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Toyota RAV4 Lease Questions



  • Interesting about Harper College. I work not far from there. Your son has a bit of a commute to Wrigley from there I imagine. Northwestern is top notch, obviously. Tried to get my wife to Harper but they didnt offer an HR Associates degree there but it is a very good CC.

    Anyway, I think we are turning our focus to the CR-V. Thanks for all the great info.
  • witt168witt168 Posts: 16
    Hi John,

    Thanks so much.

    Wonder if I need to change my calculator.

    I have inside info that one of Toyota dealer in Socal will go $1,000 under invoice. I'm trying to get it.

    Thanks again.
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 603
    Best of luck leasearav4 and witt. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


  • ks10596ks10596 Posts: 18
    Does any one have the current money factor and residual percentages for the 4 and 6 cyl - 12000 miles?
  • ftakftak Posts: 3
    Car_Man- Hoping you can help me out here. Relatively new to the leasing experience and was hoping for some pointers.

    Looking to lease a Rav4 Limited w/4WD, sunroof and 3rd row seat. TMV cost on Edmunds is $24,951 , invoice pirce of $24,561.

    A local dealer in NJ told me they would go $1,000 below invoice another says 1% profit.

    From what I've read, I should negotiate a price for the vehicle before bringing up a lease. What would a fair price for me to pay for the vehicle.

    And what would I expect to pay for a 36 month lease on something like this, putting as little money down as possible?

  • ftakftak Posts: 3
    Made an error in my previous post so here is it revised- ( Can you only edit within a certain timeframe??)

    Revised - one dealer told me they would go $1,000 under invoice, another stated 1% over invoice.

    Rav4 Limited 4cyl, w/sunroof. Invoice price is $23795, TMV is $24152. What do you think a good price for me would be, and a good lease payment putting as little money down?

    I've read that I should negotiate a buy price first from the dealer. What is the best approach to tell the delaer I want to lease the vehicle using our negotiated price as the base?,
    Any help would be appreciated
  • Any current figures for the 2007 RAV4 - FWD - SPORT V6 - 12k miles. Looks like invoice, before options is 22,605. What is residual and money factor for 36 months? 42 months? Also, do I have to add 500 for destination to this invoice price? Thanks.
  • Hi all,
    I'm looking at a 4-cyl 4wd Rav4 Limited with the Leather package. The dealer offered it to me at Invoice, which as they state is $26,100. Can someone help calculate the payments on a 36 month, 36K mile lease? The monthly payments they are coming up with seem a bit too high = $399.00 with $1,500 up front including taxes and fees. thanks in advance.
  • Hi witt168. Toyota is providing lease support on the 2007 RAV4 in some of its regions this month, unfortunately I don't believe that Southern California is one of them. That means that if you want to lease this truck through Toyota Financial Services you will have to use its standard lease program. I don't believe that Toyota is providing lease support on the 2008 RAV in any region right now.

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  • Hi leasearav4. Since you are new to the world of leasing, you definitely should check out the following informative articles that are available here at prior to visiting any dealers: 10 Steps to Leasing a New Car and Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    You can look up the dealer invoice price of the RAV4 that you are interested in by visiting the following section of - New Vehicle Pricing.

    I am not aware of any source that provides accurate information on manufacturers' current lease programs to the general public, but I can help you out. I don't believe that Toyota is currently providing lease support on the '07 RAV in its Chicago region. If this is indeed the case, and you were to lease one through Toyota Financial Services you would have to use its standard lease program. I have not seen TFS' buy rate standard money factor for your area lately, but I suspect that it is probably around .00250 to .00275 for consumers who qualify for its Tier 1+ credit tier. TFS' current residual value for a 36 month lease of an '07 RAV4 Sport 2WD with 15,000 miles per year is 56%. The problem is that TFS only publishes residual values for base vehicles. It places restrictions upon which options can be residualized, making it difficult to calculate the actual dollar residual values for specific, well-equipped models.

    You can use the formula that is outline in the aforementioned article to calculate a lease payment on this truck, but again the residual value issue with TFS leases makes it difficult to do so.

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  • Hey leasearav4. As you mentioned, high residual values result in low monthly payments, so the higher vehicles' residual values are, the better.

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  • Hello Kevin. Shoot for a selling price that is as close to dealer invoice as possible on the RAV that you are interested in. You may be able to get an idea of how much you will have to pay for one right now by checking out the following discussion: "Toyota RAV4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience".

    Toyota is providing lease support on this truck, but only in a few of its many regions. I would be happy to give you an idea of what its current program is like if you tell me what state you are in.

