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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • I have heard of that but it's been happening all the way as I drive cross country.
  • I just did roundtrip from Austin-Montana over holidays, with my 08 LT3 and averaged 19.5MPG at 80~MPH using 85 octane typical. I had one tank of E85 ethanol in Colorado, and only got 17.5MPG on that tank. Price was about 20 cents lower, but I also thought the preformance lagged a bit on the ethanol vs regular.
  • Holy Hanna, What engine do you have? The best I've seen in my 07 Tahoe is 18 at 70mph. Do you have the engine that kicks down to 4 cylenders?
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    The 2007 Yukon Remote Control Start Antenna and assembly is located at the Driver side rear D-piler near the tailgate behind the interior molding. You may want to check the connections there...
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    My 2007 Z-71 4x4 Tahoe is used mostly for longer trips - this is my 3rd Tahoe - also owned a 1998 and a 2006 -

    One of the things I liked the most about the having a Tahoe on a long trip is the confidence it gives me when the weather turns ugly.

    Yesterday I was on such a trip - had to drive for 3 hours in a pretty good rain storm -which at times was a complete downpour.

    I wish the wipers had a faster setting - at times they would not clear the windshield.

    But my questions are -

    The side windows seem to become very hard to see out of - its like the rain water builds up on them during heavy rain - my other Tahoe never - no matter how hard it was raining had this problem - I was driving 60-65 MPH - at times I it was so bad I could not even see the side view mirror.

    I can hear water dripping - not sure exactly where the sound is coming from - but its like the water building up on the side windows is dripping down inside the door - no leaks or anything - just the annoying sound of water dripping - very strange to hear this at 60+ MPH -

    The rear window wiper needs to be on all the time to keep the rear window clear - its always covered with rain - even after the rain has stopped and the road is just wet - the window still becomes covered with junk.

    I drove my 2006 Tahoe for 50,000 miles and rarely used the rear windshield wiper - my 1998 Tahoe did not even have a rear wiper and I do not ever recall having a problem seeing out the back window.

    I put a bug/stone deflector on the hood - I do not think that should make any difference - but maybe it does.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Rain-X is your friend. Recommend using on all four sides.

    If it was raining so hard that your wipers weren't clearing the W/S, then it's time to put 'er on the shoulder and stop.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Can someone advice where I can find either GM or after market Transmission oil pan (and front and rear axle covers) for the 2007 Yukon Denali (6.2 Engine) specifically with an oil drain plug build-in to the pan/cover?
  • Has anyone had any of these problems with their 07 Yukon/Tahoe? The radio makes a loud popping noise intermittently, The doors will intermittently unlock themselves, The XM source on the radio display will completely disappear as if the radio does not even have an XM function, and the biggest problem is that there is a clunk that comes from the rear end after I stop. Sometimes it happens immediately, sometimes several seconds after I stop. Seems that something is binding up when I stop and then releases as the brake pressure is released. I took this to the dealer and of course they could not find any electrical problems and told me the rear end noise was normal (BULL).
  • Did you ever get a resolution to the problem with the "zap" sound? I have had this problem with my Yukon since new and the dealer acts like he has never heard of this problem. Of course, the very day I picked it up from the dealer, it made the noise.
  • I think the nicest ones out there are the Mag-Hytec covers. I used them all over on my Dodge Ram Turbodiesel. Beside being functional, they are nice to look at and beautifully made. They make a large assortment of pan and differential covers, and all use O-rings eliminating the need for RTV goop. Expensive...but you get what you pay for.
  • I have a 2007 Yukon. At about 20,000 miles the rotors were warped, noticed by pulsating when you come to a stop and actually shimming dangerously when brakes were applied at high speed, coming down and around a Interstate curve. Had 115,000 miles on my '01 Yukon and never a brake problem. Now at 44,000 miles the dealer says the rotors are warped again. Know it is not my driving habits, been driving too long. Has anyone had a problem. I'm getting ready to contact GM, this should not be a problem.
  • I have 28,0000 on my 2007 mine, and I'm getting the pulsing in the brakes too. I also think they are warped. I've seen on other Tahoe reflector where other are experiencing the same thing. I've had problems in the past with the rotors that GM uses. I had a 2000 Impala that was plagued with rotor warppage. This time I'm though, I'm trashing the entire front system, and going with better calipers, and slotted rotors. I did this to my Dodge Turbodiesel, and the difference was remarkable.
  • would anyone know where to hook up the trailer power wire and the brake wire? In the manual it tells you to hook them up in the fuse panel but not to what fuses. I don't see any fuses marked trailer. Ours is an 07 Suburban LT2 4X4 with the trailer package.
    Thanks, Nico
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    would anyone know where to hook up the trailer power wire and the brake wire?
    I have an '06 Suburban 4x4 with trailer package and my vehicle came with a wiring "pigtail" for the trailer power and brakes. It attaches at the rear near the hitch. No need to go the fuse least with the '06 models.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    Although, mine is a 2007 Yukon, likewise with rockman59, also came with a towing package with wiring and connector available next to the factory installed hitch.

