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Toyota Sienna Lease Questions



  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    I am happy andso are you...I always believed that bird in hand is worth more than..(you know the rest)
  • Hi..Was just catching up on all the great posts..I need help..Am looking for at 08 Sienna LE w/EVP # 2 from Edmunds, which has a different MSRP from Toyota (27605) vs Edmunds 27125 (TMV=26020)..How much theoretically could I spend on a 36 mo/ 15k/yr lease...I tried to use an online calculator with the money factors/residual value listed and came up w/ $ 179/month...obviously I did something wrong :)..Any help would be greatly appreciated..
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    where are you located?.....if in Nj please read my previous post...I was so happy with Glen Toyota that I can stop recommending them. In my many years of car buying and lately leasing I have never encounter such a great bunch of pressures and excellent prices,of to those that know their numbers...
  • hause7hause7 Posts: 153
    Im thinking of Leasing an XLE with Extra value pkg. 4 then purchasing it after the lease, should i do that? I can pay a lot lower every month that way.
  • Hi..I am at at the "local" dealer is DCH- galaxy- had a good experience with them 3 years ago on purchase of a I was just curious where the numbers could end up with the car I wanted priced out. 4 years ago I leased a 04 LE 8 pass for $450/month..I know I got ripped..I just don't want history to repeat itself.. I have time before this lease is up and feel obligated to get the BEST deal! Driving up to Glen is not out of the question- but would prefer to deal locally if possible..TY!
  • I've been talking with one Northern California territory dealer about a remaining 2007 XLE AWD with the relatively rare Package 9 (Nav and DVD entertainment).

    The TFS lease money factor without cash back is a pretty good 0.00158 (~3.8%), but the residual on the 38,200 cap cost is a dismal 46%. With such a low residual, the advantageous lease MF gets eaten away.

    Is this just an example of Car Man's admonitions here that TFS has restrictions on what options can be residualized? Or is this a case of a dealer hitting the wrong keys on the financing screen?
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    With the 08's out already and deals being worked out,why do you want an 07?....I have not seen any 07 in Northern NJ
  • In my TFS territory there aren't any special lease deals for the 2008s yet. I suppose a few more 2007s need to be sold before the 08s will get more incentives.

    I suspect that the special 2008 leases some other territories are getting now will come to ours soon, perhaps early Novemeber. At least I can wait!

    Still curious about the low 2007 residual, though.
  • 07 has extra year of depreciation.
  • I understand that 07 is now at end-of-model-year, and economically residuals should go down. I was just curious, given what Car Guy stated in #112 above -- that a 2007 LE in another region only a few weeks ago was at 56% depreciation for 36 mos/12k miles. This would be a drastic reduction since then!
  • Hi biffster. What state are you in? Toyota has started introducing lease support on the 2008 Sienna in some regions. If there is no support available on it in your area yet, I suspect that there will be in the next couple of months.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • I'm in Northern California. I suspect, given the support on other 2008 Toyota models in my region currently, that November might see some deals soon!
  • I am getting a deal for a 2008 Sienna LE for 314 a month with $1700 down. Is this a good deal? With $1000 down its closer to $340 a month. this is in Indiana. The dealer said that the money factor has gone up for a Sienna which is the reason he cannot offer as good a deal as he did last year.
  • Hi Carman, any idea what the Nov. Toyota buy rate numbers are for an 08 LE 36 month 12K lease are. Thank you.
  • I recently went to Prestige Toyota in Ramsey, NJ regarding the nationally adveritsed 2008 Sienna Lease deal.

    The current national deal is $249/month for 36 months, $2199 down not including tax title, registration, license.

    They offered me the following lease deal:

    2008 CE 7 Passenger $239.month, $4000 down (includes all fees) Gap Insurance Included
    2008 LE 8 Passenger $259 month, $4000 down (includes all fees) Gap Insurance Included

    Part of the down can be rolled accordingly into the monthly by dividing how much you want to take off the down by 36 months. So I was leaning for the LE 8 passenger deal chopping it down to $2000 down and upping the monthly to $314 a month.

    It seems like a good deal and prestige is telling me this is highly aggressive based on the national campaign. I am about to go to Glen Toyota tonight and see if they could do better, but wondering anyone had any input regarding the current nationally lease deal on the 2008 Sienna. Should I jump at this? Or take a look at another dealer?
  • I am shopping for Sienna XLE Limited AWD to lease for 36 months 12k miles.
    with option package QL( AKA option package #2) and HZ package.

    I have the following offers for zero down, tax tags everything included. Zero out of pocket:

    For In-stock colors: $605 a month for 35 months.

    For Pearl White color I want: $617 to $650 a month for 35 months.

    Are these good deals? Anything better, please post.
  • That seems high to me, what are they using for a price of the vehicle ?
    After 35 months you will have paid them over 21,000
    Not sure how much driving you do, but 12k miles a year is not alot and if you go over that is more money.

    You can lease a Mercedes for that kind of $
  • Happy Holidays!
    I recently came into a very small inheritance and am now able to purchase my van.
    I am just not sure if it makes sense or not.
    I own a 2005 Toyota Sienna XLE which is selling locally around $33,000cdn.
    My current buyout value is $28,000 plus 15% tax and I am paying $661/mth and halfway through the lease term.
    Any thought or ideas of the pros and cons of buying this lease out early.

    Thank-you kindly.

    CD :confuse:
  • foxyesqfoxyesq Posts: 26
    That sounds way high. I just leased a Sienna XLE Limited AWD with Option Package No. 2 with tow prep. and daytime running lights. MSRP $41,024 (with metallic paint).
    $545 month (including tax)
    $1,650 at signing (includes MVC fees, bank fee and first month).

    Glen Motors, Fairlawn NJ.

    They were also very fair on my trade.

    Prestige Toyota (Ramsey, NJ) wanted $570 per month for similar car (but without metallic paint or tow package) or $527 with $3,000 at signing and offered $1,250 less for my trade.

    For more on Glen Toyota's pricing (and the name of the particular salesman) see posts by urnabnomad and svofan2 (and thanks to them for shedding the light on this dealership). :shades:
  • Do NOT buy your car!! Think about it this way - if you "invest" ~$30K in your 3 year old car, it will be worth about half of that in another three years. Do you think getting a -50% return on your money is a good idea? At the very least put the money in a savings account and use the interest to help pay off your monthly payments. A car is the WORST "investment" you could make.
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