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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Real World MPG



  • I have been suprised, on the highway if I drive with a light foot I can get over 20mpg. I have the I6. Any headwind takes it down to an average of 18 or so. In town it is just so-so 14. I put in a KN air filter and it seems to boost MPG just a little on the hiway. If nothing else the KN filter is good for the engine. :)
  • gmoudygmoudy Posts: 67
    Around town I get on the average of 18 mpg. On a trip to California I usually get 22 mpg. Love the mileage I get with this SUV and the comfort it provides on a trip.
  • imadad2imadad2 Posts: 79
    I have a 04 TB EXT as well, but have the V8. On a trip to Disney, I averaged 18 - 19 MPG. Around the city I average 15 MPG. It is close to being on par with the I6. I went with the extra horsepower and have not regretted it.
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    Same vehicle. I get 16-17 mpg around town, and 22-23 mpg on highway. Good numbers in my opinion, especially on the highway.

  • First 1000 miles. Averages 19 on the highway. V8 5300 w/DOD
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 154
    I have an '03 TB. Around town 16.5-17. Just drove from Nashville to South Bend, IN. and averaged 24.7 round trip.
  • 12 MPG. I smile all the way to the pump when I feed that LS2 expensive premium.


    Hemi? What's a Hemi?
  • I have the 4.2L 4x4 with the 3.23 back end. It has over 62,000 miles on it. I get on average about 18mpg, but I drive a good mix of highway and city traffic. Between Baton Rouge and Houston, I got 23mpg averaging about 65mph.

    A few months ago, my gas mileage dropped to 14, but I noticed it needed a new air filter. I replaced it and mileage went back up again. I use shell 87 octane gas.

    Not bad gas mileage. I had to pull a 5,000 lb dual axle featherlite, and the 4.2 pulls it pretty good. I could use a little more power off the line, but it still works very well. No problems to report yet. I am already sold on the 2008 redesiged Trailblazer unless they go unitbody.
  • my 02 TB LS is lucky to get 300 miles per tank (apx 16.5 MPG) I have 82K on it and replaced air filter last summer.

    Friends of mine have 8 cylinder silverados that get same if not better mpg.

    overall I think its not too good and I think gas tank should be at least 22 gal vs 18.
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    I think 03 or 04 models have larger tanks. I also wish my 02 TB had a larger tank.
  • kybiltkybilt Posts: 2
    2006 TrailBlazer SS ! I smile all the way to the pump, and cry on the way out! Seriously, I checked the mileage on an 8 hour round trip from home. Mostly interstate, driving very conservatively, averaged 17.2 mpg. BTW, I don't always fill up with premium, never noticed any difference either way.
  • new57new57 Posts: 11
    i get average of 16 mpg.

    pure hwy somtimes gets 20-21mpg
  • With the 03 TB LS I tracked every tank I put in it ( 56k at trade) I was always 17.4 - 18.5 mixed driving and 20.2 hwy. Just got 06 LT w/ v8, still breaking it in ( 650 miles so far) but the V8 w DOD is a blast to drive. Showing 17.4 first tank, mixed driving. ;)
  • I have a 03 TB EXT LT V8// I think it is ok most of the time but the dash and everything there gets very hot! I don't know what is wrong but right now the light for the air bag stays on? I also get the seat belt light on as well.
    I just out of warranty and don't know what I should do? :confuse:
  • lastarlastar Posts: 30
    Does anyone have any experience with these and do any of them work and actually increase the MPG?
  • dmb874dmb874 Posts: 1
    I am serious considering a TBSS LSawd...any thoughts and or advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    Gets about 13.5 MPG in town and 21 MPG hiway at 70-75 mph. These are calculated, not from the DIC which runs about 1.0-1.5 MPG higher. Stay away from "gas savers" that involve magnets and things that create turbulence. Have never seen any documented, independent lab or dyno tests for these.
  • hey
    i have a 2004 trailblazer LT when ever im driving and i turn the wheel and i sometimes hear this grinding or louder rubbing noise in front end so i went to the dealership under warranty and they sayed it was the mud flaps and the dealer installed them before i bought it and still the tire isnt even close to the mud flaps...they come up with some good ones somtimes! :mad:

    can anyone relate to this?

    thanks :)
  • jwoodiejwoodie Posts: 16
    I have a 2004 TB EXT V8 AWD 3.73 and get 14-18 just like the EPA sticker said.
  • 73shark73shark Posts: 325
    FYI: You might have better luck getting an answer if you put this in the "Problems & Solutions" section. :)
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