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2013 and earlier Volkswagen Touareg Lease Questions



  • Hello all,

    I'm looking for a little insight (pros and cons) on the current VW lease offer for a "base" 07' V6 Touareg.

    The VW offer is as follows:

    39-month lease

    $3,474 due at signing
    (plus license, tax, options and dealer fees)

    US cars only. $399 first month's payment, $2,500 down payment, and $575 acquisition fee due at lease inception. Monthly payments total $15,561.00. Based on MSRP of $38,110 for a 2007 Touareg V6, excluding title, taxes, options and dealer charges. Closed-end lease offered to highest qualified customers by Volkswagen Credit through participating dealers. Supplies limited. Offer ends January 31, 2007. Requires dealer contribution of $2,201.50, which could affect final negotiated transaction. Lessee responsible for insurance. At lease end lessees responsible for $0.25/mile over 39,000 miles and for damage and excessive wear. Additional charges may apply at lease end. Purchase option at lease end for $20,558.70. Dealer sets actual prices. See your Volkswagen dealer for details.

    What do you think ?

    I test drove a "base" model and I was very impressed with it.

    Can I do any better on the lease ?
  • You're very welcome, paxtonk. I'm glad that you find this forum so informative. Here's the information that you're looking for. Volkswagen Credit's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2007 Touareg V6 with 10,000 miles per year are .00095 and 54%, respectively. The numbers for an otherwise identical 48 month lease are .00095 and 53%.

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  • Hi bassmiesternj. This is Volkswagen's current official advertised lease for the 2007 Touareg V6. This isn't a bad deal, but like most manufacturers' advertised lease payments I suspect that this one leaves a little meat on the bone so to speak. If you are in an area that has a decent level of competition and you shop around I suspect that you will be able to negotiate a lower selling price than the one that this lease is based upon.

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  • Car_man, thanks for the info.

    Would it be best to negotiate less down for the same monthly payment ?

    Or just rework the whole deal ?
  • sebissebis Posts: 3
    Hi Car_man,

    What is the residual and money factor (January) for a 2006 V10 TDI, 36 months with 15K miles.

    Thank you!
  • What State are you in?
  • Carman, I'm in New Jersey.
  • kipakipa Posts: 2
    Broused this thread - great that you're providing this info to all us "tire kickers". A big thanks in advance.

    Can you provide me the money factor and residual on a 2006 V-10 TDI Touareg 10K miles per year for 2 years in WA state?

  • Hi, I wouldn't buy or lease the Touareg. Go with a Honda, Toyota, Acura, BMW. The Touareg is impressive on a test drive, floats like a feather on the highway. You are gonna have very noisy brakes. Do some careful thinking and research before plunking down 35K+. I regret I bought the Touareg. The Dealer Network and the most unfreindly and helpful I have found in my purchase of any product!
  • Noisy brakes...? That's your reasoning for regreting a purchase ..? Your kidding right...?
  • Hi,

    Lets see...5500 miles.

    The brakes squeal like a pig at every stop and they can't be fixed says the dealer and now at 5500 the DRIVE shaft is defective and needs replacing. I have owned Honda's and Toyotas and done nothing but oil changes for the first 60,000 miles. The vehicle drives well, but not worth the headache unless you happen to live next to a VW dealership which has technicans and managers who want to repair your car.
  • You're very welcome, bassmiesternj. The easiest way to get a good deal on a lease is to negotiate the lowest possible selling price on the vehicle that you want and then have the dealer calculate its monthly payment using its buy rate lease money factor. Just make sure to specify that you want the dealer to work up a lease without any down payment.

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  • Hi Sebis. Unfortunately, Volkswagen's lease program on the 2006 Touareg TDI is not very attractive right now. If you were to lease this truck through Volkswagen Credit right now for 36 months with 15,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be .00301 and 53%, respectively.

