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Toyota RAV4 Lease Questions



  • marosenmarosen Posts: 6
    I live in Greater Boston.

    In January I leased a 2011 Rav4 base model 4x4 with automatic transmission. It was a 36 month lease with 12k miles/year. The MSRP was $25,124. My total out of pocket was $3999 and the dealer kept a $400 Toyota rebate. My monthly payment is $121.24 plus tax (which makes the monthly payment $128.82)

    I'm now in the market for a second vehicle. Should I be able to duplicate this deal on a 2012?
  • pupper4pupper4 Posts: 6

    I am looking for June residual value and money factor on a 2012 base RAV4 2wd with upgrade value package for both 12,000 and 15,000 mile/36 month leases. Thanks so much.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi pupper4. This vehicle's lease program varies by region. I need you to tell me what state you are in to give you an accurate idea of what its current program is like.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • jess4fjess4f Posts: 2
    Hi car man,
    I presently lease 2010 base 4x4 RAV4 for $231 with $0 down.
    I'm being bombarded with letters from the dealer to come for a great deal
    on 2012, even thou there is another seven month till the end of the lease.
    Do you think i can duplicate the same deal(i don't think it was a bad deal) ?

    Thank you
  • Hi Car Man,

    Would you be able to tell me the July money factor and residual value for both the base Rav 4 (with upgrade value package if that matters), as well as the Sport model? Both would be for 12,000 miles per year - NY State.

  • Hi Car_Man,

    I am looking for the money factor and residual value for a Rav4 Limited with Nav Package with 15,000 miles and 36 months. I live in Illinois (60056). Thank you.
  • Hi Car_Man

    For 08902 (NJ) dealer is offering 250 per month (including tax) with 865 down (includes first monthly payment) for base 2012 Rav4 2 WD.
    Is it good deal ?
  • smg1929smg1929 Posts: 5

    Can you please provide current money factor and RV for a base RAV4 in lower NY State- 36 month $0 deal and what I might expect monthly? What additional fees are typical?

  • Carman,

    Please advise the October MF and Residuals on the 4 cylinder Limited models..36 months/36,000 miles...

    Current deal is $2599 down/$189 month for base model. Looking to do $0 down on a Limited model. Been getting quotes all the way from $290-$320...anyone have any input on those quotes?

    Wife is prego need to save every cent! Thanks!
  • betha4betha4 Posts: 1
    Hi carman,

    Can you please tell me what the MF and RV is for the 2012 Rav 4 Sport FWD 4 cylinder with appearance package and leather interior? I'm in LA. Can you tell me numbers for both a 36 mo/ 36k miles and a 24 month/ 24k miles lease?

  • went to a Toyota dealership the other day and I inquired about leasing a RAV 4. My credit is very poor, in the 450s. This is what they offered me: 2012 RAV 4, base model with AWD, 3 year lease, 12k miles per year, 2 year Toyota Care (includes free oil change and tire rotations), $0 down payment - for $335/month. Considering my poor credit, is this a good lease offer?
  • Hi, Car_man! What are the lease terms for a 2013 RAV4 EV here in Los Angeles, CA? I prefer three years and 15,000 miles. THANKS!
  • any idea what the mf and residual are on a 2012 rav4 limited - 10k miles and 36 months?
  • I was just told mf was .00001. Still trying to get residual?
  • dcf1955dcf1955 Posts: 12
    Hi CarMan, could you provide the MF rate and Residual on a 2012 RAV4 Limited 4X4 V6 for a 2yr, 12k mi/yr as well as a 3yr, 12k mi/yr lease? I think the numbers are good thru Jan 7, correct? Thank you for your time.
  • Car man--what is the money factor and residual for the new 2013 RAV-4 XLE---also what is the typical---if there is such a thing---lease acquisition fee from Toyota Financial---my last lease, I think the dealer added some--I paid 695 and it has taken me three years to realize it--shame on me---thanks again--you are always very helpful
  • dpb67dpb67 Posts: 6
    Can you please provide residual and mf for a 2012 Base v6 in NJ?
  • Looking for prices paid, Money factor, Buy Rate, Residual, Any additional fees from Toyota on a 2013 Rav4

    Thank you
  • This would be our first lease and I'm a bit nervous. Not sure if this is a good deal. Doesn't quite seem like it. This is for a 2013 Rav4 with FWD and no navigation.

    MSRP $27010
    Special color (Blizzard Pearl) $395
    Floor Mats $225
    Destination Charge $845
    TOTAL PRICE $28475

    They are taking off $1,000. So purchase price would $27,475. We are trading in a vehicle and are a bit upside down (I know, not good) so we are having to carry over $1,300, making purchase price $29775.

    Down Payment $0
    Acquisition Fee $650 (factored into monthly payment)
    Admin fee $89 (to be paid when we pick up car along with first month's pymt)
    Taxes 8.3% (added into monthly payment)
    Residual Value $17,016 (I believe 53%)
    MF .00180 (this seems high to me but they said Toyota sets this. We have great
    credit and this is the rate for super preferred)
    Monthly payment $486

    Can you please give me feedback. I just don't know if this is something we should pursue.
  • I forgot to mention this this is for the Limited version.
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