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2013 and earlier Volvo XC90 Lease Questions



  • Car_man can you post all known offers in one place when you have a chance?

    Both 2008 and 2009


    Volvo Finance MF/ Resid/ Incentives (rebates/ Cash back)

    12000 miles and 15000 miles on 5 pass non AWD

    From what I see from your earlier posts:

    15K miles on a 2008 with 24 month lease 2.5 5 pass AWD - .00132 and 54%
    15K miles on a 2008 with 36 month lease 2.5 5 pass AWD - .00182 and 46%
    Incentive on 2008 7 pass awd is $ 7,750
    2008 5 pass AWD for 3 yrs 12K miles is .00136 and 43%,

    Other Banks (and their name) with MF/ Resid/ Incentives (rebates/ Cash back)

    12000 and 15000 miles on 5 pass non awd

    Here are the incentives you listed from independent banks:

    XC90 3.2 5 Passenger 2WD: $9,750
    XC90 3.2 7 Passenger 2WD: $9,750
    XC90 3.2 5 Passenger AWD: $9,750
    XC90 3.2 7 Passenger AWD; $9,750

    What bank are these from and do you know the MF & Resid?

    Thanks in advance for doing this. You do great work. Its just hard to follow all the possibilities and would be great to have them summarized once a month (if time permits).

    PS can you get the 500 loyalty if you own a volvo and trade it in but use an independant bank? Also see there is 4000 in marketing support - any limitations on that?

  • Carman:

    Lease would be based on 36/12K with only inception fees for the 3.2L with the following options:
    Premium, climate, versatility, RSE and maybe the convenience package.

    Any lease incentives with Volvo or independent banks on the 2009?
    Loyalty incentive? Costco incentive?
    Money factor with Volvo and independent bank? Residual with Volvo and other bank?
  • CarMan:

    This is what I was recently quoted:

    $620 per month for 36 months on the 3.2model with inception fees of $1700 and 12K.

    Options include: AWL, premium, climate, versatility, DVD, convenience and metallic paint.

    residual was 40% and interest rate 5.4%

    Is this a good deal?
  • $620/mo & 5.4% are too high - it's not worth it unless they give you the car when the lease is over. Shoot for a lease < $500/mo.
  • jmcbmwjmcbmw Posts: 62
    Anyone have November lease info on Volvo XC90? I'm helping a friend who is turning in an XC90. The more info the better as he hasn't decided which model and options yet. Thanks!
  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    Good luck with that. AL those deals are gone.
  • I was offered the following:

    2008 xc90 SE $ 31792, 48 months lease with 12k miles per year is $ 485 per month with $4500 total out of pocket. This is a demo model with @ 500 miles on it. Any thoughts on this deal?

    The same car is being offered by two local dealerships. One is a demo with a sticker of $37995 and the other is new with a sticker of $36547. The lease offer is for the demo as I said and I am currently looking to see what the other dealership is offering.
  • Not a very good lease deal at all. You should be able to get a much better deal on an '09 with that much money down. There is $2000 loyalty money for current Volvo owners regardless of the model year, $750 holiday gift money that can be used towards the deal and also if you have a Costco membership that's another $1,000.- If anyone wants a reality check if they are getting a good deal or not.. Just pm me I may be able to help.
  • thanks serdarfl.

    Are you saying I can get a better deal on an 09 SE? I thought $31792 is pretty good price for a car that has an MSRP of $46595. I'm still trying to get the money factor and residual so I can calculate things myself.
  • I got the lease figures this morning.

    2008 xc90 SE

    price: 31792 (still need to get the 1k costco discount)
    money factor: 0.00248 (5.95 APR)
    residual: 26% after 48 months ($12114 at lease end)
    money down: $4500

    $485/month for 48/months at 12k/yr

    I'd love some help negotiating this if anyone can offer some advice. It seems the residual is low considering the 46% for 3yr/15k I read in an earlier post.
  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    residual: 26% after 48 months ($12114 at lease end)


    I am in for the buyout at month 48!
  • Hi zachman1. Volvo Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 Volvo XC90 3.2 7 Passenger AWD with 12,000 miles per year are .00197 and 47%, respectively.

    For November, Volvo introduced a $750 Holiday gift card on this model that is compatible with all other offers.

