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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • junglegeorgejunglegeorge Posts: 129
    The rear AC condenser, on a hot humid day you should see the condensation condense and drain under the truck in this area.
  • gcmartingcmartin Posts: 19
    I have negotiated a deal on a loaded LTZ 2x4 Tahoe and my dealer is having trouble getting one transferred from other dealers. I have searched all dealers within a hundred miles of my city and given the list to my salesman. Anyone have any pointers to get the deal done quickly so I can get my Tahoe?

    Any help would be appreciated...
  • tony20fantony20fan Posts: 30
    I got advice from Rockin, but felt that installing the billet grill and tow hooks myself might be too much for me, even though his look great. I took my Tahoe into the local body shop and got the grill, tow hook billet grills, chrome bow tie and also all the Tahoe insignia removed and it's gorgeous. What a difference in the look of the front of the vehicle. Some girls want diamonds, some want pearls, but this girl wanted a billet grill for her birthday and my husband agreed. Definitely the best looking present ever. I'm very pleased, but, like Nacho, I'm also am looking for the rear chrome bow tie. The body shop guy said the one for the front is too curved for the back. He could get the one for the front, pound it flatter and then repolish it to see if it would work, but it's a $99 dollar gamble as that's how much the front one costs. I think I may have the whole thing removed all together - just have him fill in the holes in the back. I'm still debating. Please post if you find an alternative. I'll see if I'm computer savvy enough to post my new grill. Also, thanks to whoever posted the website about the rear fascia cover, I had that installed too. Love it!!
  • nacho07nacho07 Posts: 26
    I called the place this guy referred me to and they sell the rear chrome one for 39.00 bucks. The guy on the phone described it as a stick on. He says you remove the old one and stick this one on. I saw it on a tahoe and it looks really nice, i am thinking of driving there tommorrow and will let you know how it looks.
  • ltzinltzin Posts: 15
    I bought a billet rear bowtie and put it on and did not like it. It was just a flat bowtie. I read some of the other comments about removing just the gold bowtie so I tried it. It looks great better than the one I purchased because it is three dim. I recommend using a hard pice of plastic instead of a screw driver, just insert it right under one of the corners of the gold bowtie an pry towards you. make sure you are wearing safety glasses because mine broke into two parts. Once the gold part is off you just have to remove the double sided tape that held it on to the chrome bowtie underneath.
  • gcmartingcmartin Posts: 19
    How much did the kit cost and where did you buy it?
  • rockin_ltzrockin_ltz Posts: 61
    GCMartin...Check out post #1279 a few pages back. I gave a link to the website and all the other details. Hope this helps.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,910
    Sometimes all it takes is fishing line or dental floss. Check out the Removing stickers, labels, decals, glue, sap... discussion.
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    Sorry to hear that. What Chevy told you sounds right though. Both the 2003 Trailblazer i6 and the 2004 Silverado 5.3l improved noticably somewhere after the 8-10k mark. The Trailblazer actually hit the 22mpg mark locally right before I traded it for the truck, while the truck's best was around 21.7. The truck was routinely getting mid to upper 19's and occasionally into the low 20's when I traded it a week and a half ago (my new 07 Av came in finally- WOOHOO :shades: ).

    The Av has ranged between 17.3 and 21.4 mpg so far, with the 21.4 being all highway (but quite a bit of steep interstate). It has just over 2000 miles on it now, because we took it for a trip home to visit family in WV. Considering I ordered it with the 4.10 rear end (for towing purposes) it's doing outstanding right now and should get better with time, as yours should. I'd expect the 3.73 equipped vehicle to do maybe 1-2 mpg better on the highway than mine though.
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    Had the same exact problem and solution with my Avalanche. As far as I know there isn't a way to change when the seat returns to your position (driver 1 or 2). I've turned off the easy exit function, but left the driver position memory feature on. So now my seat only moves when the person unlocking / driving is different than the last time the Av was driven. I figure it's easier on the seat motor not to be running all the time, especially since I have to deal with the normal seated position when entering anyway. :P
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    You didn't disable anything concerning the way the low/highbeam headlights work on the 2007 when you installed your HIDs. The low beams stay on with the high beams now (just like on my Avalanche). Evidently GM / Chevy has been watching enthusiast web sites and picked up on the fact that this has been an extremely common mod in the past and decided to take that into consideration when designing the new trucks. :)
  • dettltzdettltz Posts: 14

    Yeah, I ended up finding a rear bowtie on e-bay. Looks nice, but not as nice as the one I did for the front. Front one has a lot more depth to it, looks more finished. But they're both a huge improvement on the factory gold.