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  • Thanks Kipa :blush: . I'm glad that you find this discussion so helpful. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am sorry to say that Volkswagen's lease program for the 2006 Touareg TDI is not very attractive right now. If you were to lease one through VW Credit for 24 months with 10,000 miles per year, its buy rate lease money factor and residual value should be .00301 and 65%, respectively.

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  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I sold my 2004 Touareg a few months ago. Miss it alot, but not the visits to the dealer. The brakes never made a sound when I kept the wheels and brakes clean. I've been following this board since the beginning and don't recall many complaints about noise, except for what I call crud squeek, common to German and Swedish cars with metallic pads. You have to carefully wash your wheels and brakes by hand, using a high pressure stream of water directed at and around the calipers. The car wash won't get it. A little compressed air wouldn't hurt either. You see the black dust on your wheels - it's gotta go away every week or two. The problem is worse where it rains alot. The dust turns to rust and sticks tenaciously to the brake parts. Japanese SUV's don't have the problem because they use a hard, organic pad. Their cars don's stop for beans either. For a 5500 pound truck, I think the brakes have very impressive performance. My complaint is the cost of almost $2000 when it comes time to replace pads and rotors at about 40000 miles.

    The drive shaft thing has been going on for years. You'd think they'd have that figured out by now. Takes a couple of hours at the shop and that should fix it for good. I had to have a new transfer case at 1500 miles. Never a lick of trouble from it afterward.

    If you want to drive German cars, you better get to know and love your service department. The same goes for Audi, Porsche, BMW or Mercedes from what my relatives and friends tell me. Some of them cover all required maintenance for a few years in the vehicle cost, which you end up paying for anyway. Of course you could always drive a Japanese or American SUV if you wish to sacrifice a little driving "soul." I bought a Ford Explorer V8 and it isn't too bad in the soul department, but it is crude compared to the VW. Never thought I'd buy a Ford, and no, I do not like the door pulls and it is not even close to as good off-road as the VW. Lots of power, comfortable seats, good stereo, good brakes, good in the snow, decent handling and tows well.
  • Panzer, thanks for the reply.
  • Matt, I have been trying to find out if there is any difference in the 06 and 07 diesel. I have an 06 V8 and love it but dealer has a great deal on a left over diesel. But. I want to know if any difference in the 06 and 07 diesel engine. No one there can tell me. Thanks, Jim Holley
  • wozxxwozxx Posts: 1
    I have had a perfect experience with my Touareg. Although it has poor gas mileage (because of its weight). However, its weight gives it better handling and also protection from... say a deer on I-95 at 85mph. (happened a month ago)
  • vwdallasvwdallas Posts: 1
    I am considering leasing a 2007 Touareg V6. Because I like the standard features, the base model is fine with me. Unfortunately, I've never leased a car before and don't want to make a bad deal.

    The dealership has a "deal" of $399/mo for this car. My trade-in will knock $6,800 off the price. I'm looking for a high-mileage (20k mi/yr) 3-year lease and was tentatively quoted $475/mo, net of my trade-in.

    Is this a good deal? What should I "beware" of?

  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi vwdallas. Since you are new to the world of leasing, you definitely should check out the following informative articles that are available here at prior to visiting any dealers: 10 Steps to Leasing a New Car and Calculate Your Own Lease Payment.

    You never mentioned the selling price or MSRP of the Touareg that you are interested in leasing. These are important numbers for you as a consumer to know for two reasons. First, the selling prices of leased vehicles can be negotiated, just as if you were paying cash for them. Without knowing this truck's selling price in relation to its MSRP you don't know how much of a discount you are getting on it. The second reason is that one needs the selling price and MSRP, including the destination charge, of a vehicle to calculate its lease payment. I would be more than happy to give you my opinion of this deal if you let me know what these numbers are.

    I see that you are considering trading in your current vehicle when you lease your new one. There's nothing wrong with doing this, but it would be in your best interest to have the dealer that you are working with cut you a check for your trade rather than using the proceeds from it as a down payment for your lease. I always advise consumers against making large down payments when leasing. Those who make them risk losing their money if their car or truck is stolen and never recovered.

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