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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • FYI the oil cooler is only available as a factory option if you order the 4:10 gears, if you do not select the 410's when building the truck, it is not offered as an option. I just purchased the factory cooler from Chevy for $80, as I ordered my LTZ with 3:73's - Hope that helps, george
  • FYI the oil cooler is only available as a factory option if you order the 4:10 gears, if you do not select the 410's when building the truck, it is not offered as an option. I just purchased the factory cooler from Chevy for $80, as I ordered my LTZ with 3:73's - Hope that helps, george
  • It looks like these GM product planners have little interest in the real world application of their products nor for the profit potential in oil coolers, 6.0 engine options (why can you get a 6.0 in a 1/2 ton pick up but not in a Tahoe?), upgraded suspension packages, etc. etc. I'll bet these guys have never backed a 26' center console down a boat ramp as the tide was coming in or changed lube oil when they were a kid. I'll bet they think that an antisway bar is a bar over near West Grand Ave in Detroit that bans dancing. Come on guys, why give this market away to the aftermarket?
  • The 6.0L is available in the Avalanche and Suburban, but only with the 4.10 suspension (and maybe the AutoRide package- definitely NOT with the Z-71 though). Interestingly enough, the 5.3L w/4.10 rear end still has the same maximum tow rating as the 6.0L. I guess for towing there are other limitations besides hp / torque going on with the 900 SUVs.
  • Jerry, maybe not. Wouldn't a 5.3 twisting a low (i.e., 4.10) rear end put the engine in the same spot on the torque curve at say 60 MPH as a 6.0 just loafing along at a lower RPM through a higher (lower numerically) gear set?

    Leaving the Philadelphia lawyering aside, I'd rather have a 6.0 any day: it comes with a better torque convertor that holds more fluid, cooler. You might it 120K with this one before a rebuild.
  • We Live In NE WI and the weather is very cold as of late have a NEW O7 TAHOE The rear lift does not work below 6 degrees and now we are experencing really bad road noise to the piont were we can not even talk with out raising the volume in your voice and now we have a clunk jerk motion in the front have had it to the dealer 3 times last was yesterday told to use lift gate in maual mode when cold out and yes its loud ( road noise) but they are not sure whats causing it Could be the roads My wife swears she feels the clunk on her foot when drivig any one else have these problems
  • My '07 Tahoe has been in below zero temps and the rear lift has worked fine. As for the noise your hearing, I experienced the same thing up at my weekend house where the roads were covered with ice & salt. Once I got back on clean roads, the noise just went away.. Not sure what caused it but the other day, it was -2 and my tires felt really strange until they warmed up (25 miles of driving). It sort of felt like they were square and not round.. Anyone else experience this?? Also.. I see many '07 Tahoe's that do not have the Flexfuel badge on the rear hatch.. (Mine does) Any reason why?? I know they all can use E85.. I wonder if they have been stolen.. Any of you out there run your Tahoe on E85??
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    The flexfuel badge came later in the year. Mine is May build and it didn't have it.
  • My dealer told me the things with lift gate and i have expeienced at least three different occasions.
    as for the tires the clunk does'nt go away after driving nor does the road niose if it is salt or dirt on the road thats a deffinate problem cause in wi we have winter at least 3 months if not longer So i am woundering is this the tires do they need changing or what it is any one else out there having these niose problems its getting to be a real problem so any help would be appreciated
  • ltzinltzin Posts: 15
    I just found another recall for my LTZ at mygm link. does anyone know what this one is for #07033. At the link site they did not have the letter just the recall number.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    As I heard that the 07033 is "Possibily" for the Battery Rundown and Keyless Re-program... GM Dealership Service Department should be able to run a check on their system to be sure.
  • What do you mean by Battery Rundown and Keyless Re-program? What are the issues with the Keyless?
  • I have 2 recalls posted on "MYGMLINK" for my early 2007 LTZ #1 06162 we know this is related to a flex fuel sensor issue. #2 07007 differant from your 07033 - no idea what these are for.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I've read a few posts where owners have had problems with the fobs retaining programming. Maybe 07033 addresses that issue.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    There has been complaints about using Radios and watching DVDs on earlier 2007 Yukan and Escalates... without their engines running, their battery power suppose to be protected by the on-board Battery Rundown protection circuitry from being overly drained; however, what these people experienced were drained batteries and caused them not able to restart their engines. Some, further reported that they only ran their radios for an hour or less, and their new batteries already gotten so weak their starters can't even turn the engines... I think the ID #07033 may have something to do about that issue. Our GM Service Department should have the latest about that whether its the Battery Rundown protection issue or not.

    I visited the mygm link and searched via my VIN #, and no recall for it yet... Keep my fingers crossed.
  • Any one else have the 07007 recall listed on MYGMLINK ?
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    I've got it and 06162 which is the one re: E85 sensor.
  • I have an 07 tahoe LTZ with several problems, first there is wind noise coming from ( I think) the doors which sounds like you have the window cracked open, been to the shop 3 times with no fix yet. The drivers mirror vibrates,they replaced it, and the new one vibrates too. The HVAC system whistles in the back, they replaced the motor, still does it, put new vents in door handle, still does it. I put a Lund bug deflector on which creates a wind whistle, so I had to take that off. An hour drive in this thing will have you ready to launch it in the trees! All this for $50 large! Has anyone else had any of these problems?
  • I'm not sure I understood what you mean blckislandguy. The 6.0L can only be had with the 4.10 rear end right now, and the tow rating with that rear end on the Av / 'burb is the same as the 5.3's maximum (which is with the 4.10 also). All I meant was that evidently the extra power that the 6.0L puts out (no argument about it being stronger or not) isn't helping max tow ability. I'm sure the towing performance will be better, but something else must be behind GM's keeping the max #'s the same for both engines with the same rear end.

    I agree about the tranny difference, though I'm not sure that the standard 4L60E and it's torque converter will be any more problematic if the vehicle isn't dogged a lot. I'd personally love to see a 6L70E in all of them though. :D
  • Whatever it is, it's showing up for my Avalanche now too.
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