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Toyota RAV4 Lease Questions



  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    1. - TFS is charging me only $5.13/mo for the GAP insurance, and, yes, you need it in case you total the car before the lease ends and your insurance, for book value, is insufficient.

    2. - GM, Honda, Ford all include the GAP insurance in the monthly lease payment; only Toyota, in my experience makes it an extra.

    3. Those two fees of $650 and $289 are questionable, but, in my experience, unavoidable. It's still a decent deal.
  • Here is what I got at Germain Toyota in Columbus, OH. I live in Detroit but the price was worth the trip.
    2011 Rav4 Ltd 4wd 4cyl Black Forest Pearl (awesome looking color) ash leather interior with backup camera, mudguards and floormats
    no gap ins. or extended warranty.
    3yrs, 15k miles/year
    MSRP: $29,368
    Zag Price: $26,420
    Acquisition fee: 650
    Doc fee: 250
    title, reg, lic: 15
    Total capitalized: 27,335
    Money factor: .00085
    Residual: @62% or $17,810
    Down: $321.13
    per month $321.13
  • Does this sound like a reasonable lease?

    2011 Rav4 MSRP: 24255
    CAP COST: 23860
    $1,999 due at signing ($1,800 down, $199 first month's payment and $0 security deposit.)
    Monthly payments of $199
    Residual is $16,061.
    Taxes (8%): $573
    Registration,Title,Inspection: 272.50
    Lease Acquisition Fee: $650
    Adding that to the due at signing ($1999): $3495


    $267/month including all taxes, fees.

  • clearance_itemclearance_item Posts: 5
    edited December 2010
    That is a complete rip off. They are giving you $395 off of the sticker price. Never negotiate from sticker price down, always invoice up. Ask them to show you the invoice, if they don't then get up and leave. If they won't show you the invoice you are in a bad dealership who is trying to hide every negotiating tactic they have, and they will scam you left and right. Invoice is what they purchased the car for. Anything over invoice is pure profit. Never put money down to reduce the monthly payments, if the car is wrecked you will never see that money again. Around $240 a month with tax included, with zero cap cost reduction, and if you get them lower on those tag/registration/doc fees, then you are in the ball park of a decent deal.

    That $199 deal is to get you in the door. On a 36 month lease for every $1000 down reduces the monthly fee to $27.78. So if you take $27.78 X 2 = $55.56 + $199 = $254.56 monthly payment before tax.
  • Many thanks for your help!
  • Carman or kyfdx, a few questions...

    Can you please provide the December MF and Residual for a 2011 RAV4 Limited 2WD for 36 months? We're considering both the 4-cylinder and the V6, if that makes a difference. And we're also considering 12k miles/yr and 15k miles/yr.

    What is the acquisition fee for Toyota? I've read $650 and $895. And is the disposition fee $350? (I'm in NC, part of SET, if that makes a difference.)

    And does Toyota offer a Multiple Security Deposit option? If so, what is the max number of deposits, and how much does each reduce the MF?

  • Hello,

    I am hoping you can help me out (because I don't really have a clue what I'm doing). I want to lease the new RAV4 2011. I'm considering the Sports edition and the Limited edition with Nav. Here are the figures the dealer has given me:

    MSRP: 25,880
    Invoice: 24,471
    Selling Price: 24,671
    Residual: 15,820 ( 3yrs, 36 months)
    Acquisition: 650
    Money factor: .00165
    Doc Fees: 55
    Tax: 9.5% (San Francisco)

    Limited Edition
    MSRP: $28,509
    Invoice:$ 26,977
    Selling Price: 27,277
    Residual: 16,921- (3yrs, 36 months)
    Acquisition: 650
    Money factor: .00165
    Doc Fees: 55
    Tax: 9.5% (San Francisco)
  • Hi there. I am looking for:New Rav 4 - 2011Limited, 3.5 V6, 2x4, Navigation Value Package, Color: Blizzard Pearl, Interior: Ash Leather trim,Navigation Package in San Rafael area. So far I got from salesperson from Marin Toyota:

    "For 2011 Toyota RAV4 2WD Ltd in Blizzard Pearl , your Direct Sales price is $27,030 Lease with $2,499Drive Off Your Monthly is $353.43 Special Lease
    (expire 01/03/11)."

