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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • mayhermayher Posts: 41
    Try - On the bottom left of the screen click on check dealer inventory. This should help
  • murf10murf10 Posts: 3
    Did you install the blue tooth phone kit? How does it work? Can you use the GM onstar mike or did you install new mike? Which blue tooth kit did you use?
  • rhame13rhame13 Posts: 23
    I haven't installed the bluetooth phone kit yet. I just got back from vacation and I plan on tackling this over the next couple of weeks. I am probably going to order the TellPhone 5000vi that Coastal mentions on their website, I like the idea of the video bluetooth and I don't really care for the Parrot box sitting on my dash. I have also considered the non-video Motorola bluetooth kit. I keep my Treo 700p in a cradle on my dash, so I can see who is calling when it rings. So it is not critical that the unit be a video bluetooth. I just figure if I can get it for a few more dollars, I might as well.

    I keep hearing about a 'new' bluetooth format and I have considered waiting, but I am not sure if it would work with my Treo 700p. Anyone else know more about this and is it worth the wait?

    From what I have read in all of the material I have and from their website, you will have to use the mic that comes with the bluetooth kit. I really would have liked to have used the OnStar mic.

    I have my Verizon account linked to my OnStar calling now and it works great except when someone calls you, you have no idea who it is...NO CALLER ID. Plus when you get into a phone system and it asks for you to dial 1 there is no way that I know of to do that with the OnStar calling. So the limitations of the OnStar calling are pushing me to get the bluetooth unit installed. :shades:
  • I am hearing the cricket sound as well and I just purchased my 2007 Tahoe 3 weeks ago. I took it in and the technician greased the upper ball joints, but it is still there. :mad:
  • I can't say that the sound I have noticed is this same "cricket" sound. But can you tell me, is this sound constant - or does it show up just every now and then?
  • normynormy Posts: 17
    Thanks for sharing that info inview I was considering to do the same...........if you do not mind if I much will it cost about for Bluetooth?

  • rhame13rhame13 Posts: 23

    I haven't bought it yet, but from the prices I have seen on the internet - no more than $200 for the Motorola, or around $400 for the Tellvid unit. I figure maybe another $75 to install. :shades:
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Would be interesting to know how the tech lubed the upper ball joints since the only thing on the front end that's not sealed is the outer tie rod ends. :confuse:
  • gfraigungfraigun Posts: 70
    Hey Everyone,

    Just called about my annual NAV Disc update ( because I didn't get my update card in the mail. The rep was very nice, told me that I didn't get the card yet because the disks are on back order because the updated disk just came out. So for all of you that are at or approaching your first anniversary may want to get your Nav Disk order in sooner before the back order grows too large. If you just recently got your disk you may want to call them about exchanging if they can.

    Also, don't forget to check out this link for anyone having problems with their NAV Clock, Bose, Delayed Lock, or Vibrating mirrors.

  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    I'm assuming that we have to buy these updates rather than being automatically being them given to us. So for $200 I might think abit prior to ordering as I didn't have any issues with the disc that came with my truck and it knew all the streets. Is there anything I'm missing?
  • gfraigungfraigun Posts: 70
    Yeah, your first two annual updates are free. I know in my area there are some new businesses and streets that aren't on last years disk.
  • tom213tom213 Posts: 49
    We're just back from a 2800 mile road trip and I'm pretty disappointed in this GM Nav System. Since I already had a TomTom nav system for when we use my wife's car or fly somewhere, I thought I'd run both systems to see which was better or more accurate with directions. Well, the TomTom won out by far!!! I purchased my Tahoe in March 2007 (it was assembled in February) and I received a map update from TomTom in December. It was "dueling Nav Systems" on many occasions. As I said, I was disappointed with the GM system, but not just because of the outdated maps. I really like the TomTom display better too. The (GM) "stick roads" and display resolution just looks cheap when you compare them. It sure would be nice if they could come up with a software change to make the display a little better. For this being a $2000-plus option, it could be a lot better than it is when you get just the same for $300-$500 in a portable system!!
  • gfraigungfraigun Posts: 70
    We have a 2002 infiniti with an early version NAV system, and I was pleased with the GM system when compared to what we already have. I like the way it adjusts the travel times with speed. Neither one provides the best directions I guess they have calculations that sometimes calls the longer path the faster one. Preference for right turns over left ones.. that sort of stuff. I've never used a Tom Tom, but I have a friend with one and said he wasn't that impressed. I think it just matters on what your preferences are. At least with a functional Nav it will get you where you are trying to go, and I suppose thats the main point of them.
  • csprickcsprick Posts: 21
    I've always felt that the factory installed nav systems were grossly overpriced and not as good as the after market units.

    I've used a Lowrance iWay 500 for years and installed it in my '07 Tahoe when I bought it. See photos here. Works great and I'd recommend Lowrance any day. They have been making marine GPS units for years and got into the automobile market about 3 - 4 years ago.
  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 51,300
    They have been making marine GPS units for years

    Their depth finder tech could come in handy for some of the potholes out there!

    Check out the GPS Navigation System discussion too. The Garmin/Magellan/Tom Tom people would be interested to hear about the Lowrance.

    Moderator - Buying questions? Please include city or zip code and trim you are shopping, FWD or AWD, etc.