  • cecookcecook Posts: 23
    Good to hear that the 6000K light works well. I like that color and range from your pics. I also like the look on the front end now that there have been some additions.

    I did catch your pics and Im all in for getting me the kit. I am hesitant on getting one so far because im still price shopping and have been hoping that someone would post some installation pics from the kit being put in. Im semi handy when it comes to tools but with it being a new ride and all im nervous to start popping stuff off.

  • rockin_ltzrockin_ltz Posts: 61
    Collins...I can feel your pain about tearing into a new $50K ride as I too was very hesitant about what I've done so far. HOWEVER, to be totally honest with you...I can be deadly when a tool is put in my hand. I have absolutely NO Mechanical knowledge or experience, so if I can do these mods ANYBODY with a pulse should be able to do them!!

    The HID installation basically requires you to remove 2 screws on each headlamp assembly so you can pull it away from the body to remove and reinstall the bulbs. Other than that, it's just a little tight in running the wires to the ballast and securing the ballast. Once that's done...Just push the headlamp assembly back in and replace the 2 screws and you're done!!

    Now the Billet Grill was a little more difficult...But again, I did it myself. Hard part was the lower (tow hook grills) and this took a little more time to do. The upper 2 piece grill was just a bolt over and only took about 10 minutes to install.

    I think you will be fine with the installations...Give it a shot!!
  • Does the Escalade tailights fit directly to Chevy Tahoe tailights? Where can I get a lift kit and supercharger for my 2007 Tahoe LT3?
  • kssoonerkssooner Posts: 10
    You can do this and the bowtie under is very 3-D looks great..Just curious is the gold bowtie on the front emblem attached the same way? If, so then the possibly of the a solid black bowtie is there.
  • tony97gttony97gt Posts: 20
    When I installed my HID Kit, I removed the headlamps completely. I am not sure how I got them out at the time, but I did. Now that they are back in again, I cant seem to get them out. Doesn't really matter because you dont have to remove them completely to install the kit. Keep in mind that there is a 3rd screw that holds the assembly in place. You can access it by popping out two of the plastic anchors and removing one screw in the wheel well. They are located along the outside edge of the wheel wells directly in front of the tires. This is also a screw that you want to tighten up when your done to hold your headlamps into place snug. My ballast wasn't working right on my new kit so I returned it, when I get it back and re-install it I will try to take some pics and post 'em to help out. I'm still skeptical on removing that gold bowtie, but I think I'm gonna knock that out too when I re-install the ballast. But those lights look really sharp in 6000k.
  • rockin_ltzrockin_ltz Posts: 61
    Hey Tony97gt...I tried my hardest to get the entire headlamp assembly off of the truck but was unable to fully remove it. However, I didn't loosen or remove any other screws like you mentioned in the wheel well (didn't even know there was one in there attached to the headlamp assembly). Nevertheless, when I removed the 2 (obvious) screws the headlamp assemblies would pull far enough out that I could get my hand in to replace the bulbs. It would have been MUCH easier if I could have got the entire headlamp assembly to separate from the truck...But no matter how hard I pulled and tugged it wouldn't come off!!!

    All in all, it's an easy mod for anybody to do if they want...And also a really cool looking one too!!!
  • nacho07nacho07 Posts: 26
    I realize some of you may think this is an easy install (and it pretty much is) but just wanted to post these pics so you guys that have not done it yet and want to can see some of the process.

    Front bowtie was easy. I removed the 2 nuts from behind the grill and with some minor tugging pulled it off (there is some adhesive besides the 2 screws so it requires some slight pulling it just doesnt slip off). Installed the new chrome bowtie and secured it with 2 washers and nuts.

    The back bowtie took some more elbow grease. I put some tape down so it could guide me on where to put the new one on. First to remove it i used fishing line. The line kept snapping so my son held a blowdryer on it as i worked with the line and after a few minutes i was able to pull it off. Lots of adhesive was left I used goo gone to remove it all (this took quite some time of rubbing and applying goo gone). After all the adhesive was gone i wiped the area down with a cleaner and water so the new adhesive would stick correctly. I applied the new bowtie.

    Hopefully this will help some of you since this board has helped me so much.">link title
  • tony20fantony20fan Posts: 30
    Thanks so much for posting the pics, Nacho. Where did you get the chrome bow tie for the rear? Did you say that it is near Riverside, CA? That's not too long of a drive for me. Yours looked great and so much better than the gold!! I already had the front done. It was $99 for the piece from the dealer. That seemed steep, but worth it for the look. Hope the rear is less. :confuse:
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