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2013 and earlier Volvo XC90 Lease Questions



  • I only asked about the payment for 48 months - just as a point of reference, really, because I don't think I want to be locked into the car that long. I'm going to visit a different dealer today so I'll ask about those details and post later on this afternoon.
  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    Thanks, And I agree with your statement. I wish they had the 24 month programs with high residual/low money factors. Didn't need to buy tires.

    On the 48-month, though, a second set of tires can be maximized (depending on driving styles).
  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    Do these numbers include $1,500 loyalty? Thanks!
  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    Just called VCFNA and they stated that the disposition Fee is no longer waived, even if I continue leasing through US Bank as the new captive finance company. That sucks!

    $395 that used to be waived as I continued leasing through VCFNA in the past. What the hell is going on with Volvo? The MDX is looking more appealing now...
  • Costco, 36 and 48 month numbers, no loyalty, 10k/yr, no money down:

    XC 90 AWD silver metallic paint, blis, climate, MSRP 43050

    Cap cost 39600
    MF is .001 for 36 and .00124 for 48
    Res is 45% for 36 and 37% for 48

    My payment including 8.625 NYS tax is 714 for 36 mo or 643 for 48 mo. Improved over what the first dealer gave me, still too high I think.

    Out of pocket is first month and dmv.

    I have a trade in worth about $22k which I was going to try to sell privately. If my wife still really wants this car I might decide to buy it and finance the balance for 3 years. I dunno. In either case I'll go back to negotiate a lower price if she's interested.
  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    Thanks for sharing the numbers. If you were to buy after the lease, getting the deal done in Nov. 30th might have been a better move.

    Might be worth adjusting the cap cost another 1,000 or so. Give it a try. Still the beginning of the month so maybe waiting towards the end might help.
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  • I'm on LI. How can I contact you?
  • Just as a point of reference, I can get a Range Rover Sport for 36 mo, 10k a year, 1499 down, for 799/mo, and that's without any negotiating.
  • Hello, I'm interested in getting your X5 if you want to get out of that lease. Send me some information please to

  • Hello-
    I am looking to lease the 2010 XC90. I currently have 6 mos left on my 07 Nissan Pathfinder lease...I'm debating to purchase at the end of the lease and then private party resale. My purchase option is $14500 but KBB is lower than that, and I have cash in hand and want to offer $11000 cash to the dealer...6 months from now...not sure if it will work, but I am a good negotiator and got a good deal on my lease.

    Currently online I saw the 2010 XC90 is MSRP 37500 with a lease of 559/mo, but that is with $3k down and 12k/year. Not acceptable to me....definitely something I would squeeze passed them.

    Thinking I should finish up my Nissan lease, give it back to them, and take my cash towards the XC90. The only issue with that is I'm pretty close to my mileage limits on my lease. (Lease ends June 2010)

    Any suggestions or comments please :)

  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    Does anyone have a hint if Volvo might add more cash towards the end of the month? Has this happened in the past?
  • moreymorey Posts: 7
    Volvo XC 90 Metallic paint , climate, blind spot indicator, multimedia package, running boards, rear view camera, total used for lease calculation--43305
    Trade in - $5500
    Cash $3200
    Monthly payment--$538--48 month lease-$15k/year
    Buy out 16135
  • stimstim Posts: 33
    Don't want to sound negative - BUT - from your numbers you are putting down with your trade and cash $8700? Aside from that - just a though - you get into a wreck and total the car or have it stolen (unlikely based on statistics) and its unrecoverable - say the 6 or 10th month out from delivery - now what? Yes gap and your insurance co pays out but you'll never see that 8700 again. Yes it does lower the monthly payments a bit - but you do have other options to keep yourself protected. I'd have to pump the numbers through my leasing spreadsheet but if it were me I'd rethink that down payment.
  • moreymorey Posts: 7
    please put it hrough your program and let me know

  • I am looking to purchase a 2008 XC90 Green Metallic. It was a corporate lease vehicle and has 20,000 miles on it. V6 w/ third row, leather climate package. The dealer is asking 33,977, I am planning to offer them 30,000 for it. I am trying to figure out what they probaly paid for it at auction to see how much they have in it. I wanna be fair but at 34k i could buy a brand new one for 6k more. The point of buying a used is get rid of some of that depreciation. Can you Lease gurus give any insight on this? thanks
  • Hi,

    My 2 year lease is up March 7th'10.

    2008 XC90
    Original MSRP - $49,920
    6 cyl
    Dual rear entertain
    3rd row

    Final price for leasing was $42,700

    Buyout option is $29.900. Price for leasing was $42,700, I put zero down and rec'd $1000 towards price and $500 gift card from Costco at sign-up. Monthly payments are $484.00/month. This was a great lease I could not pass up back in Feb'08. Burgundy Metallic w/Sand interior.

    I like the truck, but is buyout fair (or) should I haggle a bit?

    Thank you
  • these buyouts are not being negotiated, check for prices for your area and mileage, use the private sale figures than add whatever value you feel is fair being you know the vehicle maybe up to 500 more than stated value, you can also check
  • these buyouts are not being negotiated, check for prices for your area and mileage, use the private sale figures than add whatever value you feel is fair being you know the vehicle maybe up to 500 more than stated value, you can also check

    Things will be changing once Geely cars of China takes over from ford in february, you will be in a ideal situation. You may once again see comparable pricing on the new leases.
  • zamozamo Posts: 120
    Comparable prices on leases? How is that Hollywood?
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