    By reading above posts I realized it's way too high!!! Let's communicate about changes on price! From what I know usually it will be a slow time for dealers on Jan-Feb, so they should be happy about us going in!!!
  • Please help evaluate this lease. I think it's a pretty good deal:
    2011 Rav4 FWD, 4cyl, Silver with Charcoal interior
    Base model with Extra Value Package, Tonneau Cover, and Premium Carpet Mat Set add-ons
    3yrs, 12K miles/yr
    MSRP: $23209
    Invoice Price: $22434
    Sales Price: $22284
    Capped Fees: $650..... (?)
    Total Taxes: $780
    Lic/Reg Upfront: $40
    Upfront Fees: $173.50.......(?)
    Amount Due at Signing: $484.95
    Base Monthly Rental: $250
    Total Monthly Payment: $270
  • caydencayden Posts: 3

    I actually decided against the RAV4 and instead am leasing a Hyundai Santa Fe.

    Good luck!
  • phortsphorts Posts: 3
    2011 RAV4 Limited loaded blizzard pearl no nav...

    MSRP: don't know
    Don't even know what I paid for it
    MF: 0009 (i think)
    $650 acq fee
    15k miles

    Owed $5500 on a beat up 03 Maxima w 150k on it. Figured its worth about 2500-3000.

    35 payments of 370/mo

    Looking at all these other deals I'm getting sick. Thy told us $350/mo before they saw my trade, then it was $390/mo w 1st and acq and 12k..I thought getting them down to 370 and adding all that stuff in was fair, not great, but fair considering my negative equity.

    Please give me some perspective. I feel nauseous.
  • How does this lease look:

    22063 Selling Price
    $695 Bank Fee
    .007 Money Factor
    15595 Residual
    7% Sales Tax
    1000 College Grad Rebate

    Total = $230 x 36 months 12K mile month ($0 up front) $350 Disposition fee

    Looks really good Any comments on the numbers?
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 603

    I'm betting you misstated the money factor as there is no way that it could be .007. It's more likely to be .0007. Looks like you may have a 0 missing.

  • Yes typo

    rate = .0007 or 1.68%
  • wtw2wtw2 Posts: 4
    Car Man
    Can you provide me with the latest MF and residual for a base AWD Rav4 My wife has one and I want to try and get a better deal than I got the last time. Thanks
  • wtw2wtw2 Posts: 4
    Lease Wizard
    Where do you get such a deal? I got a quote w/o the college rebate or the dispositon fee of $309 for basically the same numbers. I didn't take it but yours looks great!
  • Hello:

    I follow your posts and wanted to see if the following deal on a Rav4 is worth diving into. Thanks for your input.

    Dealership: Broward County, FL
    Series: RAV4
    Model: Sport 4440 - 2WD Sport (4 Speed Auto)
    Model Year: 2011
    Transmission: 4 Speed Automatic
    Exterior: Black Forest Pearl
    Interior: Dark Charcoal Fabric
    MSRP $25,518.00
    Invoice $24,490.21
    Sales Price $23,798.00
    Lease #62706 tier 1 credit 740 + beacon score qualifier
    39 months lease 12,000 miles a year $0 down
    Monthly payment: $256 + tax ($271.00)
    1st payment and tag due at signing.
    Price includes (dealer installed bluetooth)
    Money Factor 0.00100
    Doc Fees $998
    Acquisition Fee $695
    Gap Coverage included
    If 2 year Maintenance plan is included

    Looking to close on a deal this week!!!

    Thanks again.
  • Hi everyone. I am new to this forum and just leased for three years a 2011 Rav4 Base 4WD and am wondering if I received a decent deal. Please read the following and comment:

    Gross Capitalized Cost-$24,584.00
    Down Pmt-$3200
    Acquistion Fee-$650
    Gap Insurance-$695(not sure if I even need this)
    Mechanical Breakdown Protection-$791(not sure if I need this)
    Residual Value-$15,192
    Capitalized Cost Reduction-$1869.79
    Total Monthly Payment-$316.60

    What else should I list or with this information how does it look? Thanks for your time.
  • karchkarch Posts: 42
    edited January 2011
    Anyone have the latest residual and mf for a 36 month, 12K mile lease, minimal drive-off?

    California, if that makes any difference.

  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Are you saying you gave the dealer $7205.79 plus 316.60/mo for this car? That's expensive. [FWIW, you DO need Gap Insurance, and Toyota charges me about $7.00/mo. for it on my lease of the same model car].
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