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Toyota Sienna Lease Questions



  • bizziebizzie Posts: 14
    I agree.
    How does the deal look without the nav?
  • At 17K for the 3 years, it sounds good.

    When I was looking to lease the Limited AWD with nav and dvd, they were offering me about $620 per month including tax. But $140 per month extra with all the extra bells and whistles for a Limited seems to make sense relative to your other deal on the XLE with nav only for an additional $100 per month.

    The other thing I noticed is that the XLE and the Limited have a similar range between the selling price and the residual (which is what you are paying for in the lease payments), so it was literally only about $10 more per month to get the Limited. You should have them show you those numbers to make an informed decision.
  • bizziebizzie Posts: 14
    I received another offer (from out of the area) for XLE 36/36k lease for $420/month (only 1st month due at inception).

    Also the price to buy is the lowest as well at 31,750 (including all fees+floormats+roof rack cross bars).

    These are the best numbers I have received or read about so will decide on Monday.

    I will not get the factory Nav but may install an aftermarket nav, not sure yet.
  • Like many others, I'm extremely glad to have found this site and really appreciate so many people taking the time to offer their input, advice, and expertise.

    I'm in southern California and looking to lease a 2012 Sienna XLE, 8-passenger, V6, FWD (with rear seat entertainment). Hoping the experts here can provide the money factor and residual on a 36-month, 12,000 miles per year lease?

    Additionally, would love to hear the details about the best deals others have negotiated off sticker for this (or a similar) vehicle?

    Gotta love the internet when it's working for good. Appreciate any and all help to come! Cheers.
  • tga01tga01 Posts: 30
    Could you plese post the lease rate and residual for a 2012 Sienna XLE FWD for 15,000 miles for both 36 and 39 months.

    thanks in advance !!!
  • dr_moreldr_morel Posts: 2
    Partial answer:

    36 Month is $19313 (Standard mileage) and $19977 (low).

    I'd never imagine these residuals wouldn't take into account major upgrades, like NAV and ENT packages, but they don't. Same values from base to fully-loaded.
  • pmannymopmannymo Posts: 21
    My main man, the car man,

    Can you please post the MF and residual on a 2012 LE AWD with 12k/year for 36 months. I know they have $750 in incentives right now but working on finding the best payment.

    Thank you for you wonderful service to all of us. I have used edmunds to help lease around 10 vehicles and it's now a pleasure rather than a pain to go through the process.

    Best to you for improving the world,

  • tga01tga01 Posts: 30
    Could you plese post the lease rate and residual factor for a 2012 Sienna XLE FWD for 15,000 miles for both 36 and 39 months.

    thanks in advance !!!
  • Hi -- I am looking at a 2012 Sienna XLE with Nav, and really would love the current lease rates that are being offered in Southern California. I feel blind can't find any of the mf or residual numbers! Thanks in advance!
  • Forgot to mention I am looking at 36 months and 15K or 18K miles. Thanks!
  • kingkong5kingkong5 Posts: 1
    I'm in SoCal too! Just leased a Sienna Limited at the end of June from the dealership in Tustin. They had a promotion going on for their Siennas in stock. 0.00001 money factor on the lease with a $22,808 residual.

    My Sienna Limited FWD had a sticker of almost $45k, with NAV, the superwide DVD, crossbar racks, and the standard stuff like dual moonroofs, La-Z-Boy 2nd row seats, power 3rd row folding. Since it was the last day of the month and they really need to make the sale, we decided we could live with the color (wanted blizzard pearl but out of the colors on the lot only gray mica would work for us), if we got a substantial discount.

    Their initial offer was to lease it at $43.5k "sales price" plus TTL, and taking our trade-in at $6500 resulting in a $493/mo lease payment. Assuming we made all our payments and bought it for the residual price in 3 years, our total of payments including the trade-in would be $46.5k That wasn't going to happen, so we negotiated the price down to $38 even, got $8k for the trade, and our lease payment is $308/mo for 36 months and 36,000 miles. So in 3 years if we purchase at the residual price our total outlay would be $33.5k in payments plus $8k from our trade-in, which is $41.5k for the van, Plus sales tax on the residual portion, but that would be the same in any lease situation.

    I can live with a $308/mo lease payment on this fantastic car, and I'm so happy I got rid of my Expedition and 12MPG. We didn't get laser cruise control; not sure how well that would work on our SoCal freeways, and no HID's or Xenon's or whatever the fancy headlights are. I'm fine with that, though. Hope you can get your Sienna soon, too. I was really surprised at the low money factor, they also offered the promotional purchase financing at 0.9%APR if we wanted to go that route.
  • kiwipikekiwipike Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    I am in negotiation with my local Toyota Dealer for a lease on a new Sienna. Our numbers differed for the lease payments. I asked where the discrepancy was and there response was sales tax on a lease was 9% vs the state 6%. Is that right?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,650
    In Pennsylvania?

    If so, yes... 3% extra for leases...

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jenkay1jenkay1 Posts: 5
    edited July 2012
    Up to turn in a Limited Rav 4 in Dec and would really like to lease an XLE Sienna MSRP $34K. What would be a good lease deal? Was offered $400/mo with $2000 down last month (believe that was everything). Have excellent credit. Was thinking $375 with $1000 down would be a good deal this fall but really not that experienced at this. Live in NY, 36,000 mi lease.

    Would so appreciate advice :)
  • richqyrichqy Posts: 1

    Can you please post lease numbers for the Sienna XLE please

    Residual, MF, miles.

    thank you!
  • chad75chad75 Posts: 19
    Car-Man, can you provide lease factors for southwest Florida (33901) for a 2012 Sienna XLE 7-passenger AWD, 10k-12k miles/year, 36 months? With the Premium Package.

    Thank you!

    p.s. We are cross-shopping the Sienna with the VW Routan, mostly because VW is offering massive discounts on the Routan. Is it true that the Routan gets poor gas mileage, worse than advertised by VW? How about the Sienna, does it reach its claimed MPG figures?
  • janoojanoo Posts: 15
    edited August 2012
    Hi Guys,
    Need your advice. I am in the process of negotiating a lease of a 2012 XLE AWD (loaded as it comes) with the navigation package, also come with the carpet floor mats/Door sill protector and 50 state Emissions (whatever that means). It is a 3 year lease and 12,000 per year. The final price of this deal is $430. I am putting zero down but am paying the taxes and bank fees up front and first months payment and DMV fees for a total of $2835 out the door. The dealer indicated that he will comp me the rubber matts and a remote start!!! The MSRP without the rubber matts and remote start is $38,667 Please let me know what you think?

    Thanks again.
  • ogbuffguyogbuffguy Posts: 40
    edited October 2012
    Can a host please tell me the base lease rates for a 2013 toyota sienna XLE 8 passenger for 36 months with 12k and 15k miles a year in southern california?
  • Can we get the residuals and money factors on the Sienna XLE please? 12K and 15K?

    I made this same post about 2 weeks ago on the Odyssey forum and it seems that Car Man does not frequent the minivan forums as that went unanswered and it seems many here do the same.

    When I was looking for an Infiniti, he/she would answer within a day or two!!
  • Looking for the money factor and residual for Southeast Toyota. 2013 Sienna LE/36 or 39'months/12k per year
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