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Toyota Sienna Lease Questions



  • Hi Car_man,

    I'm in New Jersey.

    Is it possible to get the January lease rates for the XLE for 36 months 15K?

    And is it different if I add just the Nav?

    Thank you
  • Hi Barry,

    Im in So. CA and signed a 36 month lease on a 2011 Sienna XLE with Navigation for 573 per month. This includes sales tax and title.

    The terms were 33,038 cap cost, 19,925 residual, 0.00220 money factor and 12,000 allowable annual mileage. To have 15,000 annually it would have costed 20 more per month.

    We called around many dealers and most were willing to budge on the terms.

    What do you guys think of the money factor? Effective rate is 5.28%
  • I apologize as I dont have all the figures but do have the ones that mean the most to me. :) 2011 XLE with Dual Screen Ent system for zero down. All I would have to pay is first month and the basic fees. total was about $600-$700. 39 month lease with a payment of 440 including tax for 12k and 457 including tax for 15k.

    With the limited numbers that I am providing you, can you tell me if this is a good deal. The purchase will be made in Florida.

    Sorry for the lack of info and thanks for any input that you could provide.
  • Car Man,

    Would you please post the February lease numbers for the '11 Sienna Limited AWD?

    If region is important, we're in northern NJ.

    Thanks in advance.

  • mlvdfmlvdf Posts: 1
    Here is South TX Toyoa sienna le v6 (with windshield protect replacement )
    crack windshield here is common

    dealership offering $445/month lease (includes tax/title/tag, dealer fee/doc))
    for 36 months

    Total payment other fees, no disposition at end of lease.

    what is you experience??
  • jp6233jp6233 Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    Hi I just leased a 2011 Toyota Sienna LE for 475/per month for 39 months with zero down and 15k miles/year. I was upside down on a trade-in for $1000. MSRP $30200. How did I do in terms of price poor-average-excellent?? BTW bought it in Jax FL
    Thanks so much.
  • maweissmaweiss Posts: 6
    Hi Group:

    I'm about to return my '08 Sienna and want to get into a new one as follows:

    • 36 months lease term (alternate to 39 months ok as that's what seems to be going on now with Toyota)
    • Miami, Florida
    • Excellent Tier 1 Credit
    • 15K miles/year, 0.15 for over mileage
    • no down payment, first payment ok
    • Model: 2WD XLE Automatic
    • Package: XLE Premium Package

    If you can provide me with the residual and money factor it would be great so I can have a fighting chance of getting a good deal!


  • maweissmaweiss Posts: 6
    So, I closed the deal yesterday.

    Sienna '11, XLE with Luxury Premium Package
    Miami, Florida
    39 months lease
    15K miler / year
    Payment of $532.17/month with taxes included
    $730 out of pocket including first month payment
    Dealer taking care of my last 3 payment on my '08 Sienna

    Negotiated Car Price: $36,587
    Residual of roughly 53%
    Lease Rate: .00144

    Hope this helps other buyers. Dealer was Lipton Toyota with Jose Quintero in the Internet Department = fantastic experience. In and out of the dealer in 2 hours.
  • jeff47jeff47 Posts: 5
    Interested in leasing sienna limited awd and am flexible as far as timing. Any way to know if the money factor will improve over the next 6 months?

    Also, do you know when hybrid sienna coming and if it will be awd?

  • songbird54songbird54 Posts: 14
    edited April 2011
    do you know the MF and residual on the LE for 36 months @ 12,000 miles a year?

    I actually like the 4cyl, but I think they only give lease support on the 6cy
    correct me if Im wrong..
    Im trying to figure out of their "advertised" special is all that special
    I dont think it is
  • mjt5mjt5 Posts: 13

    Looking to lease vehicle above later this month. Do you have the current money factor and residual numbers for May on a 36 or 39th month 12k lease through Toyota Financial Services.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  • dany3dany3 Posts: 4
    Hello Car_man

    do you know the MF and Residual on the Sienna LE (5338) for 36 months 12,000 miles/year

    Also What do you think about these deal?
    Miami, Florida

    $2,000 Due at sing
    $ 299 + tax. monthly.


  • ahashmiahashmi Posts: 67
    Hi Car_Man,

    Looking to get a minivan now, and this forum is extremely helpful. Do you know the MF and RV of a:

    1. Sienna Limited with Nav
    12k mi/yr, 39 months

    2. Sienna XLE with Nav
    12k mi/yr, 39 months

    And I believe 15k mi/yr is just 1% less?

  • I have the same question as #355. Anyone have the June lease rates for the Sienna XLE and/or Limited?

  • ianermdianermd Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    Sienna limited AWD w/ nav and rear entertainment system
    36month/12k lease

    MSRP: $45376
    Cap Cost: $42285
    Residual: $25243
    MF: .001

    only fees and taxes up front

    monthly payment: approx $540
  • ahashmiahashmi Posts: 67
    Seems like your RV is 56%, which doesn't seem right... should be about 54%

    Also, ask how much is due at signing total. If it is what it is, without any catches, I think its a really good deal.
  • azuluazulu Posts: 20

    Do you have the following for the LE and XLE:


    36 Months 12/15K


  • Ok here's what I got. Although I dont have all the small numbers..I guess i can get that if anyone needs that

    I got 2011 XLE with dual dvd screen NO nav or anything else. Did have Toyota Guard if that an optional feature some place else.

    So I walked out with $350 @ $3000 down with first month included in that. I dont know if thats the best deal but its not to shabby I think.

    BTW i am in Atlanta GA region. Got the car from World Toyota on Peachtree Industrial off 285. I had to haggle this price down as they were giving me offers for $375 - 390. I actually was walking out b/c of the long sales pitches and all. But i didnt budge. You really have to haggle with these guys.

    I also have a buddy of mine get a $340 for ($2840) which was a way better deal. But aah i need the car.

  • azuluazulu Posts: 20
    In Northern Calif the 5338s can be leased at 289/month [tax not included] with 2199 down.

    Down payment includes first month payment, dealer aquisition fees[650], DMV registration fees[417], doc prep fee [~50].

    MF is 0.000235 for tier 1 customers (>720 on FICO).

    36 mon/12K

    Same MF for XLEs.

    Hope this helps.
  • Im looking at leasing a 2011 Sienna SE.

    MF: .00025 for N.CA
    RV: on 36 months is 19577 not sure on 48 months.

    Ive done my research on pricing, but getting the best deal from the dealers has proven a difficult task. Im a costco and AAA member also. Pricing coming up around 31-32K

    I have a trade in, worth about 21000, owe 25000
    putting 1500-2000 down

    does anyone know the residual on a 48M lease?

    does Toyota lease come with G.A.P?

    im trying to keep my payment in/around 500-550 or lower.
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