,000 out of pocket on it. can i take the price difference in a check back to me, or do i have to put the full amount of my trade down?
  • Just leased a new Rav4 and curious what others think of this deal.

    2010 Rav4 4cyl Base Model
    36 months
    12k per year
    $275 per month
    $450 due at signing includes first months payment ($275) and DMV ($175)
    All other bank fees/taxes rolled into monthly payment.

    What do you think?
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