    If your trailer wires must be connected to the fuse panel, you may want to refer to your 07 Owner Manual, Section titled "Instrument Panel Fuse Block"... For continous power, try the fuse slot marked [AUX PRW]; if you need the exact fuse for the Brake Lights only, there is a slot marked [STOP LAMPS]... For my 07 Yukon Denali, the information is shown on page #538 and #539...

    Just my opinion, connecting these wires, say from the rear bumper to the fuse panel under the front dashboard will take quite some time and effort. Can you splice these wires to the rear 12V Power Outlet for continued power supply and the brake wire to the brake-light assembly in the rear as they are fuse protected... Hope I did not mis-understand what you are trying to do... [non-permissible content removed] Luck!
  • After reading you message I decided to not use my read wiper on my 2007 tahoe. While I prefer using the wiper I had no problems seeing out of the window without using the wiper, and I was weather from very very light to not quite heavy rain. But I definately prefer having the rear wipers on.

    The only other problem with visibility I've had has been with the windows fogging up, but just turning the defogger on takes care of the front and side windows.

    As far as the dripping down. I noticed while washing my tahoe that there are channels in the door jam from the roof down to the base of the door that water flows through. That's probably where you're hearing the dripping from.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    When you talk about power and brake, you are referring to a standalone 12V power, to drive accessories in the trailer, correct? If so, you should decide whether you want to hook that to the standard vehicle battery, or attach it to a separate (addn'l) 12v battery.

    For brake wire, are you referring to an electrical trailer brake that is applied with a separate actuator, right?
  • I never did get a resolution. It has happened a few more times, but everything always comes back on after I turn the car off and wait a few minutes and turn it back on. I haven't taken it to the dealer because I don't think they'll be able to do anything about it unless it happens when it's there. It seems like too much of a hassle to try to explain it all and have them say there's nothing they can do. Sorry I can't help you more.
  • I have had the problem of the XM option disappearing from the Nav screen. After I turn off the car, it comes back. Weird. I haven't had any of the other problems. The clunking noise shouldn't be there. My sunroof rattles when open - an annoying problem. My Service 4 Wheel Drive notice comes on when it's in 4 wheel (when I really need it to be functioning) but I still seem to have all four wheels driving. Anyone had this? After I turn the vehicle off, the message goes away, only to say to service again after about 15 minutes in 4 wheel again. That stinks!!
  • Sorry for not being clear enough. I do have the big plug at the back and the tail, signal and brake lights do work from the factory. However the auxilary power and the brake controller are not hooked up. The wires are in the plug just not live. I need to tow a car trailer and would use the aux power to charge the trailer mounted battery for the winch. The trailer does have surge brakes but I would like to add the controller at the same time.
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