  • martin22martin22 Posts: 53
    I can also thoroughly recommend the Lowrance iWay 500. We have a windscreen mount in both cars and a mount in our boat. (For a device intended for road navigation, the details shown of all the creeks on the lakes we use are amazing.) I'm also impressed by the way Lowrance make available for free, downloadable software updates including updated POI info.
  • tom213tom213 Posts: 49
    Looks very nice! The screen is a little larger than the TomTom which is also nice. I noticed that you had an external antenna. One is available for the TomTom, but I don't need it (placed in the same location as you have your system) and still get strong satellite coverage. There are a few advantages to the factory installed system with it's tie to OnStar/Phone system and larger screen, but they're not worth the high price tag GM is asking for this option, if you ask me. I sure hope the price comes down for database updates after I get the 2 free ones from GM. The other thing that's nice about the portable systems (at least the TomTom) is that I have a docking station at my home computer and can download updated Points of Interest. The POI's in the GM system are just not as current. I guess the point of all this is that if you're considering purchasing one of these vehicles, you might save some money if you opt out of the factory Nav system and go for a portable system.
  • csprickcsprick Posts: 21
    The Lowrance 500c also has a USB port so I can hook it to my computer and update the database, OS, etc. Likewise, it has a hard drive (20 gig, as I recall) which lets one install MP3 songs and jpeg photos. I must have over 500 songs in it, with room for a lot more.

    By hooking it to the AUX port on the Tahoe radio, I can get voice driving instructions and play songs thru the Bose system. The voice directions override the song and, when complete, the song continues. Sounds great thru the Bose.

    People have also programmed different "skins" to change the appearance of the touch screen and button locations.

    Unfortunately Lowrance hs stopped making the 500c - replaced by the 650c, I think. They also make smaller units which use SmartCards for storage.

    If interested, there is a Forum HERE with lots of information from Lowrance GPS owners.

    I'm happy with mine.
  • rjm1234rjm1234 Posts: 3
    I have had the same problem for the past year. I can hear a high pitched squeal sound coming from the engine bay. No one was been able to diagnose the problem as of yet. Recently I have noticed that the noise will become quieter when I am driving at slow speeds and turn the steering wheel. I too would appreciate any help in determining what is causing this sound.
  • My 2007 Tahoe LTZ did the same thing with the cricket noise, but my dealer tried a few things and figured it out.

    The noise is in the steering mechanism somewhere. They had to replace the entire mechanism, but it did the trick.

    Ask your service manager to call the service manager at Jim Reed Chevrolet Service in Nashville, TN. and explain your issue. Have him mention my name, Shawn Hackett, owner of the 07 Black Tahoe LTZ, and he should remember and can relay the proper fix to your service manager.
  • sasyfsasyf Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Yukon that I purchased in 11/2006 that currently has about 17,500 miles. I have also had this problem twice in the last week. The first time it was over 100 degrees out and not only would my driver side window not roll down to cool off the car before driving off, but my air conditioner kept kicking off and on. Earlier in the summer I had my vehicle in because the air wouldn't come on when it was only 80 degrees. The light flashed 3 times and then went off. The manual said that the air conditioner would do this when the conditions weren't optimal outside for running the air. Well, it turned out to be a software update for the system and worked fine all summer until last week. Not only were there problems with the air condition and passenger side window not working but both front doors would not lock or unlock using the driver side panel. I turned the vehicle off 3 times, and still nothing. I eventually had to leave with it operating like this, and drove directly to the dealer. On the way of course the air started operating somewhat normally and when they looked at it, everything was working properly. Now I wonder if it was due to the fact that I had removed my key from the ignition. I'm not certain if I had done this when I first had the problem.

    Yesterday, I had the same problem again with the window at lunch time. By the time I got off work, it was operating normally once again.

    Has anyone had this problem/gotten results from the dealer?

    I am so mad with the being such a new vehicle and costing so much. I would like to get this resolved.
  • sasyfsasyf Posts: 2
    I just realized I also forgot to say that my passenger side window would not go down the first time. Again, I had this problem a second time.

    The first time when trying to operate from the driver side door panel, the window would not work. I honestly cannot recall if I tried the passenger door panel that time. However, the second time it happened, it did work from the passenger door panel, but not the driver side.
  • seagraveseagrave Posts: 21
    I just ordered a 2008 Tahoe with the following options. I got it at $100 over invoice plus whatever incentives Chevy is offering at the time it arrives, ~8 weeks. Did I get a good deal? Can I do any better?

    2008 - 4WD
    3LT- LT3 Equipment Group
    U3U – Navigation AM/FM/MP3
    RCS – 20” Polished Aluminum Wheels
    CF5 – Sunroof
    AS3 – 3rd Row Removable Vinyl 50/50 Bench Seat
    PDD – Convenience Package #2
    UVC – Rearview Camera System
    V1K – Luggage Rack Cross Bars
    YF5 – California Emissions Requirements
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    Sounds good to me, especially for a freshly ordered 2008 that will have no lot sitting time and just go straight to you.
  • solosolo Posts: 48
    At least yours works! Check out my reply to the guy who had a meltdown. Under the pasenger seat in my pilot is a box about the size of a dvd player. The grafix, color resolution and user friendlines is beyond compare! I drive all over the country and sometimes think this thing has anticipated new roads! It is an 04 and does not need updating.
  • I bought a 2007 Tahoe yesterday and twice today it has had to be jumped. I had the battery checked and it is fine. We had an aftermarket DVD player installed, but it was turned off.. Any ideas.. Do you think the DVD player could have been installed incorrectly? Or is something else making it go dead after a few hours of non-driving..
  • There's a battery drain recall. For the '07 tahoes. It must not have been applied to your truck yet.
  • Details?

    Recall #?

    Date issues?

    All 07 Tahoes?
  • TSB #07033 was issued in early 2007 to address the battery drain.

    Also..if your battery has been drained stone cold a number of times, chances are you will need a new battery defore its expected lifespan.
  • Check with your dealer, there is a TSB on this issue, it speaks to battery drain related to aftermarket DVD installations. It calls for a program download to the BCM, apparently the aftermarket DVD keeps the BCM awake and causes battery drain. Good Luck, George
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