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2013 and earlier Volvo XC90 Lease Questions



  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    VFNA isn't knocking $10k off XC90's. Maybe last year,but not this year.
    XC90 prices are going up at the auctions.
    $31k is about right for an 09 if its a 6 cyl.
  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    It's an '08 AWD, with about 18,000 miles.

    Is VFNA knocking anything off?

    Add a couple of grand to the residual, and we can purchase a new XC-60.
  • How'd you get an 09 two years ago?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    For an 08 AWD, wholesale is @ $28,000
    So, probably not much relief there.
  • Does anyone have #'s for a new XC90 ? I have a 2008 coming up in December.

    Looking for V6, AWD, climate and 3rd row.
    Lowest miles per year

  • Hi goucla. What you were told by the dealer is correct. Volvo is only providing $3,000 on leases of '09 XC90 3.2 models through independent banks in September.

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  • Hey goucla. It does not appear as though Volvo is running a special lease program on the XC90 through Volvo Finance this month. If you really want to lease this car, you probably would be best off doing so through US Bank and taking advantage of the additional $3,000 cash incentive that Volvo is providing on leases of the '09 XC90 3.2 and $4,000 on leases of the '10 through independent banks. Unfortunately, I have not seen the US Bank lease program so I don't know what the specifics of it are.

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  • I went over to the San Diego Volvo dealership today to check out the '10 XC90. Here is the lease deal they gave me. Thoughts?

    Invoice Price - 37560 + 350 = 37910
    VA - 500
    ALA - 4000 (from US Bank)
    So the price was 33410.

    The Residual was 9988 on a 5 yr/60000 car with drive cost of 7500 and 455/mo w/ taxes.

    Is this a good deal?
  • kinngkinng Posts: 6
    Hi all, I have to lease an XC90 this week.

    I have access to Ford A-plan employee pricing from my brother. I just need a base XC90 (2009/2010) It's MSRP is 38,600.

    Please advise regarding financials -
    -- what money factor can I expect
    -- can I get the US Bank offer

    Thanks a lot in advance.
  • Maybe I'm not a good negotiator, but I've been searching for about a month for a great deal on a CPO '07/'08 XC90 with leather, 3rd row, and AWD with a clean carfax. The prices I'm seeing seem so inflated ($30-33k in Chicago) that I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't worth it go OSD, especially considering the Safe + Sound offer and I even think the Climate package is included for free right now. I estimate my cost new w/OSD at about $37k.

    I thought I'd never buy a new car, but the price difference between CPO and OSD is so slim that I'm leaning to OSD. Any comments? Am I reading the market accurately or are these factors I'm not considering?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    You are right on -- the prices for late model cpo vehicles are within a few grand of buying new for most euro cars. Buy new or offer at least 10k below what you can buy the car new.
  • kinngkinng Posts: 6
    Anybody? Please help!
  • My XC90 lease is up end of November so I am starting my research early.

    V6 FWD- looking for best residual/money factor combination between the following

    12,000 or 15,000 miles

    2 or 3 years

    Thanks in advance. I have helped family and myself lease/purchase 6 vehicles over the last 5 years, and thanks to this forum we have received some amazing deals!!
  • Just wondering if anyone has any numbers yet for the above post
  • Hi kinng. Volvo is phasing out Volvo Finance. Soon all of its special leases will be run through US Bank. The fact that you qualify for A-Plan pricing should not have any impact upon your ability to lease this vehicle through USB.

    Volvo is currently providing a $4,000 lease cash incentive plus an additional $500 dealer cash on leases of this model.

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  • Car Man,

    Do we know what the rates are for the US bank leases?
  • hjh22hjh22 Posts: 2
    My 2008 Xc90 (6 cyl) with DVD and third row, lease is up in December and we are thinking of buying the car. My purchase price is 30,000 and I'll have about 23,000 miles on it.

    Looking back at past posts it looks like there is currently little leeway on getting the purchase price reduced. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I called Volvo Finance and the person I talked to told me the negotiation to purchase should be done with the dealer. I thought Volvo Finance was the only one who could reduce the purchase price? What am I missing and what are the odds of me getting the purchase price reduced below 30,000.

    Thanks in advance for your help
  • My thought is that if Volvo Finance were going to reduce the buy out, they would only do it through the dealer, because that will give the dealer an opportunity to make a buck on the deal. They don't want to cut out their dealers.

    That's only my thought, I don't know that for sure. Several years ago I tried to buy out a GM car at lease end and GMAC wouldn't talk to me, but the dealer was able to come up with an offer which included eliminating the final few montly payments plus a discount from the buy out. I'm sure there was something in it for him.
  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    VCFNA has no interest on negotiating as their leases are insured. They recoup the difference between the auctioned price and lease buyout. The dealer will be able to help a bit, but not enough. In my experience, it is better to buy it from a dealer that has already bought a car alike from auction.
  • Here are the rates on U.S. bank leases

    Residuals for 12k miles per year (15k per year are 2% lower)

    U.S. bank does not have a 24 month lease program.

    XC90 FWD

    36 37%
    39 35%
    48 29%
    51 28%
    60 23%

    XC90 AWD

    36 39%
    39 37%
    48 31%
    51 30%
    60 25%

    R design models are 1% lower across the board. V8 models are 1% lower than the 3.2 AWD, except for the 36 and 39 month terms which are the same.

    The base money factors are .00214 for 48 and 51 months, and .00224 for 36, 39, and 60 months.
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