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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • sasyfsasyf Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Yukon that I purchased in 11/2006 that currently has about 17,500 miles. I have also had this problem twice in the last week. The first time it was over 100 degrees out and not only would my driver side window not roll down to cool off the car before driving off, but my air conditioner kept kicking off and on. Earlier in the summer I had my vehicle in because the air wouldn't come on when it was only 80 degrees. The light flashed 3 times and then went off. The manual said that the air conditioner would do this when the conditions weren't optimal outside for running the air. Well, it turned out to be a software update for the system and worked fine all summer until last week. Not only were there problems with the air condition and passenger side window not working but both front doors would not lock or unlock using the driver side panel. I turned the vehicle off 3 times, and still nothing. I eventually had to leave with it operating like this, and drove directly to the dealer. On the way of course the air started operating somewhat normally and when they looked at it, everything was working properly. Now I wonder if it was due to the fact that I had removed my key from the ignition. I'm not certain if I had done this when I first had the problem.

    Yesterday, I had the same problem again with the window at lunch time. By the time I got off work, it was operating normally once again.

    Has anyone had this problem/gotten results from the dealer?

    I am so mad with the being such a new vehicle and costing so much. I would like to get this resolved.
  • sasyfsasyf Posts: 2
    I just realized I also forgot to say that my passenger side window would not go down the first time. Again, I had this problem a second time.

    The first time when trying to operate from the driver side door panel, the window would not work. I honestly cannot recall if I tried the passenger door panel that time. However, the second time it happened, it did work from the passenger door panel, but not the driver side.
  • seagraveseagrave Posts: 18
    I just ordered a 2008 Tahoe with the following options. I got it at $100 over invoice plus whatever incentives Chevy is offering at the time it arrives, ~8 weeks. Did I get a good deal? Can I do any better?

    2008 - 4WD
    3LT- LT3 Equipment Group
    U3U – Navigation AM/FM/MP3
    RCS – 20” Polished Aluminum Wheels
    CF5 – Sunroof
    AS3 – 3rd Row Removable Vinyl 50/50 Bench Seat
    PDD – Convenience Package #2
    UVC – Rearview Camera System
    V1K – Luggage Rack Cross Bars
    YF5 – California Emissions Requirements
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Sounds good to me, especially for a freshly ordered 2008 that will have no lot sitting time and just go straight to you.
  • solosolo Posts: 48
    At least yours works! Check out my reply to the guy who had a meltdown. Under the pasenger seat in my pilot is a box about the size of a dvd player. The grafix, color resolution and user friendlines is beyond compare! I drive all over the country and sometimes think this thing has anticipated new roads! It is an 04 and does not need updating.
  • I bought a 2007 Tahoe yesterday and twice today it has had to be jumped. I had the battery checked and it is fine. We had an aftermarket DVD player installed, but it was turned off.. Any ideas.. Do you think the DVD player could have been installed incorrectly? Or is something else making it go dead after a few hours of non-driving..
  • There's a battery drain recall. For the '07 tahoes. It must not have been applied to your truck yet.
  • Details?

    Recall #?

    Date issues?

    All 07 Tahoes?
  • TSB #07033 was issued in early 2007 to address the battery drain.

    Also..if your battery has been drained stone cold a number of times, chances are you will need a new battery defore its expected lifespan.
  • Check with your dealer, there is a TSB on this issue, it speaks to battery drain related to aftermarket DVD installations. It calls for a program download to the BCM, apparently the aftermarket DVD keeps the BCM awake and causes battery drain. Good Luck, George
  • "Did I get a good deal?"

    Like many questions this depends on the assumptions going in. I think that we can all agree that you can't pay much less for what you ordered. So it was a good price. But did you get a good deal? Maybe not.

    The NAV option is grossly overpriced and not very good (see above posts). We should just call West Marine and buy Lowrance.

    The sunroof option has always struck me as being something one uses for the first week or so. I rarely find anyone actually driving with them open because of wind noise, temperature, etc. The only time I see anyone driving with one open is in slow urban traffic where the driver can be "noticed" by fellow drivers as a cool dude.

    The 20" wheels are going to give you a horrible, jiggly ride (just check out the October issue of Automobile Magazine), be lousy in snow and impossible in mild off road stuff such as a muddy construction job site or a sea weed slippery boat ramp, prone to balancing problems, cost much more for replacement tires, ad nauseum. The fact that you actually paid extra for these is mind boggling.

    Did you get a good price? Yes. Did you get a good deal? No. Unfortunately, there is a significant difference between the two.
  • I have an 01 Yukon XL Denali with 120K miles...for the past two or three months, anytime I drive on the highway in the heat of the day...whether its 15 miles or 120 soon as I exit and slow down, it feels/sounds like I have a flat tire...but I don't....when I turn--right or left--it sounds similar to when turning with a flat tire. I just spent $350 to replace the u joints...but it didn't fix the problem. In the morning or if it is cloudy/rainy out, I don't have a lunch and after work is when it acts up. Any suggestions?!?
  • My, my, what a doom and gloom response you got earlier. Here's a more positive, although maybe cosmetic and not mechanical, response.
    I have an 07 Tahoe that is equipped almost exactly as the one you ordered. I have the power lift gate as well, but maybe that is included in the Convenience Package #2 you listed because it is definitely convenient. I feel it is a must have option. It' wonderful to have that when your hands are full - just a push of the key fob.

