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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • dmyer3dmyer3 Posts: 17
    I don't know where you are coming from on this 20" tire information. There is nothing in my owner's manual that states 20" tires are unsuitable for off roading. They seem perfectly fine to me, on road or off.
  • firesourcefiresource Posts: 17
    Has anyone found a reputable online source for 2007 OEM Tahoe Seat Covers (GM part #'s 12499941 and 12499916) for the Front Bucket Seats and 2nd Row 60/40 split seats?

    I have found a wide variety of prices online ranging from $130 - $170 each >>> however none of the sites I have contacted will allow returns (they all consider them special orders) and NONE of them have pictures in the correct color --- Light / Dark Cashmere. Obviously so long as they fit and the color is correct - I do not plan to return, but spending $300+ on items you can see and can't return is difficult.

    Any help is appreciated!
  • gfraigungfraigun Posts: 70
    Like I said when I made the statement, I wasn't sure if it was the Dealer or the Manual, but I was told it isn't recommended to go off road on the 20" wheel... Didn't say it was impossible..
  • martin22martin22 Posts: 53
    Page 501 of the manual says:

    20-Inch Tires
    If your vehicle has the optional 20-inch P275/55R20 size tires, they are classified as touring tires and are designed for on road use. The low-profile, wide tread design is not recommended for off-road driving. See Off-Road Driving on page 367, for additional information.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    There is nothing in my owner's manual that states 20" tires are unsuitable for off roading. They seem perfectly fine to me, on road or off.
    Then you are not doing any serious off roading. The 20" tire going thru mud or snow is like dragging a surfboard sideways thru the water. It just doesn't work well. The tire tread is way too wide and the sidewall is way too short to work well in limited traction situations. But if it seems OK to you....well, then, go have some fun.
  • bk777bk777 Posts: 32
    That opinion may be coming from...well...a vacuum. There is no more technical relevance to it...than just any other personal opinion. Your favorable experience with the 20" set-up is a far better indication of suitabilty....IMHO.
  • gfraigungfraigun Posts: 70
    There's really no need to argue over it... if someone wants to go off road on 20" tires let them, its their truck...
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    ukon07, to remove the entire headlight assembly, there are:
    1. Two (2) forward wheelhousing liner screws to remove
    2. Two (2) washer container push pins to remove
    then you need to open the hood to work the rest:
    3. I counted Six (6) upper fascia bolts need to be removed
    4. One (1) lower fascia bolt to remove
    5. Two (2) fascia to fender bolts (seems only need to loosen rather than totally removed)
    6. Two (2) Lower rear fascia bolts to remove from support bracket
    7. Two (2) upper headlamps bolts to remove
    From this point on, I can not see if there are other bolts/screws that are hidden yet still need to be loosened or removed; but, it looks this is where you need to grab and pull the headlight housing straight out until it disengages from the fender attachment bracket and the locating tab, and the 2 locating pins disengage from the radiator support, and finally the electrical connections... Becareful as the plastic can crack and break easily, especially if is any more screw yet to be removed! Hope this helps a little.

    Good Luck and have Fun!

    May I ask why do you want to remove the headlight assembly?
    I hope I did not misunderstand your question..
  • dmyer3dmyer3 Posts: 17
    I checked my manual and those pages don't say anything about 20" tires. Just refers to tire replacement on pg. 501 and general off roading advice on 327. We must have 2 different manuals. My manual came with the Yukon in May, '06.
    Someone mentioned something about an arguement and if I sounded like I wanted to argue please accept my apology-my comments were not meant that way.
    I am just confused I guess.
  • martin22martin22 Posts: 53
    I'm sorry, I was reading from the Tahoe manual. I guess GMC have different (professional grade) writers.
  • I have forsale, A brand new, wood grained covered console It came out a a new 2007 Surburban. The car is 4 days old. It was replaced with the open style found in most 2007's. It will fit all 2007 Tahoe/Yukon and Surburban/Yukon XL vehicles. Just pop your old one out and pop this one in. Asking $55 shipped in the lower 48 states. Please call 518-832-0011 for info. I'll be glad to supply a digital photo.

    Thanks Steve in Saratoga Springs, NY
  • dmyer3dmyer3 Posts: 17
    Wouldn't you think they would be the same? Oh well they didn't ask me to help write manuals.
    I should have stated that my off-roading is pretty mild stuff. Inspecting farm land and deer hunting sites is about it. No rock climbing or anything like that.
    Thanks martin22.
  • kimdvm1kimdvm1 Posts: 37
    I just had the Super Lockpick (which is a Gen3 lockpick plus OnStar Lockpick for bluetooth) installed, along with a Parrot Bluetooth system. Everything works great and I enjoy it except... my AM radio now has severe interference. I listen to talk radio a lot, so this is annoying.

    The installer agreed to look at it to see if they loosened the AM antenna, but I am nervous that this is going to be some kind of unknown interference from the Lockpick.

    Anybody else seen this?

  • gfraigungfraigun Posts: 70
    Hey, does anyone know if installing a third party component changes or voids the warranty?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,946
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    It depends. If the dealer can show that the third party component contributed to the failure, then yes it does.
  • gatahoe07gatahoe07 Posts: 1
    Silly question driving me crazy - how do you put a tag on the front bumper? No holes - nothing in owner's manual I can find.

    2007 LT - owned 2 weeks - love it, love it, love it
  • romosromos Posts: 2
    Hey Dmyer,

    I have a 07 Yukon SLT purchased in July 2006. In my version of the Yukon manual (part# 15854793), the paragraph regarding 20" tires is listed on page 483. In essence, it states that the 20" tires are designed for on road use and not recommended for off-road driving.

    Hope this helps.
  • dmyer3dmyer3 Posts: 17
    Hi romos,
    Thanks for the tip. I'm at tne office now but will check my manual this PM.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I am considering trading my 2001 2WD Tahoe on a 2007 4x4 - I have looked at the on-line pictures -

    Looks like the LT3 package has what we want - I may add the Z-71 option

    My questions -
    All the pictures show a black dash - I would rather not have black - are there any other color choices (LT3 with or W/O Z-71 package)

    I have a car now with a black interior - its hot as hell - compared to our other vehicles.

    How stiff is the ride of the Z-71 package -
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