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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Maintenance and Repair



  • doug55doug55 Posts: 2
    Ended up having the dealership do mine, ran out of time (I needed a inspection sticker). When I asked them, they said that there were only two latches to undo in order to get the assembly out.
  • claymclaym Posts: 4
    I had the same problem. The belt was glazed over and the dealer replaced it under warranty. Another cause could be the idler pully bearings are going out. I'd replace the belt and see what happens.
  • bxjohnsbxjohns Posts: 1
    I was wondering if you are able to retrieve the trouble codes on the trailblazer without a scanning tool. On my previous automobiles it was possible through the radio controls. I may have problems with the transmission and cooling fan clutch, hoping to be able to get as much information as I can before taking it in for service.

    Thanks for any response,
  • myfire101myfire101 Posts: 1
    I have an '02 Trailblazer. My 3rd brake light is out and we can't figure out how to replace it. Everytime I go to the dealership and ask them, they say I don't want to know the price to fix it. My husband is extremely handy and is willing to fix it himself, but he doesn't know where to start. Is in all one piece? Is it individual bulbs inside??? How do you get the cover off?
  • O2 TB were notorious for rear light bulbs continuously going out. Eventually I had to replace the entire housing to correct the problem. Have not had the same occurrence since.

    Replacing a bulb or the entire light housing lens assemblies are very easy.

    1) Raise up the back end tailgate door.

    2) Once the gate is open and your looking at the tail light lens you'll see two
    screws that hold the housing(s) to the body fender. Remove the two screws to simply detach the housing from the car. As you detach and pull the housing away from the vehicle you'll notice that the housing is tethered to the car via a cable with a plug on the end. Detach the plug from the housing. Now your light assembly lens assembly is free from the vehicle.

    3) Notice the pins on the back of the lens housing where you detached the cable.
    That entire assembly is held in place by 4 small screws. If your just replacing burned out light(s) you'll need to remove those screws and take that piece off the back of the housing to get access to the lights for removal. The bulbs are in individual sockets. Simply pull them out and replace.

    4) If you decide to replace the entire housing with a new one, which I highly recommend, the new housing will come with new bulbs.

    Hope this helps your situation.
  • slm9976slm9976 Posts: 1
    My driver side power seats quit working. Well, not altogether, but it will not move forward/backward. Anyone have this problem and know how to correct it?
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    On the 3rd brake light, aka Center High Mounted Stop Light "CHMSL" it is known to fail. You have to replace the whole light assembly because it is sealed and not repairable. It has a long neon tube and electronic module inside to power it, no way to open it without destroying it because of the way it's glued together. The '02s and '03s came with a neon CHMSL. It is no longer available. Dealer replacement is with the newer type LED CHMSL from '04+. Supposedly the whole top trim molding piece the light mounts to also has to be replaced and painted to match the vehicle, in order to upgrade to the newer type LED light, so that's probably why they don't want to tell you how much it will cost. Or, maybe find one from an '02-'03 in a salvage yard or on eBay. If you can find a good used old type CHMSL from an '02 or '03 that would be the easiest cheapest fix. To get to it, you raise the rear window glass and take out two screws. But before you do that, raise the whole liftgate, remove two push pins from the headliner at the rear, there will be a smaller wire from the top of the liftgate to a rubber grommet, on the other side of the grommet above the headliner is the plug. Unplug it and pull the grommet out with the wire and connector, then lower the liftgate, raise the window, and remove the CHMSL. Do not raise the liftgate with the window open! Good Luck!
  • Has anyone had a problem with various tubing rusting through? Have a 03 Trailblazer LT that has had power steering tubing rust through which was partially compensated by Chevy. Since then I have had tubing that supplied heat to the back vents rust through. These lines I had bypassed so that I at least have heat to the defroster. Also the AC tubing has rusted through so I have no AC and it looks like the tubing for the transmission cooler is pretty rusty and I don't know how much I can trust it. Although it drives nice I've been pretty disappointed with this vehicle considering all the above problems plus how fast it goes through brakes and rotors. Two sets so far. About ready to ditch it rather than make more repairs. Only have about 75,000 miles on it.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    Can't speak about the rusting tubes, but everyone I talk to has nothing but good things to say about the brake life on the TB. Ours has 64K on the original brakes and the fronts are only worn about 60%.
  • kabakkabak Posts: 7
    HI ! I have a TB 02 with only 90,000 km

    Please can you give me some points to check to repair a fan problem


    when I push the fan's arrow to use the fan, the lights move but the fan don't !

    I tried to search in the forum but I'm not sure that they speak about the same problem.

    some talking about burning pieces, others about corrosion

    thanks for your help !
  • kabakkabak Posts: 7
    I just comeback from the garage and I think that my problem is near to be solved.

    for find the resistor ( trial blazer 2002 cj2 )

    between the floor and the glove box you have a panel
    ( two screws to remove ( 7mm )) behind you will find two things
    the resistor and the motor

    check the motor first... remove 3 screws ( 5.5 mm )
    and with cables directly to a 12 v battery
    if the motor don't turn it is dead

    after, check if you have power out of resistor ( with a light tester, start the car and push the blowers buttons, the light may be burn too ) mine was ok.

    here you see the panel ( in small ) the resistor ( my model ) and at the right top of the photo you have a part of the case of the motor ( 3 screws 5.5 mm )

  • kfragkfrag Posts: 1
    I just had to replace the power steering lines due to rust. I have also had to replace the fuel sending module due to rust through of the tubes. I,m assuming the A/C and transmition lines are next. We are getting rid of this vehicle ASAP. Other problems so far: Replaced the steering rack, cooling fan, water pump, front wheel bearings, and all four brake rotors. I have a 2003 EXT with 65,000 miles. :mad:
  • joanybjoanyb Posts: 1
    i have a 2004 Chevy trailblazer with the same problem, the fuse thing previously brought up did not fix it. any other suggestions?
  • kabakkabak Posts: 7
    finaly, I was curious to see if the motor was so dead as it appeared !

    I opened the motor and surprise ! many black dust and a bit of rust

    the little room where the spring extend was dirty ( 1 ) , I cleaned and slided the carbon many times,

    probably, it was why only one carbon was touching the center ( # 2 piece )

    I rebuilded the motor ( a bit difficult to put the carbons at the goods places )
    and tested directly on a battery ! the motor is still running !

  • wocwoc Posts: 3
    Yes, I have a 2003 TB and the seat will not move forward or backward, just up down and the back rest moves. Had it from day one. At one time had a loose cable assembly under the rear carpet, had a pinched wire. I had several issues , power going to the instument cluster was intermitent. Seat worked for one day, not to work again. Very strange problem. I have had no luck finding issue. :confuse:
  • wocwoc Posts: 3
    My window goes down, but only up 4 inches from top then stops? I believe someone tampered with window, trying to break in to car. Any ideas to repair?
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Nice work on the illustration! And congratulations fixing the motor.
  • vargovargo Posts: 1
    I've only got 38K miles on my trailblazer but the water pump is history. I would rather not take it in to get it fixed so I purchased a new one. Now I realize that maybe it is something I should not try to do myself. Do you have to have a special tool to take off and replace? Do you have to remove the fan shroud first? Should I take it in to someone else?

  • My auto's fuel gauge registers empty except for when I fill it up. /then it registers briefly about a quarter of a tank. Asked brake place if they had any idea about it. They did a scan on it and said the computer chip needs replaced and that it would cost $500 to replace plus more to install. Is this the only thing it could be? What else should I do?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    No, it's not the only thing it could be. My suggestion is get it diagnosed at a good auto electric shop, which for most people means a trip to the dealer.
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