    I have the Nav system and it includes the very easy to operate touch screen radio. I've not ever had a Nav system and don't claim to be a buff on this, but mine has gotten me to many places without getting lost. Maybe it's just a "don't know what I'm missing" situation, but hey, if I don't know what I'm missing, how can I miss it? And, you have to have the screen to have the backup camera, which is also very handy since there are blind spots when backing up. Besides, from a purely cosmetic standpoint, the Nav radio looks so much better and more modern than knobs and buttons.

    I have sunroof and use it daily (and I've had my Tahoe for a year and a half). I live in the mountains of So. California and our weather lends itself to the sunroof. And when the weather is not as pleasant, I have it open with the air on, or the heater on. The open feeling is great. It's not a "must have" but it's a little luxury that's terrific if it's in your budget.

    I also have the 20" wheels, which I had chromed because I didn't like the brushed aluminum look as much, and have driven through a terrible snow storm (we also get snow here)where many cars had slid off the road and I had no trouble at all. The car never let me down, even when I was taking evasive action to not be hit by another. I have not taken it off road, but never had any intention to do that when I bought it so I can't attest to it's off-road-worthiness. Who wants to off road in such a big vehicle? That's what my Jeep is for. I can attest to the cost of the tires though. I just got new ones last week to replace the factory tires. I got 19,100 miles on the stock tires and paid just over $1000.00 for new Goodyear tires. The new ones seem to have a beefier tread and should do very well. The ride is smooth and not noisy at all. I had a Z71 Tahoe before, so this is a definite improvement over it's stiff and sluggish ride.

    All this said, I hope I helped a bit. You'll love your new Tahoe. Don't be deterred by negative feedback. And you'll look darn good driving it. I know I do!!
  • I got 19,100 miles on the stock tires
    Not good. Those factory tires should, under normal driving conditions be giving you at least 40,000 miles. I have 26K miles on the my '06 factory tires and they hardly look worn.
  • Yes.. 19,100 is not good.. I have just shy of 42,000 miles on my '07.. Very minimal wear on all 4 factory tires.. I also enjoy using my sunroof very much.. i usually keep my cars for 10 years so it's worth getting the nav and sunroof. I also towed a trailer this week and the load leveling was great.. Made the driving very comfortable.. So.. Not one complaint from this happy camper..

    Steve in Saratoga Springs, NY :)
  • I'm sorry if I offended any one earlier in my response to "Did I get a good deal?". But lets be clear. For GM, the options are where the profit is, and many of the options IMHO are horribly overpriced (e.g, the GM Nav) or ,again IMHO , dysfunctional (i.e., 20" wheels) and extremely costly over the life of the vehicle (i.e., the replacement cost for 20" tires).

    Please remember that for most of us we are spending after tax dollars so a 45K vehicle requires us to earn maybe 57K in a W2 statement. In other words, a 45K vehicle is going to cost us about 1K per week for 57 weeks to pay off.

  • I know that this isn't great mileage for city. I live in the mountains and the roads are very curvy. The driving conditions aren't normal. The curves take their toll on everyone's tires here. Actually, I was very pleased to get nearly 20,000 miles out of the tires - it's the most I've gotten on set. My husband was happy too - we usually have to put tires on his truck every 15,000 miles.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Currently looking to trade in my trusted low mileage 97 Sub for a newer 2007/08 design. I use it most for long distance highway vacation mileage, with very occassional (every couple years) pull the sailboat out for cleaning. Also use it on demand, as massive kid hauler.

    I was just at a dealership having a discussion about what options I needed, and the salesman was trying to convince me that the 4WD 'auto' setting, was the same as the Locking Differential. Now to me this absolutely makes no sense, unless it is done electronically via braking of the spinning rear wheel.

    How I thought this worked, was that the 'auto' setting basically ran in 2wd, unless it sensed it needed '4wd' and if so would shift the front wheels into 4wd-high gear by itself. (I'm personally not crazy about it doing that at what I understand can be at up to 55mph, and will probably control it myself in 2wd mode, but that is a separate topic.)

    I also thought the rear locking differential G80 option is the same differential Chevy has had for 10 years.

    Am I off base here and have an incorrect understanding ....or is the salesman all wet?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    That's the best one I've heard in awhile. The rear locker has absolutely nothing to do with the auto 4WD. I'd question that salesman and ask him to draw you a picture explaining how it works. Might make for a good story to post over at
  • I was just at a dealership having a discussion about what options I needed, and the salesman was trying to convince me that the 4WD 'auto' setting, was the same as the Locking Differential
    That salesman needs a course in basic automotive applications. The locking differential has nothing to do with the 4x4 drive train system. The locking differential, formerly called PosiTraction works in 2 and 4 wheel drive and is active anytime you are driving. And that "auto" setting??? Who needs it. Most drivers report getting lower fuel economy when in that mode. Just drive in 2x4 until you need more traction then punch in the 4x4 button. No problem.
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