    There also is $500 owner loyalty cash on all deals.

    Volvo is providing a $4,750 cash incentive on leases of '09 XC90 3.2 models through independent banks.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hi jmcbmw. Here's Volvo Finance's current buy rate lease money factors and residual values for a 36 month lease of the 2009 XC90 with 15,000 miles per year:

    XC90 5 Passenger 3.2 AWD: .00182 / 46%
    XC90 7 Passenger 3.2 AWD: .00197 / 45%
    XC90 5 Passenger 3.2 FWD: .00169 / 44%
    XC90 7 Passenger 3.2 FWD: .00185 / 44%
    Base XC90 3.2 FWD: .00004 / 41%
    XC90 V8 AWD: .00122 / 44%

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Carman,

    The loyalty money applies to XC90, XC70, V70 and S80 only. It is $2,000.- Costco money($1,000) applies to XC90, XC70 and V70. Just want to clarify. For the Costco money you need to be a Costco member as of October 31,2008. You can't just open an account and take advantage of it in another words.
  • Patriot,

    What is the invoice on the car?
  • Hello Carman,
    I would appreciate if you would please evaluate the following deal.
    MSRP: 47,225 (Includes following options - premium, versatility, climate, metallic paint)
    Sale price: 35,533
    Term: 39 Months
    Total out of pocket: 3,418
    Customer Rebate: 1,750
    Miles per year: 10,000
    Purchase Option: 19,834 (i guess this is the residual?)
    Cap reduction: 0
    Money factor: .002708
    1st Payment: 489.13
    Base pmt: 498.13
    Sales Tax: 8.25%
    Dealer: Hassel Volvo in New York

    Thanks for your help.
  • I'm considering leasing an 08 xc90 AWD, and I live in Denver. I have been quoted $37k on 2008 3.2 ($45k MSRP) and $41k on a v8 (MSRP $50k). I have three questions that I would appreciate any opinions on:

    1) is the 3.2 too underpowered, for example for trips to the mountains. Or is it sufficient
    2) I am reading so many bad things about reliability, if I buy a 2008 can expect a maintenance nightmare? Note I am thinking of getting the 3.2 because the reliability issue has scared me to the point I think I should limit my investment
    3) do these purchase prices seem reasonable?

    It's too bad I read all of these posts about reliability and maintenance issues because before I read them I had no reservations about this car choice.
    Thank you
  • The price on the '08 xc90 SE is $37995.

    I've gotten the $485/mo down to $457 after getting a $455 price from Lexus on an 09 RX350. Adding NAV I got $495 for RX350 & $515 on the Volvo.

    I'm really not sure which to get at this point. Any suggestions?
  • Hi,
    I have read in earlier posts that Volvo is offering incentives for non-Volvo finance leases on MY2008 XC90's. It was my understanding that the figures were $9750 for 3.2 and $12000 for V8 models, as well as $4000 dealer cash and $2000 loyalty rebates. I am also a Costco member, but in looking at their promotion online, it seems to be valid on 2009 models only.

    I emailed a local Volvo sales manager (my current XC90 is from his dealership) to verify these figures. He told me the numbers are as follows for independent bank leases:

    3.2 Base 11/07/2008 - 11/30/2008 $4,750
    3.2 Non Base 11/07/2008 - 11/30/2008 $6,000
    V8 11/07/2008 - 11/30/2008 $9,250
    Residual/Money Factor for 36 month lease/12K miles/year
    MY 2008 33% .00254

    He also mentioned that Volvo is offering special lease rates on the 08 (not combinable with the $4000 dealer cash) ranging from .00001 to .00164 depending on term and model (I have asked for specifics on this, but haven't had a reply just yet).

    Do these numbers sound correct to you? My current lease of a 2006 XC90 is over in April, and I was thinking about leasing another one sooner if the deal was significantly better than what I am currently paying. ($450/mo for 7 pax FWD w/premium & versatility pkgs).

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  • I haved decided on purchasing a v8 xc90 2008. A dealer gave me the following lease offer through Costco.

    $51,670 MSRP
    money factor .00275
    36 month lease
    12,000 miles per year

    $586 a month (excluding taxes), with $1500 due at signing (increased to $599 for 15k miles).

    Does this sound like a good deal?
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