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  • I live just outside of Philadelphia in Glenside PA - I am looking at a AWD 4 Cyl Rav4 limited (2007) - the current money factor (September) is .00205 and the residual on this model for 36 months 12,000 miles is 57%. Just trying to get a dealers best price - invoice isn't a hard and fast number and it certainly doesn't match the "invoice" price on Edmunds (Edmunds is always lower). Will report back when I get a deal.
  • Thanks for sharing the details of your negotiations, aquinto. I look forward to hearing how everything turns out.

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  • I finally leased a RAV 4 last night, after a couple of months of research, discussions with dealers and walking out of dealerships. The vast majority of communication was done via email. There were discussions with at least 9 dealers and it is interesting how they operate. Ultimately I struck a deal with DEL Toyota in Thornton PA about an hours from where I live in Glenside PA. The whole process with DEL took less than 24 hours and the best part was approximately only 35 MINUTES in the dealership signing papers!!! DEL was the last dealer I contacted and I provided them with a monthly lease payment calculation and what I wanted to pay for up front (I didn't want any fees rolled into the lease - that way I could verify lease numbers to my calculation). I used the lease calculator on Edmunds - which is accurate despite what some dealers might tell you - the problem is the dealers throw in fees to try and bump up the monthly lease payment. Anyway...

    Leased a 2007 RAV 4 Pacific Blue 4 Cylinder Limited 4WD - only options daytime running lights and floor mats.

    36 month lease with Toyota Financial Services, 12,000 miles a year (apparently 15,000 miles a year is a 55% residual)

    MSRP $25,529, COST CAP (purchase price) $23,747.40, RESIDUAL $14,516.95 (57%), MONEY FACTOR .00205 (4.92%), PA lease tax 9% (on the monthly payment).

    Monthly payment including tax is $364.98.

    Up front fees 1st months payment of $364.98, acquisition fee $550 (no one would budge on this and some wanted to include it in the monthly lease payment), title $22.50, registration $36, license $10, Doc fee $55, tire fee $5, GAP insurance $200 (negotiated down from $400 - Toyota does not automatically include!), the remaining $73 dollars or so is tax on some of the above items - total out of pocket is $1,316

    This was the best deal I could work out and still be married and not drive myself crazy anymore.


    1. Educate yourself on how a lease works - it is easy for dealers to move numbers around - most of them want you to say a monthly payment they will surprise surprise match it!

    2. If you have any intention of getting a good deal - SHOP AROUND.

    3. Dealers are more willing to negotiate if the car is on their lot rather than having to trade (example - I can walk to a Toyota dealer from my house(did not have the vehicle we wanted) but ended up buying an hour away (did have the vehicle we wanted).

    4. Don't be afraid to walk out of a dealer - I did and they still get in touch with you afterwards.

    5. I wasn't being unrealistic in what I wanted to pay - it became clear early on that the no one was coming close to the "invoice" price on Edmunds. I also wasn't looking to cut into dealer hold back.

    6. I not only wanted a price as low as I could get but I also wanted to know how the dealer got to his numbers.

    7. Overall, dealers do not appreciate an educated customer - DEL Toyota did and that is why they earned my business

    Let me know if there are any questions.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Here in NY, TFS is advertising a "$2199 down/$249/mo" lease for a base FWD 4cyl. I found one as AWD and was quoted $3500 down and $389/mo! After 2 hours' haggling, I was offered a $2K down and $311/mo 36 mo. lease with 15Kmi/yr. Cheesily, TFS wanted $6/mo for gap insurance! Should I take it? I must add that this month, there seems to be very little incentive support for any vehicle like the RAV4.
  • I am curious what the money factor and residual % for a 2008 Rav4 in Chicagoland Area, Illinois should be?

    Looking at a 36 month 15,000 mile a year lease of a 2008 Rav4 4x4 base silver with 17 in Wheels, 50 state emissions, roof rails, daytime running lights and a third row seat.

    Appreciate your help.
  • RAV4 2008 V6 Base priced at 2730

    4 year lease with a 12000 miles per year and no money down. There offer was 530 for 48 months. Is this reasonable? I live in North wales PA. Thank you very much.
  • When you say no money down are you not including the first lease payment and security deposit?

    I think this deal is not very good. When you goto Toyota's website and build a 2008 Rav4 V6 in North Wales PA, you can not get the MSRP up to $27,300. But when you estimate payments on a lease on their website with a rav4 v6 at 26,900 you get a payment of around $383 (although you need to add in tax, but that would only be $30-$40.) Since your goal should be under msrp and $530 seems like over msrp that is not a good deal at all. (as long as your credit is good)
  • Congratulations on getting your new RAV, aquinto. Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed message about your lease. Make sure to stop by the new Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of to share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience with others. Enjoy your new ride :shades: .

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