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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Passat Lease Questions



  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    You're welcome, amx. Congratulations on your new car!

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  • charloscharlos Posts: 11
    Wow! Is this common practice for a car manufacturer? This tells me that they have no confidence in their own cars. In other words, it seems to me they are concerned about the risk involved in too many people returning cars at lease end, i.e, they would rather that you own it outright.

    I really like this car, but am starting to think about going the Japanese route again. Too concerned about the horror stories of people waiting weeks for diagnoses/parts. Guess I'll wait for the JD Power/Consumer Reports verdicts.
  • larmenlarmen Posts: 22
    according to VW is offering 2000-3500 to dealers on Passats. let it be known that you know this fact. if the dealer continues to hardball you then just get up and walk out. let them know that they want to sell you a car more than you want to buy one from them. I've done this several times over the decades of car buying; it works every time. good luck!
  • Car Man,
    Thanks for all the responses. While I made the move on the better of the 2 deals before I had chance to read your post, this does make me feel a lot better about going with this dealer. He was a "friend of a friend", so I'm glad he at least gave me a competitive offer. And from all the dealerships I spoke with, he was best in the NYC market.
    Thanks again for all your help in not only my first "new" car, but my first VW.
  • I am new to this Forum. Got what seems like a reasonably good internet/dealer quote on leasing a new Passat Wagon 07 - money factor 0.0013, 36 months, 12000 miles/year, price about $500 above invoice, residual value 57%, no down other than usual tax, etc - amounts to $350/month incl. CA tax.
    I realise the month is over on Monday - should I use this to push for an even better deal (how? they say this is the best they can do) or do you think money factors could improve for August so I should wait? Thanks a lot for any help.
  • bat60bat60 Posts: 12
    Car-man thanks, Now if I were to buy it using VW's financing 4.9 would the discounts apply. The reason I would like to buy now is VW is willing to take the last 6 payments (I have 4 left) if I buy or lease through VW financing. If not I just wait. Never know there might be a 06 high end 3.6 hanging around in 4 mo.. Thanks Mitch
  • I just finished the ppwork on the 2006 VW Passat 2.0 T lease. Options were Package #2 and auto.

    36 mo. and 12K miles/yr

    $415 mo.

    That includes all NY state taxes, bank fees, etc. Security Deposit waived. Only paying 1st month and DMV fees when picking up car.

    Residual was only 53% for the 36 mo. and 12K/yr lease, but it was slightly below invoice.
  • rongrong Posts: 9
    I got an excellent lease deal in April when the Passat 2004 Wagon has just arrived the market. I leased the 2007 2.0T with Pack Lux 2 Auto 36 months, navigation system, 17" wheels, rubber mats pack for $429, with no money down and including all NY taxes and fees. I only paid first months and MVT fees which totaled $750.

    So far I am very happy and everybody are complementing how nice the car looks (it is Blue Graphite). I heard some realibility issues, but all i can say it is much more realible than my 2003 Saab Arc which I had to take to the dealership 7-9 times the first year I drove it
  • I am a first time buyer with a question about the deal I am about ready to make.

    Terms 48month/12000miles
    sticker 37930
    negotiated price 35700
    down payment 2500
    monthly 459.00... 483.00 after TTL fees

    This is for a lease on a 2006 passat 3.6 with the sport pkg.
    Also what are your thoughts on purchasing at the end of lease. One reason for leasing was just to keep payment lower for atleast 2years until I get some funds saved back in my account I also have a 02 Millenia that I am going to sell outright and use for approx. 2+yrs payments. Do you suggest something different?

    Please advise.
  • Hello. Currently, VW seems to have a lease deal on the Value Edition of the Passat. Does anyone know what the money factor is on this deal? If this is indeed a good deal, does it apply to the other models? I'm looking to lease a Passat 2.0T (non-Value Edition) with automatic transmission and Package #1 for 36-42 months, depending on which gives the best money factor. Also, does anyone know what the residuals are for 36, 39, and 42 months for this car? Are the deals different if I'm in the Southern California area? Thanks!
  • rongrong Posts: 9
    I was offered a better deal on the 3.6 4Motion 2007 Wagon with Lux package for 48 months $500 a month with no money down.
    It seems that you can do much better for better for the 2006 Sedan
  • mjl22mjl22 Posts: 3
    Car Man,

    Do you know the current money factors and resduals for August for the Passat. Thanks.
  • mjl,

    This week, I just leased a 2006 Passat 2.0 T with premium package #2, auto, and rubber mats, trunk lining, and splash guard package. The MF given to me was .00094 and the residual was 53%. Sorry, don't have the 3.6 info.
  • ensm00ensm00 Posts: 4
    What was your MSRP and selling price on that lease? How many months and what annual mileage?
  • MSRP was $28,740. Selling price was $26,780. I live here in NY. With everything rolled in...taxes, bank fee, etc (no security deposit was required), came to $415 month. Lease is for 36 mo. and 12K miles/yr. Paid $544 at signing (1st month and DMV fees for transfer plates).
  • mjl22mjl22 Posts: 3
    Here is a link to the money factors for August Passat 2.0 and 3.6.
  • Anyone seen '07 Passat Sedans? I'm looking to lease one. The '06 won't allow me to get the package I want (2.0T, 6MT, Dynaudio).
  • Hi larmen. While Volkswagen is providing $2,500 to $3,500 dealer cash on 2006 Passats right now, this dealer cash is not compatible with Volkswagen Credit's special lease program. The only way that one can take advantage of this dealer cash is to pay cash for a Passat or finance one through an independent bank.

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  • You're very welcome, MikeMookie. Congratulations on your new car. Enjoy!

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  • Welcome autobuyercalif. The Passat Wagon's lease program varies by trim level. If you tell me the exact model that you are interested in, i.e. an '07 Passat Wagon 2.0T, a 3.6L 4Motion, etc... I would be happy to tell you what VW Credit;s current lease program is like on it. $500 over invoice is a good selling price for this vehicle.

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